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The Best Suede Shoe Cleaner Kit

Last updated on June 5, 2023

We looked at the top 11 Suede Shoe Cleaner Kits and dug through the reviews from 15 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best Suede Shoe Cleaner Kits.

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Our Picks For The Top Suede Shoe Cleaner Kits

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Alloda Scientific Formula Suede Shoe Cleaner Kit

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Scientific Formula Suede Shoe Cleaner Kit

You’ll get a multipurpose solution with this suede shoe cleaner kit, with a formula that can work on a variety of shoe materials, including suede. The cleanser is effective yet gentle enough to be used on sensitive fabrics. No water is necessary to use this set, and the brush has three different types of bristles to help you customize your clean.

Overall Take

Versatile UsesThis all-inclusive kit is designed to tackle not only suede cleaning tasks, but also works on canvas, knits, treated leather and nubuck.

" Multi-purpose, effective, and at a great value, this rich foaming cleaner can attack and remove the toughest of stains without any water."

Kiwi Stain Removing Complete Care Suede Shoe Cleaner Kit


Stain Removing Complete Care Suede Shoe Cleaner Kit

This suede shoe cleaner kit has everything you need to keep your favorite footwear looking like new. You'll receive a cleaner, protector, stain eraser, cleaning brush and cleaning cloth. All of the items are neatly organized inside a handy plastic storage bag, which can also be tossed in a suitcase when traveling.

Overall Take

Treats Tough StainsIn addition to dirt, this suede shoe cleaner kit gets rid of scuff marks, water spots and tough stains.

" A suede eraser, like this Kiwi Suede & Nubuck Stain Eraser included in the kit, seems to be an extremely quick and easy solution to removing stubborn stains from your suede sneakers."
"Not for use on harder fabrics like stiff leathers"

Jason Markk Premium Suede Shoe Cleaner Kit

Jason Markk

Premium Suede Shoe Cleaner Kit

This suede shoe cleaner kit includes a suede brush with a long handle and an eraser to give you everything you need to keep your shoes clean. The brush is made from beech wood and soft horsehair bristles that are effective yet gentle enough so that they don’t damage the fabric. You can use the same tools to clean other types of fabrics in your cl...

Overall Take

Great for PortabilityAlways have your suede-cleaning tools on hand with this option, which comes in a highly portable format.

" Eraser works well and effectively. The brush gently cleans the nap and restores the original suede look"
"We have had mixed results using the suede eraser depending on how severe the marks are. If the mark is recent then definitely try the eraser, but for older pairs with difficult marks it might not be as effective."

Simple Shine Rubber Brush Instant Results Suede Shoe Cleaner Kit

Simple Shine

. Rubber Brush Instant Results Suede Shoe Cleaner Kit

Whether you have suede belts, nubuck boots, or leather handbags, this suede shoe cleaner kit has you covered. Use the eraser to wipe away scuff marks and the rubber crepe brush to lift away stains. There's also a hard-bristled brush for spots with stuck-on mud.

Overall Take

Great for Seams and CrevicesIt takes less than 1 minute for the products in this suede shoe cleaner kit to restore your footwear.

Buying Guide

Suede can take a pair of shoes to the next level, allowing you to dress them up or wear them with your favorite khaki pants and dark jeans. But suede comes with an all-too-important downside. Genuine suede is not water resistant, which means a splash from a puddle or an unexpected rainstorm can permanently damage your shoes.

In recent years, manufacturers have turned to synthetic suede fabrics for a lower-maintenance alternative. These fabrics can more easily withstand exposure to water with the added benefit of resisting dirt and stains. But faux suede, made from polyester, can be less durable and even prone to peeling over time.

You don’t have to give up suede over maintenance concerns. There are some things you can do to keep your suede in good shape, including using protectants. When you buy your shoes, you’ll likely be offered the option of a spray that covers the material in a layer of protection against water and contaminants. If you purchase the shoes without that option, you can buy the spray separately.

Even with the spray, though, it’s best to keep them at home on rainy or snowy days. Do your best to avoid water exposure, and try to stay out of mud and dirt while wearing them. Cedar shoe trees can help your suede keep its shape between wearings. The cedar will also help absorb excess perspiration remaining on the shoes when you remove them.

Due to the water sensitivity, you’ll also need to be careful when cleaning them. It’s best to remove any dirt as soon as you can to avoid it setting in and permanently staining the material. You’ll need the right products to clean your suede shoes, including a brush and specialized suede cleaner that removes contaminants without introducing significant moisture to the surface of the fabric.

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Our experts reviewed the top 11 Suede Shoe Cleaner Kits and also dug through the reviews from 15 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best of the best Suede Shoe Cleaner Kits.

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What to Look For

  • Before you start cleaning your suede shoes, crumple up some paper and slide it inside. This will help your shoes hold their shape while you’re working on them. You won’t have to worry about damaging the structure of the shoe when you’re scrubbing extra hard on those stubborn stains.
  • Often suede shoe cleaners come in a kit. This is useful because you’ll have the brush and cleanser together. But if you ever need to replace your cleaning solution, you’ll have to look for instances where it’s sold separately.
  • Some shoe cleaning kits are designed to tackle a variety of materials, which means one purchase will give you the products you need to clean most of the shoes in your closet.
  • As with leather, some natural oils can condition your suede and leave it soft to the touch. This will also help keep your suede healthy.
  • Most suede shoe cleaning kits come with a microfiber towel. This is an important part of the cleanup process, so keep it clean and ready for use. You’ll rub the suede with this cloth as your first step to dislodge excess dirt particles before cleaning.
  • The eraser in your cleaning kit is an important tool, as well. This can be used to remove some stains without even having to use cleaner. The cleaner comes in for the next step to remove stubborn particles and grime.
  • Light-colored suede can tend to show dirt and stains better than those in darker colors. For a lower-maintenance option, you might want to look for a darker shade. If you opt for this, though, make sure you still clean your suede regularly. The ability to hide dirt can make it more likely you’ll let those dirty spots remain longer and risk them turning into a stain.
  • In addition to keeping your suede healthy, products with the right natural oils can also help bring out the color in your shoes. Most cleansing sprays will have the right oils built in.

More to Explore

It’s tough to think about suede shoes without immediately going back to Elvis Presley’s hit single, “Blue Suede Shoes.” The song was written by Carl Perkins, who never owned a pair of blue suede shoes himself, although they were considered a luxury item in the South at the time. As the story goes, Perkins was talking backstage to Johnny Cash at one of Elvis Presley’s concerts when Cash told him a story from his time in the military. Cash’s sergeant allegedly once warned him, “Don’t step on my blue suede shoes,” even though he was wearing only military-issued basic black shoes.

Later, Perkins was playing at a sorority dance when he heard one of the students tell others not to step on his “suedes.” The repeated mention apparently inspired Perkins, who woke up at 3 a.m. and wrote the future hit song on a potato sack.

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