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The Best Wooden Plant Stand

Last updated on April 6, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Wooden Plant Stands

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Bamworld 3-Tiered Wooden Plant Stand

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3-Tiered Wooden Plant Stand

This plant stand consists of three towers with two to three shelves each. With a thin, wooden frame, the plant stand leaves ample space for your plants while making them the star.

Overall Take

Clean and Modern TowersThis plant stand is perfect for those with a green thumb who desire a chic stand that can host many plants.

 Runner Up

COPREE Folding Bamboo 3-Tier & Hanging Plant Stand


Folding Bamboo 3-Tier & Hanging Plant Stand

This ladder-type shelving display features three shelves for pots of plants, as well as a rack at the top for hanging plants. The plant stand is made from light bamboo, giving it a minimalist yet boho feel.

Overall Take

For the Bohemian BotanistIf you're looking to display hanging plants, this stand provides the perfect solution and also includes enough shelving for the rest of your pots.

 We Also Like

MUDEELA Indoor Adjustable Width Wooden Plant Stand


Indoor Adjustable Width Wooden Plant Stand

If you're looking for a single-pot indoor plant stand, this adjustable stand can fit any 8 to 12-inch pot. Its simple design can either spruce up plain designs or complement the busiest.

Overall Take

Stylish Single-Pot SolutionThis adjustable plant stand can elevate the design of any pot while fitting in with any decor.

 Strong Contender

New England Stories Indoor Outdoor Wooden Plant Stand

New England Stories

Indoor Outdoor Wooden Plant Stand

This plant stand’s frame gives it a romantic feel, making it perfect for both leafy and flowering plants. It offers plenty of space for potted plants, consisting of three structures with two to three shelves.

Overall Take

Romantic and Rustic ShelvingThis plant stand is perfect for anyone whose decor walks the line between rustic and contemporary.

Buying Guide

Plant stands are structures built to display and support the weight of potted plants while providing each pot with sufficient sunlight. While similar to other shelving units, plant stands are built with a sparse design to ensure sunlight can easily reach the plants.

Plant stands come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Many closely resemble modern bookshelves, while others are built specifically to hold single pots.

Other plant stands may include a rack for hanging plants, such as snake plants. With so many types of potted plants out there, plant stands are made to support as much variety as possible without overcrowding. After all, the most important feature of a plant stand is that the sun can reach every pot. A stand that does not allow sunlight to penetrate defeats the purpose.

When shopping for a plant stand, it is essential that you know first whether you plan on placing the stand indoors or outdoors. Outdoor plant stands require weather protection to ensure they do not rot or rust from the rain, while indoor plant stands do not require such treatment.

However, some plant stands are made to withstand both indoor and outdoor conditions, so it is important to verify before purchasing.

Plant stands can be made from a variety of materials. Anyone shopping for plant stands is spoiled for choice. With so many to choose from, picking a plant stand often boils down to preference and intention.

What to Look For

  • Not all indoor plant stands can withstand outdoor conditions. Make sure you buy the appropriate stand for the intended placement.
  • Consider purchasing single-pot stands if you cannot fill up a shelf display.
  • Double-check that the single-pot stand’s dimensions fit your potted plants.
  • If you wish to display hanging plants, be sure to find a stand with a hanging plant rack.
  • Consider whether the stand’s material complements your decor.
  • Be sure to place the plant stand where it can receive ample sunlight.
  • Make sure you do not exceed the stand’s weight limit.

More to Explore

Until the 19th century, indoor plant displays were predominately comprised of cut flowers or scientific collections.

However, as the Victorian era introduced larger sheets of window pane glass and techniques to better regulate household temperature, indoor conditions became more conducive to living plants.

A predecessor to the plant stand is the Wardian case, which was popular during the Victorian era. It was a glass enclosure that sat upon a plant stand that protected plants from city pollution and provided conditions to grow more exotic plants.

Over the years, keeping indoor plants became more commonplace with the spread of gardening and housekeeping publications. It wasn’t long until wooden, fashionable plant stands like we know today took off.

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