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The Best Cat Scratching Post

Last updated on June 3, 2024

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Our Picks For The Top Cat Scratching Posts

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Amazon Basics Hammock & Jute Fiber Cat Scratching Post

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Amazon Basics

Hammock & Jute Fiber Cat Scratching Post

This cat scratching post consists of two posts connected by a hammock on top. It stands almost 20 inches tall and even includes a pompom to bat at.

Overall Take

For the Lounging PetWith this scratching post that doubles as a plush bed, your cat will always have room for sunbathing or cat naps.

 Runner Up

Dimaka Anti-Slide Base Cat Scratching Post


Anti-Slide Base Cat Scratching Post

This scratching post has a height of 29 inches, providing enough space for cats to stretch out and scratch. At the top of the post is a batting ball, so cats will never get bored.

Overall Take

Don’t Forget About PlaytimeThis scratching post does the heavy lifting of both providing a safe space for cats to scratch as well as entertainment.

 We Also Like

TRIXIE Parla Sisal Rope Cat Scratching Post


Parla Sisal Rope Cat Scratching Post

There’s nothing wrong with choosing the classic option, as this scratching post shows. This traditional scratching post is 24.5 inches in height, allowing your cat to stretch and claw at leisure.

Overall Take

A Timeless OptionWrapped in durable rope, this scratching post is a tried and true classic where cats can focus all of their scratching needs.

 Strong Contender

Made4Pets Decorative Cactus Shape Cat Scratching Post


Decorative Cactus Shape Cat Scratching Post

This cactus-shaped scratching post is perfect for lovers of kitsch and camp. While the bottom of the post is the typical scratching post model, the cactus points at the top serve as a toy.

Overall Take

The Wild, Wild WestMake sure your cat is well-cared for while not compromising on style and fun with this scratching post.

Buying Guide

Cat scratching posts are durable structures, often wrapped in sisal rope, that provide cats with a non-destructive place to scratch.

While the typical scratching post is a single post on a platform, many posts have added features, such as platforms, hammocks, kitty condos and toys.

Scratching posts are necessary for cat owners. Scratching is a cat’s natural way of keeping their claws sharp and an important part of their care.

Without a post, cats will turn toward furniture to sharpen their claws, which can quickly become destructive. Scratching posts provide a solution to the scratching problem.

Scratching posts are usually relatively tall compared to cats. This is because cats love to stretch when they scratch, so the post must be able to accommodate them. Manufacturers create posts that vary in height so all cats can have a post they can enjoy.

Scratching posts can vary greatly from one post to the next. Some scratching posts have more than one post on a platform, which can be helpful for people with multiple cats.

When shopping for a scratching post it’s essential to consider how much space you have as well as your cat’s personality. Some cats are not interested in batting toys, so a scratching post with toys won’t attract their attention. Other cats are heavy and may prefer a stable platform to lounge on instead of a hammock.

Every cat is different, so scratching posts are not one-size-fits-all. It may take trial and error to figure out what your cat likes.

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What to Look For

  • Cat personality plays a significant role in whether they will enjoy the scratching post. Consider how they like to play or sleep to find the best-suited post.
  • Consider how much room you have in your space for a scratching post.
  • Scratching posts that double as cat condos or toys can help you save space and provide entertainment for your cat.
  • Always purchase a scratching post large enough for your cat to stretch out when scratching.
  • Larger cats may prefer sturdier places to rest and may not be interested in hammocks or baskets at the top of the post.
  • There are many fun scratching posts, so don’t be afraid to branch out from the traditional model.

More to Explore

Scratching is a natural part of cat behavior. Referred to as stropping, cats drag their claws downwards on a surface to remove their claw’s outer husk and sharpen the claw’s surface below.

Cats also mark their territory by scratching. Their paws’ scent and sweat glands produce a unique smell through the process, marking the surface and letting other cats know who lives here.

It’s also a form of exercise, allowing cats to strengthen their forelimbs and spine for hunting. Because this cannot be trained out of cats, scratching posts are essential to cat care.

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