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The Best Incontinence Pads For Animals

Last updated on January 20, 2023
Best Incontinence Pads For Animals

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One of the most difficult aspects of having a pet is dealing with incontinence. It can happen for multiple reasons. Sometimes, animals are too young to have control of their bladder. For example, puppies cannot control when they go to the potty until they are at least 16 weeks old. Other times, old age or illness can affect your pet’s ability to control their bladder.

It’s important to have the right tools on hand so you can manage the mess without getting frustrated. Incontinence pads for animals are small disposable or reusable mats that your pet can use to go to the bathroom. They typically have multiple layers that help to contain the mess and smell. For example, some incontinence pads for animals have a thick layer on the bottom which protects your floors, followed by a layer that locks moisture in. There is usually a polymer core layer on top of that which turns the liquid to gel. This is followed by an absorbent sheet and quilted top pad. Together, these different layers make it easy to clean up after your incontinent pet so you enjoy more time together without worrying about the mess.

Our Picks For The Top Incontinence Pads For Animals

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SincoPet Multi-Use Quilted Incontinence Pads For Animals, 2-Pack

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Multi-Use Quilted Incontinence Pads For Animals, 2-Pack

This machine-washable four-layered pad has a polyester-knitted outer layer, high-density middle layer with super absorbency and leakproof anti-slip silica gels on the underside. It comes in different sizes to keep dogs comfortable.

Overall Take

Smart DesignThe quilted outer layer of this washable, reusable incontinence pad for animals makes it look like a blanket.

 Runner Up

Four Paws Earth-Friendly Incontinence Pads For Animals, 18-Pack

Four Paws

Earth-Friendly Incontinence Pads For Animals, 18-Pack

Protect your floors while training your pup with this incontinence pad for animals. It's extra-large in size and extremely durable, so you won't have to worry about it tearing when your dog walks on it. The pad is also designed with a built-in attractant that draws your pup to the pad, reducing accidents on your flooring.

Overall Take

Oversized OptionSince this incontinence pad for animals is quilted, it's able to absorb more liquid than other brands.

 We Also Like

AmazonBasics Layered Incontinence Pads For Animals, 50-Pack


Layered Incontinence Pads For Animals, 50-Pack

These incontinence pads for animals have several layers that contain mess and odors. They are great for training puppies and helping aging dogs. The box comes with 50 disposable pads.

Overall Take

Contains Mess and OdorsThese pads are leakproof with a quick-dry surface.

 Also Great

Medpride Non-Sterile Incontinence Pads For Animals, 25-Pack


Non-Sterile Incontinence Pads For Animals, 25-Pack

You'll want to protect your floors when training puppies to go outside and these incontinence pads for animals offer a way to do just that. They are made using premium polymer layers that are both thick and absorbent. The disposable pads are also designed to lock in odors to keep your home smelling fresh and clean.

Overall Take

Multipurpose SupportThese incontinence pads for animals can also be used on beds to protect mattresses when toddlers are potty training.

What to Look For

  • Consider whether you want a disposable or reusable incontinence pad for your animals. A reusable pad is ideal if your situation is temporary, such as when you’ve got a new puppy, for example. Eventually, you will be able to train them to go to the bathroom outdoors and may no longer need the incontinence pads. However, if your situation is longer-term, such as dealing with a pet who is old or has an illness that prevents them from controlling their bladder, you may be better off with disposal pads.
  • Keep in mind that reusable pads require regular washing and drying between each use, while disposal incontinence pads for animals can be quickly thrown away.
  • Consider how many incontinence pads for animals you need. Reusable pads are sold in small quantities, while disposable ones are sold in packs of 30, 50, 100 or more.
  • The size of your pet will affect the size of incontinence pad you will need. Small pets and baby animals will naturally require small pads, while large pets and adult animals will require large ones.

More to Explore

Even if you lay out the incontinence pads for your animals, it’s possible they may not use them. Accidents happen, and it’s important to measure your reaction in order to encourage your pet to use the pads. Interrupt your pet if you see them going off the pad with a hand clap or your words. However, don’t punish them as that may encourage them to hide from you the next time they have an accident. Instead, take them over to the pad and let them finish there, and then reward them with treats and attention.

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