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The Best Wedding Aisle Runner

Last updated on April 9, 2024
Best Wedding Aisle Runner

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Our Picks For The Top Wedding Aisle Runners

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J&A Homes Floral Fade-Resistant Wedding Aisle Runner, 3×100-Foot

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J&A Homes

Floral Fade-Resistant Wedding Aisle Runner, 3x100-Foot

Whether you're planning an indoor our outdoor wedding, you'll find this aisle runner is an excellent choice. It features a subtle, yet elegant floral pattern that is fade resistant. Additional attractive features include a nylon pull for easily unrolling the runner and double-sided adhesive tape to keep the runner firmly in place.

Overall Take

Multiple Color OptionsThis aisle runner measures 3 feet by 100 feet and comes in a choice of white or red.

 Best Overall

TRLYC Fabric Sequin Wedding Aisle Runner, 4×16-Foot


Fabric Sequin Wedding Aisle Runner, 4x16-Foot

If you're searching for an elegant wedding aisle runner with personality, look no further than this model. This runner is decorated with sequins that add sparkle to your big day. You'll also have a choice among 12 attractive colors.

Overall Take

Elegant in AppearanceWith this wedding aisle runner, every bride feels like a princess on her special day.

 Won't Curl or Fray

HUAHOO Rayon Wedding Aisle Runner, 2×15-Foot


Rayon Wedding Aisle Runner, 2x15-Foot

Your bride will feel like royalty when she walks down this wedding aisle runner on her big day. The runner is made from a durable rayon and measures 24 inches wide and 15 feet long. The edges are designed not to curl or fray; however, you can cut across the runner to make it shorter if need be.

Overall Take

Multiple Color OptionsYou'll find this wedding aisle runner is available in 22 different colors, including white, grass green, red, coffee and champagne.

 Runner Up

BLUE PANDA Low Pile Decorative Wedding Aisle Runner, 3×50-Foot


Low Pile Decorative Wedding Aisle Runner, 3x50-Foot

Although this aisle runner measures 3 feet by 50 feet, it can be trimmed to fit your space. The runner is decorated with beautiful white leaves, which work well for a variety of parties and events. Since the runner is made out of a strong polyester, you can use it in a carpeted church, outside in a park or over the hardwood flooring in your home.

Overall Take

Economical PickWhen shopping on a budget, this affordable aisle runner is the way to go.

Buying Guide

While there is always the option of renting an aisle runner, it’s typically more economical just to purchase your own. Wedding aisle runners are pretty versatile, and you can find them to match both traditional and contemporary themes. You can also use them for celebrations, parties or gatherings of all sorts.

The first thing you’ll want to do is examine the material used to make the aisle runner. Some eco-friendly runners use a non-woven material that is safe for the environment. Other runners can be made from paper, polyester and even burlap. The important thing is that the runners are durable and that they won’t rip when walked on in heels.

Review the different wedding aisle runner styles so you can choose one that complements your taste. There are all-white runners that can be personalized or left blank, as well as runners with decorative floral prints. Other aisle runners come with an inspirational quote at the start of the runner. There are even runners that use sequins to add a touch of glamor to the ceremony.

You’ll also want to select an aisle runner with a pull string. Without one, you’ll need to unravel the runner by hand, which can take some time. With the pull string, you simply need to hold on to the string and walk backward.

What to Look For

  • It’s a good idea to secure your wedding aisle runner to the surface below it so that it doesn’t slide around from the wind or people walking on it. Consider using carpet tape under the edges to accomplish this.
  • White aisle runners can be hand-decorated by an artist in the family. You can also dress the aisle runner up by laying silk rose petals down each of the sides of the aisle runner.
  • You may wish to use a wooden board underneath any outdoor wedding aisle runners to keep the bride’s heels from poking through the runner and getting stuck in the dirt or sand.
  • Designs can vary greatly when it comes to aisle runners. You’ll find simple floral patterns, sequins and even runners with inspirational quotes.

Wedding Aisle Runner Rankings

More to Explore

Wedding aisle runners first got their start as a way to protect a bride’s dress from any dirt or mud that was brought into the church by wedding guests. This was common, as the streets at the time weren’t paved like they are today.

There’s also a spiritual myth about how wedding aisle runners got their start. The story goes that people during ancient times believed that evil spirits traveled to and fro underneath Earth’s crust. Since they could come up out of the ground at any time, white aisle runners were used. These were symbols of purity and a way to block the spirits from being able to visit the church on a person’s wedding day.

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