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The Best Men’s Hunting Boots

Last updated on March 30, 2022

We looked at the top 10 Men's Hunting Boots and dug through the reviews from 36 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best Men's Hunting Boots.

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Our Picks For The Top Men's Hunting Boots

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Product Overview
Key Takeaway
 Top Pick

TIDEWE 6mm Neoprene Insulated Men’s Hunting Boots

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6mm Neoprene Insulated Men's Hunting Boots

Thanks to an air-mesh lining, these boots hold the heat but stay breathable enough to prevent undue sweating. On the bottom, the rubber sole can stand up to mud and other harsh terrain and still keep a grip. Reinforcement at the heel and toe guards against debris.

Overall Take

Stable and SturdyThe exterior may be tough, but the inside feels snug and warm.

" They come with a unique breathable air-mesh lining that circulates air around to keep the feet dry and comfortable. The contoured midsole offers lightweight cushioning and good shock absorption. The boot outsoles provide traction and stability. It has a reinforced..."
"The more breathable design means it’s less insulated and less comfortable to wear in cold weather."
 Runner Up

Irish Setter 2813 Gunflint II Leather Men’s Hunting Boots

Irish Setter

Leather Men's Hunting Boots

After a short break-in period, most hunters will feel right at home in these. The fit is snug with ample support for the ankles. The waterproofing is first-rate even after many outings.

Overall Take

Tight, Secure FitHunters will be able to stay agile and protected in these.

 We Also Like

Guide Gear Waterproof Camo Men’s Hunting Boots

Guide Gear

Waterproof Camo Men's Hunting Boots

These boots may be tough, but they feel a second skin. Pull them on quickly by way of the pull tabs and you're ready to trek even through the deepest mud.The waterproofing is solid both on the soles and uppers.

Overall Take

Easy to WearThese high boots slip on easy and can take on plenty of rain.

" Rear pull-on circle for simple on/off. Removable insole."
 Strong Contender

Huntrite Waterproof Men’s Hunting Boots


Waterproof Men's Hunting Boots

If you need to stay nimble on the trail, these boots are just the thing. The materials are light but tough, especially the steel shanks that protect against all manner of hazards. The thinsulate layers provide waterproofing that would be the envy of much thicker boots.

Overall Take

Lightweight Yet Heavy-DutyThe effective thinsulate waterproofing doesn't weigh these boots down.

" An affordable waterproof boot that’ll keep you warm while hunting in snow-capped mountains or early mornings."
"The construction is not really high-stitched."

Buying Guide

In most walks of life, you’re going to choose a shoe based on two simple criteria: Fit and fashion. But as any hunter can tell you, there’s a lot more to consider when you’re out on the trail. Hunting boots have to stand up to every kind of weather imaginable. They have to stay intact and guard your feet against loose terrain, sharp debris and even snake bites. They have to support you across miles of woodland, and if things go well, they might have to help you carry your game as well.

There’s no perfect hunting boot for every environment, but first and foremost, they’ve got to fit well. Durability is of course a must, but comfort can mean the difference between a rewarding day in the outdoors and a grueling hike on blistered feet. When trying on a new pair, make sure that you wear the kind of socks you’d normally wear on the hunt. Shoes that are slightly tight in certain areas might be broken in (especially if they’re leather), but boots that are too loose from the get-go are an immediate red flag.

If you plan on hunting in a lot of rocky terrain, you’re going to want to give extra thought to the sole of the boot. Rough ground calls for a sole with a stiff shank that keeps the foot from bending too much. Over time, this can save you some fatigue. If you’re going to need to stay nimble and sprint short distances, go for a boot with a little more flexibility.

The construction of hunting boots can vary wildly by brand, but there are a few things you can expect when it comes to the material of your shoe. For a long time now, leather has been the primary choice for old-school hunters, and the reasons are hard to argue with. Once you break in a full-grain leather boot, it can adjust to the shape of your foot in a way few things can. It has an unmistakable look that just goes with hunting gear, is fairly breathable and when treated correctly can be very resistant to moisture. On top of all that, it’s incredibly durable.

This is not to say synthetic boots can’t compete. Once you find the right pair, they can be very comfortable and are generally more breathable than leather. They also tend to be much more affordable, so give some thought to how often you plan to use them.

Weather is a big factor when it comes to picking boots. If you’re hunting anytime during the winter or in marshy terrain you’re obviously going to want waterproofing. Of course, not all boots that claim to be waterproof are equally resistant to the elements. Another thing to consider: Even the best waterproof membrane is going to add some weight to your shoe. If you plan on hunting only in the summer or dryer months, it might be worth it to go without.

While we’re on the subject of moisture, let’s talk about the height of your boot. Ankle support is crucial outdoors, so it’s best to have footwear that laces up to at least above your ankles. Planning for the occasional rainy day? Go for something that goes up to mid-calf, and wear cuffed pants to protect against water seeping in. And if you have to slog though mud or streams, you’ll want waders that go even higher.

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Our experts reviewed the top 10 Men's Hunting Boots and also dug through the reviews from 36 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best of the best Men's Hunting Boots.

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The Best Bang For Your Buck

Guide Gear Waterproof Camo Men’s Hunting Boots

Key Takeawy

These boots may be tough, but they feel a second skin. Pull them on quickly by way of the pull tabs and you're ready to trek even through the deepest mud.The waterproofing is solid both on the soles and uppers.

What other experts liked

Rear pull-on circle for simple on/off. Removable insole.
- Hunting Topic

What other experts didn't like

May get crack.
- Hunting Topic

What to Look For

  • A good fit is even more essential for hunting boots than almost any other type of footwear, so it’s important to try them on the right way. If possible, schedule your fitting for the afternoon or early evening. Feet tend to swell as the day goes on, so this way you can avoid getting boots that are too tight. The thickness of your socks can also make a huge difference, so make sure that you wear your go-to pair when you first try on those boots.
  • Of course hunters want boots that can let you move silently, but stealth won’t do much good if that deer picks up your scent. While the difference can be minimal, you should know that rubber doesn’t retain odors the way that leather does. For that reason, rubber-soled boots might be just the edge you need when you’re on the trail.

More to Explore

If you’re like a kid in a candy store when it comes to hunting gear, you should know that you’re not alone. According to the International Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, the average hunter spends almost $1,900 a year on the pastime. That includes traveling expenses as well as things like ammo, accessories and yes, a good pair of hunting boots.

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