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The Best Wind Chimes

Last updated on April 27, 2023

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Bellaa Rainbow Capiz Sea Shell Hanging Wind Chimes

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Rainbow Capiz Sea Shell Hanging Wind Chimes

The individual "shells" on this chime come individually wrapped so that everything arrives intact. They're longer than most wind chimes, and the heavier material makes them less prone to tangle. The sound is pleasant and ideal for meditation.

Overall Take

Bright Color ChainsBrighten up any backyard with this colorful sound sculpture.

 Runner Up

Pgzsy Personalized Memorial Outdoor Aluminum Wind Chimes


Personalized Memorial Outdoor Aluminum Wind Chimes

These delicate aluminum tubes produce a sound that evokes restful Sunday mornings. They are arranged in a classic wind chime formation around a sturdy central bell. Together, they provide the perfect complement to almost any kind of outdoor decor.

Overall Take

Classic, Echoing TonesThis chime has the iconic "bell" arrangement.

 We Also Like

SuninYo Golden Memorial Outdoor Wind Chimes


Golden Memorial Outdoor Wind Chimes

The symphony from these chimes gets more diverse the higher the winds get. The unique spiral arrangement makes them a great fit for modern decor. The aluminum material makes them light but durable, even in stronger winds.

Overall Take

Delicate and StrikingThe spiral design is an eye-catching highlight.

 Strong Contender

DesGully Solar Powered Color Changing Hummingbird Wind Chimes


Solar Powered Color Changing Hummingbird Wind Chimes

These chimes make music anytime the wind blows, but at night they literally shine. The butterflies are fitted with lights that can change color with the seasons. What's more, they're solar powered so you don't have to worry about batteries.

Overall Take

Relaxing Light ShowThese traditional chimes are enhanced by solar-powered lights.

Buying Guide

For many people, a backyard just isn’t complete without a good set of wind chimes. They please a couple of senses at once, and what other piece of decor can do that? Wind chimes are fully powered by nature, creating a tinkling song that simultaneously reminds you of home and the great outdoors.

So what exactly is a wind chime? The definition really has more to do with function than form. If you can hang something from a patio roof and it makes noise when the wind blows, you’ve got a wind chime. Beyond that, there are several popular configurations.

Bell chimes consist of tubes hanging from a central platform in a circular configuration with a clapper in the center. The tubes and clapper work much like a bell, making dulcet tones when the clapper swings. Tubular chimes dispense with the clapper, relying on contact between the tubes to make music. Largely decorative chimes might simply have shells or glass discs suspended from strings that tinkle as they softly collide.

In terms of looks, the best type of wind chime is one that fits with your outdoor decor. When it comes to sound, however, the material makes all the difference.

Metal wind chimes are the traditional choice, and they’re popular for one big reason: The maker of the chime can pick the notes that the wind plays. Anyone who has learned a wind instrument can tell you that the longer the tube, the lower the note. So it is with metal chimes, and skilled makers will usually mix up the lengths with notes that play well together. If you want a chime that’s not so “busy,” pick a heavier metal such as brass or steel. But for both durability and acoustics, aluminum is the gold standard. It won’t rust in the rain, and those light, thin tubes produce a lovely echo.

Bamboo wind chimes are almost as popular, though they produce a completely different sound. The hollow knocking of these tubes can be simultaneously chaotic and serene, though they can be quite loud in windy weather. Buyer beware if you have neighbors close by, but these kind of chimes are just the right complement to a zen garden.

For a beachy vibe, you might try a wind chime made of shells or glass beads. These will create a higher-pitched tinkling sound that you may not be able to hear from indoors — and that may be a plus. When you’re outside, the music won’t drown out any casual conversation unless things get windy.

Speaking of wind, keep the local climate in mind. Unless you want to change chimes frequently, get something with thick strings or cord that won’t break easily.

What to Look For

Wind chimes are outdoor decor, and as such they’re bound to get dirty no matter what kind of material they are. That said, aluminum is usually the most durable. Apart from some discoloration in direct sunlight, you shouldn’t experience a lot of deterioration unless the strings break.

For brass or other metals, the occasional wipedown with a cloth and soapy water will work wonders. (Just make sure to wipe them dry afterwards.) The same goes for bamboo or other natural materials. And remember that bamboo is technically a grass and not a wood. You may see some cracks over time, but it shouldn’t affect the sound — and it may actually add to the rustic appeal.

More to Explore

It won’t surprise many to learn that wind chimes are almost as old as their closest cousin, the bell. Ancient Chinese referred to them as feng-ling, and their unique sound was used by the earliest Buddhists to ward away evil spirits at the entryway to shrines and temples. It didn’t take long for humanity to realize that their tinkling could also scare off birds. In Bali, farmers used bamboo chimes to protect their crops year-round.

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