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The Best Men’s White Shoes

Last updated on November 15, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Men's White Shoes

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Hey Dude Wally Elastic Laces Men’s White Shoes

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval

Hey Dude

Wally Elastic Laces Men's White Shoes

Designed to slip on easily and offer comfort, these loafers feel light on the feet and suit long walks. You can pick from a few plain white shades or get a black-and-white pair for more creativity. Some designs look dressier than others.

Overall Take

Dressier for VersatilityThese dressier white shoes can work for both casual and more formal occasions.

 Runner Up

Reebok Club MEMT Low-Cut Men’s White Shoes


Club MEMT Low-Cut Men's White Shoes

Available in dozens of colors, these classic logo sneakers give you plenty of variety for accent or sole color. They're made of real leather and feature a low-top design for flexible movement during activities.

Overall Take

Plenty of VarietyThese versatile sneakers provide the premium look of real leather and offer many options for accent and sole colors.

 We Also Like

Polo Ralph Lauren Faxon Embroidered Logo Men’s White Shoes

Polo Ralph Lauren

Faxon Embroidered Logo Men's White Shoes

Featuring the iconic Polo logo, these canvas sneakers have a unique leather-like look. You can get them with different colored laces and sole options. One version is eco-friendly with recycled components.

Overall Take

Unique Iconic LookThe iconic logo on these canvas sneakers and the unique look will make them stand out.

 Strong Contender

Tommy Hilfiger Pandora Vulcanized Bottom Men’s White Shoes

Tommy Hilfiger

Pandora Vulcanized Bottom Men's White Shoes

Made of a canvas material, these white shoes come in three options with varying white shades and accent colors. The brand name appears on the side prominently. They're made sturdy to last, and the padding improves your comfort.

Overall Take

Comfortable and DependableConsider these white shoes if you want a fashionable style with comfort and durability.

Buying Guide

If you need some new men’s footwear, going with white shoes gives you plenty of versatility and style options. This color of shoes goes along with any color of outfit so you won’t have to worry about matching, and white shoes won’t seem out of place during any season or occasion. These shoes also provide a classic yet trendy look, and this popularity means you’ll find countless manufacturers offering this color.

Men’s white shoes are often loafers or sneakers designed for casual or athletic use. Some styles have traditional laces while others offer convenience and simply slide on. You can choose from low-top white shoes that don’t lock in your ankle and allow for flexibility during movement. Alternatively, taller high-top shoes lock in your ankles and offer more cushioning, but they restrict your movement more.

Prioritize comfort when you look for the best men’s white shoes. You’ll want to make sure you get the right fit including the proper size and width for your feet. Also make sure the shape of the shoes provides enough arch support and doesn’t squeeze your toes uncomfortably. Having enough cushioning will both make it more comfortable to walk around as well as protect your feet from injuries.

You’ll often find men’s white shoes made of genuine leather, synthetic leather or canvas. Each material has pros and cons to weigh.

While more expensive, real leather shoes offer flexibility, breathability and a premium look, but they can have imperfections and be susceptible to water damage. Popular for athletic shoes, synthetic leather shoes are often cheaper, not as susceptible to water, lighter and durable. Canvas shoes, on the other hand, are known for being durable and lightweight for comfort, but they lack durability and show dirt easily.

Lastly, consider the shoes’ appearance to fit your style preferences. You can choose entirely white shoes for a sleek look, or you can opt for white shoes that feature brand logos or other colors for accents. For example, you can find white sneakers with blue or red stripes on the sides or a bold color for the sole. If you do get shoes with colored accents, keep in mind this can offer less versatility for your wardrobe if the colors clash with your clothes.

What to Look For

  • While you likely know your shoe size, you should still measure both your feet’s length and width and use the shoe maker’s size chart to ensure the best fit. You might need to opt for a wide or narrow sizing for a better fit over the standard size, and not all manufacturers offer these variations.
  • If you wear thick socks with your white shoes, you might want to account for a little extra room and go up by a half or whole size. Plus, if you usually wear a half size but the manufacturer only offers whole sizes, see what other customers say about the fit to know whether to size up or down.
  • While many men opt for everyday casual white shoes such as sneakers, you can find other options including sandals, boots and dress shoes. 
  • If you plan to wear your white shoes for a long time, opt for a versatile pair that you can see yourself wearing regardless of how trends evolve or your wardrobe changes. The same applies if you’re a minimalist who doesn’t want a large shoe collection. This might mean opting for some plain, durable leather shoes over some canvas shoes that don’t hold up as well over time.
  • For safety and peace of mind, consider looking for men’s white shoes with non-slip soles. These shoes give you more traction on slippery surfaces so you’re less likely to fall. Therefore, they’re especially a popular choice for work shoes. 
  • If you need men’s white shoes specifically for exercise, be aware of the differences between tennis and running shoes since they often look similar but have unique features. Tennis shoes are heavier shoes that are designed for a good grip, offer less support and tend to have a lower profile. Running shoes, in contrast, usually are lightweight with plenty of cushioning and support. 
  • White shoes easily show dirt and imperfections, so properly caring for them is crucial for keeping them looking good. Consider using a stain protector spray before the first wear and reapplying it per the bottle’s instructions. As you wear your shoes, you’ll want to regularly clean them off and possibly buy a special shoe cleaning kit for the specific type of shoe material. If you wear the shoes outside during hiking or other sports, having some shoe wipes handy can help you quickly clean off dirt before there’s time for a stain to set in.

More to Explore

Here are some interesting facts about men’s shoes:

  • People have worn shoes – specifically sandals made of natural materials – as far back as 8,000 B.C.E. In addition, the leather that shoemakers still use to make white men’s shoes today has a long history dating back more than 5,000 years.
  • Men, rather than women, first wore heeled shoes. Cowboys during the 900s would wear them for functionality while riding horses, while Greek actors would later wear heels as a status symbol.
  • Sneakers first appeared during the 1800s. Wait Webster gets the credit for his 1832 sports shoes called Plimsolls which featured the rubber soles typical of sneakers. Lace-up sports shoes with improved support came out in 1892 by Goodyear. Sneakers have since evolved with more design options and special versions intended for different activities and levels of support and comfort.

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