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Last updated on April 24, 2023

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Velette Metal Shoehorn & Travel Shoe Horn, 3 Pack

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Metal Shoehorn & Travel Shoe Horn, 3 Pack

These high-quality shoehorns are made from solid metal. They have an ergonomic shape, which is easy to handle. The shoehorns are small and lightweight, so you can bring them with you anywhere.

Overall Take

High QualityThese shoehorns are made from solid metal.

 Runner Up

Panoware Extra Long Handle & Travel Shoehorn, 2 Pack


Extra Long Handle & Travel Shoehorn, 2 Pack

These easy-to-grip shoehorns have a long contoured handle. The set comes with a seven-inch shoehorn and a 17-inch one. Both shoehorns are made from durable plastic.

Overall Take

Easy to GripThese shoehorns have a long contoured handle.

 We Also Like

TriPro Aluminum Alloy Telescopic Handle Portable Shoehorn


Aluminum Alloy Telescopic Handle Portable Shoehorn

This unique shoehorn has a telescopic handle. It can expand between 14.9 and 37.4 inches. The shoehorn is easy to expand as well as comfortable to hold.

Overall Take

Unique DesignThis shoehorn has a telescopic handle.

 Strong Contender

vastland Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Travel Shoehorn


Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Travel Shoehorn

This well-constructed shoehorn is made from stainless steel. It is compact and easy to store in a purse or backpack. The shoehorn makes for a great gift.

Overall Take

Well ConstructedThis shoehorn is made with stainless steel.

Buying Guide

A shoehorn is a useful fashion accessory that can help those who have trouble bending down to put on their shoes, as well as those who want to prolong the life of their shoes. Typically made from a rigid material in a contoured shape, a shoehorn can be short – about the size of your palm – or long – around a foot or two in length.

Using a shoehorn is easy: all you have to do is insert the wide part of the shoehorn into the back end of your shoe where the heel goes while gently sliding in your foot along the contoured length of the shoehorn. The shoehorn helps your foot slip easily into the shoe without damaging the heel side of the material. Plus, for those that have mobility issues and can’t bend down to put on their shoes, the shoehorn offers a little extra length to your arms so you can slip your feet into the shoes easily.

When it comes to materials for shoehorns, there are a number of different options. Plastic is common because it’s affordable and easy to produce, not to mention easy to clean. Plastic shoehorns are what you’ll find in most shoe stores and many homes. Another option is metal, which is also affordable like plastic but more durable. Some people find that metal feels either too hot or too cold against the skin, which can make it uncomfortable to use.

Some shoehorns are covered in leather, with a plastic or metal base underneath. Leather is a highly durable material but it can become worn after lots of heavy use. However, many people love the decorative and luxurious look of leather which you can’t get from plastic or metal. Another option is shoehorns made from wood. They can sometimes be a little rough and snag skin, socks, or shoes. Wood is easy to engrave, which makes these shoehorns more decorative and unique, as well as easy to personalize.

What to Look For

  • One of the most important factors to consider when buying a shoehorn is length. If you primarily like to sit down while putting on your shoes, then a short shoehorn will do the trick. If you like to put your shoes on while standing without having to bend over, then you’re going to need a shoehorn that is about two feet in length.
  • The type of shoes you wear will also affect the length of shoehorn you need. If you typically wear loafers, for example, a shorter shoehorn will work well. If you like wearing tall boots, then you’ll need a longer shoehorn.
  • For those that travel often, having a pocket-size shoehorn is key. Typically, these are less than five inches in length, and can be tucked away easily in a bag or coat. Just be sure to not get one made of metal, as those can set off airport security machines.
  • If you want to have options, look for shoehorns that come in sets with different types. Typically, you can find long and short shoehorns in sets together, as well as short shoehorns with smaller travel versions.
  • Telescopic shoehorns are ideal for those who want lots of options in terms of length but don’t have the space for multiple different shoehorns. Using telescopic technology, the shoehorns can expand and contract based on your needs.

More to Explore

It’s not clear when the shoehorn was invented or by whom, but it is clear what shoehorns have been around for hundreds of years. In fact, the first recorded documentation of a shoe horn was discovered to be from the Middle Ages, and it was written as a “schoyng horne.” In 1563, Queen Elizabeth I of England purchased 18 shoehorns, and purchased more a few years later. It’s unlikely she used all of them herself, seeing as how she would have had servants to help her get dressed and put on her shoes. However, it is possible she gifted the shoehorns to others.

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