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The Best Cotton Candy Machine

Last updated on October 11, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Cotton Candy Machines

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Cotton Candy Express Assorted Floss Sugar & Cotton Candy Machine

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval

Cotton Candy Express

Assorted Floss Sugar & Cotton Candy Machine

This kit comes with a compact plastic machine in pink. It's an all-in-one option since you get cones, a scoop and multiple flavored sugars. It has a single control for simplicity.

Overall Take

Good Starter KitWith its included cones, sugar and scoop, this machine makes for a good starter option.

 Runner Up

The Candery Stable Suction Cup Feet Cotton Candy Machine

The Candery

Stable Suction Cup Feet Cotton Candy Machine

Featuring a red and white design, this simple machine has feet that provide good stability and a rim guard that allows for safer operation. It includes a scoop and cones. You can provide your own sugar or hard candy.

Overall Take

Suitable for KidsThe protective rim guard makes this machine suitable for kids to use under adult supervision.

 We Also Like

VIVO Stainless Steel Bowl Commercial Cotton Candy Machine


Stainless Steel Bowl Commercial Cotton Candy Machine

Available in pink and blue options, this larger maker suits professional use and is made of sturdy metal. It can make cotton candy fast and works with various ingredients. You can also control the heat.

Overall Take

Heavy-Duty BuildConsider this professional option if you need a fast and sturdy machine.

 Strong Contender

Nostalgia Reusable Cones & Retro Design Cotton Candy Machine


Reusable Cones & Retro Design Cotton Candy Machine

Designed to remind you of the past, this light blue machine features a power gauge and a clear, plastic bowl with guard. It comes with a scoop and a pair of cones you can reuse. You'd provide your own hard candy or sugar.

Overall Take

Unique LookThis compact and versatile machine has a unique design that will bring back memories.

Buying Guide

If you enjoy the sweet, fluffy treat that is cotton candy, you don’t have to wait to go to a carnival to get it. With a cotton candy machine, you can make the treat whenever you’d like, whether you’re hosting a party or just seeking something unique for your family. Using the machine can also provide a fun experience as you and your kids watch the candy form and catch it on cones.

Compared to commercial machines you see at carnivals, home models tend to be compact. Often featuring plastic rather than metal bowls, these machines usually sit on a table or countertop and are easy to put away after use. If you have a bigger budget and prefer a larger, sturdier machine, you can consider metal commercial models. These may look like larger countertop machines or carts you set up and wheel around.

Choosing the right cotton candy machine requires thinking about how you’ll use the machine and how many servings you want to make. If you or your kids will use the machine to make a few servings, you should look for compact models with features such as a safety rim and automatic shutoff. But if you need something for a party or heavy use, consider faster, more powerful machines that let you control the temperature and thus the spinning speed.

Make sure the cotton candy machine offers the right features for your needs. While some machines require flossing sugar, others let you use hard candy or regular sugar which you may find more convenient. The machine should be easy to set up, control and take apart. Ideally, it will also have features like rubber feet for stability and a rim guard to keep the candy floss from overflowing the bowl. 

Cotton candy machines require some accessories to use, so look for models that already come with some. Common accessories include flavored candy flossing sugar, a measuring scoop and cones. If you buy a commercial-grade machine, it could come with some spare parts as well.

What to Look For

  • Check the servings per minute listed for your potential cotton candy machine to understand its speed. Basic models usually make at least two or three. You should also check the sugar capacity listed.
  • Read your cotton candy machine’s manual to learn how to assemble it and how long you need to let it warm up. Note you’ll need to turn it off before you add the sugar or hard candy to the machine’s center and then turn it back on. Resist the temptation to load the sugar or candy too early since this can lead to burning and a mess.
  • Only use ingredients that the manufacturer lists as compatible and use the amount directed to avoid issues.
  • Make sure that you don’t use sugar or candy that is out of date. Sugar should last at least a few years, but you should still check the package’s expiration date. Also, keep the sugar stored where air and moisture won’t harm it.
  • You can add food coloring or flavoring to plain sugar for customized cotton candy.
  • As the cotton candy machine spins and forms the fluffy treat, grab a cone and begin to rotate it near the machine’s head so you can catch the candy. It can take practice to collect the cotton candy in your desired serving size and shape. Wetting the cone slightly can help if you have issues getting the candy to stick to it. 
  • Keep your hands away from the cotton candy maker’s spinning head and parts that get hot and can burn you. Only allow a child to use the machine if you buy a model designated for that purpose and let them use it under your supervision. Make sure you properly assemble the machine and place it somewhere stable to avoid mishaps too.
  • Before cleaning your cotton candy machine, let it run through all its sugar and then turn it off and unplug it. After the machine cools off, you can disassemble it for cleaning per the manufacturer’s instructions. Use soap and water to clean the spinning head and the bowl thoroughly and dry them off. 
  • While disposable cones are the most popular, consider reusable ones if you want to reduce waste and the need to keep ordering new ones. Some reusable cones also light up or come in interesting designs.
  • Check if your cotton candy machine has a storage drawer. This provides a handy place to keep your supplies.

More to Explore

       Here are some fun facts about this nostalgic treat:

    • You might find it surprising that a dentist came up with the idea of cotton candy and the cotton candy machine. Named William Morrison, he and the candy maker John Wharton concocted the sweet treat in 1897. In 1904 the public would get to try cotton candy for the first time when the pair attended the World’s Fair.
    • The Guinness World Record for the longest piece of cotton candy goes to a Turkish man named Kocaeli Fuar Müdürlügü. This sweet creation took six hours to make and ended up nearly 4,600 feet long!
    • You’ll hear people outside the U.S. use other names for cotton candy. For example, Australians call it “fairy floss,” and Britons call it “candy floss.” Greeks refer to it as “old woman’s hair” while the French call it “papa’s beard.”

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