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The Best Soap Dispenser

Last updated on March 15, 2024

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JASAI Countertop Glass Soap Dispenser, 18-Ounce

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Countertop Glass Soap Dispenser, 18-Ounce

Skip the plastic and go for this attractive glass soap dispenser instead. It's made with a stainless steel pump and comes with an adorable wooden tag to give it that little something extra. It works great in any bathroom or kitchen and can be quickly cleaned in any dishwasher.

Overall Take

Most AffordableYou won't have any trouble sticking to your decorating budget with this economical soap dispenser.

 Runner Up

Amolliar BPA-Free Glass Soap Dispensers, 2-Pack


BPA-Free Glass Soap Dispensers, 2-Pack

If your bathroom or kitchen has a farmhouse-style design, this soap dispenser set is a must. Each of the two dispensers resembles a mason jar and is quite charming. The dispensers have a 16-ounce capacity and can be used to store everything from liquid hand soap to mouthwash to aromatherapy blends.

Overall Take

Choice of FinishesYou'll find this soap dispenser comes in a choice of five finishes: black, bronze, brushed nickel, gold or gray.

 Strong Contender

AmazerBath Traditional Lead-Free Soap Dispensers, 2-Pack


Traditional Lead-Free Soap Dispensers, 2-Pack

With this soap dispenser set, you'll receive two bottles made from a lead-free glass. The pump has a stainless steel makeup, so you won't have to worry about it rusting over time. Although these 17-ounce dispensers are translucent, you can get them in a choice of black and brown or black and white.

Overall Take

Most VersatileIn addition to liquid hand soap, this soap dispenser can be used to store homemade perfume, shampoo, conditioner or body lotion.

 We Also Like

Cutiset BPA-Free Glass Soap Dispenser, 15-Ounce


BPA-Free Glass Soap Dispenser, 15-Ounce

You'll get not one, not two, but three soap dispensers when you opt for this set. Each is made from a stylish glass that adds a decorative touch to any bathroom or kitchen counter. The dispensers have a large 15-ounce capacity, which means you won't have to refill them as often.

Overall Take

Decorative MultipackIn addition to liquid soap, you can use this soap dispenser for body lotion, hand sanitizer or bubble bath.

Buying Guide

In most households, a soap dispenser rests beside each sink. Sure, you can leave your soap in the container it came in, but that can get costly. Instead, you could buy a large, pump-less, container of soap and provide soap for every sink in your home, likely for months.

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But to shift to that budget-friendly option, you’ll first need to invest in soap dispensers that you can refill. Simply set the dispenser up and refill it whenever it starts to get low. For best results, you should thoroughly clean each dispenser, including the pump, every time you refill it, if not more often.

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When it comes to choosing a soap dispenser, there are a few things to consider. Dispensers will come into contact with moisture on a regular basis, so make sure the pump won’t rust over time. The bottom can also slip around in the moisture that pools underneath, so a non-slip surface will come in handy.

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But overall, the design of the dispenser will likely be a top consideration. A dispenser with a mason jar design will work well with your farmhouse décor, for instance, while decorative glass will set your dispenser apart from the many others on the market. There are so many different designs, you can easily find the best look for your home.

What to Look For

  • With many refillable soap dispensers, getting the liquid inside can be a problem. If the neck of yours isn’t wide enough, a funnel can help you avoid a mess.
  • Soap dispensers aren’t just for soap. You can also use them for essential oils, lotions and any other type of liquid you want dispensed through a pump. However, if you plan to use it for thicker liquids like shampoo or conditioner, look for a dispenser with a wide uptake tube to prevent clogging.
  • For kitchen soap, it may come in handy to buy an all-in-one dispenser that will hold dish soap, hand soap, sponges and scrub brushes.
  • Some soap dispensers can leak. Some are built with a gasket to prevent this, which will help keep your countertops mess-free.
  • Larger soap dispensers can hold more liquid, requiring fewer refills.
  • A dispenser with hands-free operation provides a level of convenience. Wave your hand over the sensor and soap pumps into your hand. However, keep in mind that these dispensers require batteries that you’ll have to change periodically.
  • If you’re using your dispenser for sensitive liquids like essential oils or herbal remedies, amber-tinted glass can keep sunlight out, protecting the internal contents from degradation.

More to Explore

You don’t have to buy liquid soap in the store. There are multiple recipes online to help you make soap on your own, using ingredients like coconut oil, olive oil, potassium hydroxide and liquid vegetable glycerin. You’ll melt your oils and mix them, then dilute them using boiling water. You’ll need goggles and gloves to protect yourself, and you can melt the oils in a slow cooker. Once you’ve bought all the ingredients, you can make large batches of soap, saving you money over time. Plus, it’s a fun project that will allow you to customize your soap to your own preferences.

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