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The Best Cookie Boxes

Last updated on October 27, 2023
Best Cookie Boxes

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ONE MORE Paperboard Pop-Up Cookie Boxes, 15-Pack

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Paperboard Pop-Up Cookie Boxes, 15-Pack

These small cookie boxes measure 6 inches wide, 6 inches long and 3 inches deep and work best for smaller cookie arrangements. You get 15 brown boxes with a clear window on top with a pretty cutout shape.

Overall Take

Best BasicYou can use these small cookie boxes for storing and displaying a large decorated cookie or multiple smaller treats.

 Runner Up

Colovis Eco-Friendly Recyclable Cookie Boxes, 30-Pack

Eco-Friendly Recyclable Cookie Boxes, 30-Pack

You can feel good about purchasing these cookie boxes, as they're made from recycled paperboard. The boxes are nice and thick and outfitted with a transparent window to allow customers to see inside. Each set includes a total of 30 boxes, as well as 36 sticker labels.

Overall Take

Affordable Price TagThis set of cookie boxes is an economical option that will save businesses and home bakers on the cost of their supplies.

 Runner Up

BakeLuv Cardboard Multi-Purpose Cookie Boxes, 25-Pack

Cardboard Multi-Purpose Cookie Boxes, 25-Pack

Measuring 8 inches wide, 8 inches long and 2.5 inches deep, these cookie boxes hold multiple bakery items and come in a sturdy material that's also environmentally friendly. You get 25 white boxes with a pop-up lid and top window.

Overall Take

Sturdy and VersatileThese medium-sized boxes work great for larger cookie arrangements and are sturdy enough to handle treats like doughnuts and cinnamon rolls, too.

 Strong Contender

Fit Meal Prep Disposable Cardboard Cookie Boxes, 25-Pack

Disposable Cardboard Cookie Boxes, 25-Pack

If you love to sell or give away baked goods, these cookie boxes are a reliable option. The boxes are constructed from a thick cardboard and made with corners that lock the sides firmly in place. While the boxes can be used as-is, they are also easy to decorate for special occasions.

Overall Take

Multiple Sizes AvailableYou'll find these cookie box sets are available in four different sizes to meet your specific needs.

Buying Guide

Whether you need to store the treats for your family or you plan to give cookies away for a special occasion, a cookie box will come in handy. Not only can a cookie box help retain the freshness of your baked goods longer, but it will make it easy to transport and display your cookies. You’ll also find you can easily mix other baked goods in most cookie boxes, so you get flexibility.

When shopping for cookie boxes, you’ll find that most are square or rectangular and made of a cardboard material. While some of these boxes come in a plain brown color, others are white or come with a patterned design. Usually, these boxes will feature a plastic window on top that allows you to display your cookies. The window may be a simple rectangle or have a special design, like zigzagged or rounded edges.

Although they’re less common, you can find cookie boxes made entirely of plastic. These come in a variety of shapes ranging from a small square for a few cookies to a rectangular column to easily store a dozen. You might find these appealing when you want the treats on full display for a gift.

You’ll want to consider how a particular cookie box opens and closes to make sure it will stay secure and also work for your needs. Many paper cookie boxes have an automatic pop-up design that makes them easy to open.

While some boxes just have a top lid you slide over the bottom half of the box, others come with some type of elastic or twine that you can wrap around the closed box to prevent the cookies from falling out.

What to Look For

  • While many cookie boxes come with a plain design, you can do a lot to make them more festive for the occasion. An easy way to spruce up a simple box involves tying a nice ribbon around it versus using just the twine that comes standard with some boxes. You can also add stickers, print and cut out logos or shapes, or use wrapping paper to add a patterned look.
  • If you want to keep the cookies in the box fresher longer, consider individually wrapping them first. You can use plastic wrap, aluminum foil, zipping sandwich bags or even special cookie wrappers for this.
  • For the best results, wait until your cookies have cooled before you begin wrapping or packaging them in the cookie box.
  • You’ll need to take some extra steps if you plan to ship the cookies after you’ve boxed them. Get some bubble wrap to line the cookie box to keep the cookies from moving around. You’ll then need a slightly larger shipping box with space to add padding between your cookie box and the outer box.
  • If you’re shipping cookies, consider choosing a speedy delivery method as well so that the cookies stay fresh for the recipient and don’t melt if the cookies could get hot during transit.
  • Feel free to experiment with organizing your cookies in the box. In addition to a simple arrangement where you lay the cookies flat, you can try using vertical columns or mixing up the types of cookies in the arrangement. In any case, avoid an arrangement where heavy cookies might squish smaller ones or where too many cookies get crammed in a small box.

More to Explore

Long before people used the cookie boxes and bags common today, Europeans used airtight metal containers — biscuit tins — to keep their treats fresh. The invention originated in England during the 1800s, and not only did these tins serve as a way to transport the cookies during long European voyages, but people would keep them for the memories they offered. Some people gave them to family members as gifts, just like how people gift cookies to their loved ones today.

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