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The Best Wooden Pet Gate

Last updated on March 16, 2023

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Internet’s Best Arched Top Folding Wooden Pet Gate

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Internet's Best

Arched Top Folding Wooden Pet Gate

This collapsible wooden pet gate folds down easily when not in use. It is freestanding and has three panels. The gate is 24 inches in height and easy for people to step over.

Overall Take

Collapsible OptionThis wooden pet gate folds down easily when not in use.

 Runner Up

PAWLAND Non-Slip Rubber Feet Wooden Pet Gate


Non-Slip Rubber Feet Wooden Pet Gate

This wooden pet gate is extra wide and spans 80 inches. It is perfect for blocking off parts of rooms or wide doorways. The gate is freestanding and easy to fold like an accordion.

Overall Take

Extra WideThis wooden pet gate spans over 80 inches.

 We Also Like

PETMAKER Lightweight Freestanding Wooden Pet Gate


Lightweight Freestanding Wooden Pet Gate

This stylish wooden pet gate has a grey finish with a modern look. It is freestanding and doesn’t need to be installed on walls or doorframes. The gate works well for stairs, doors or rooms.

Overall Take

Stylish ChoiceThis wooden pet gate has a grey finish with a modern look.

 Strong Contender

LZRS Wear-Resistant Finish Wooden Pet Gate


Wear-Resistant Finish Wooden Pet Gate

This wooden pet gate comes fully assembled so setup is a breeze. It contains six panels and spans 120 inches. The gate is made from 100 percent oak hardwood.

Overall Take

Easy SetupThis wooden pet gate comes fully assembled.

Buying Guide

Man’s best friend has a special place in our hearts. While having dogs in your home may bring comfort, loyalty, friendship and love, it can also bring unwanted messes and chaos. This is why many people choose to install wooden pet gates in their homes to confine their pooches to specific areas that are more doggy-safe. Wooden pet gates are also helpful for the dogs as well. They can still you and the rest of the home, feeling like a part of the family. Plus, the gate helps keeps them out of harms way, such as away from a hot oven or slippery tile floors.

When choosing a wooden pet gate, first determine exactly where you will put it up. This will help you determine what size and style of gate you require. For example, a gate in the hallway will be quite different from a gate blocking off half a room. The height of the gate you choose should also be a major consideration. Dogs are athletic, so you don’t want them to be able to leap over the gate with ease. Smaller dogs typically require shorter gates than bigger dogs, but it also depends on the flexibility and determination of your pet as well.

An important feature of a wooden pet gate is the door. This is both for you and for your pet. For shorter gates, you may be able to just step over them. However, for taller ones you will require a door to get through to the other side. Ensure that the gate isn’t too easy to open from either side, because some pups can quickly figure out how to undo the latch and let themselves out.

What to Look For

  • Durability is a key factor in purchasing a wooden pet gate. This is especially important if you have a big, strong and powerful dog. The gate should be able to withstand any force that your pup puts on it repeatedly. Some pups often try to push down the gate while others like to hang out on top of the gate. Ensure that the wooden pet gate is strong enough to take on your dog but at the same time isn’t overly heavy or cumbersome.
  • When it comes to installation, things can get tricky. It’s important to look at how the wooden pet gate is mounted. One option is pressure-mounted gates, which are held in place by putting pressure on the walls or door frames on either side of them. These gates are ideal if you don’t want to drill holes into the walls. Typically, they are small in size so they work best in door frames or at the tops and bottoms of stair cases.
  • Wooden pet gates which are mounted using hardware also need a wall or doorframe to hold on to. The key difference is that they are screwed in so they are more sturdy than pressure-mounted gates. However, they do require drilling holes into the wall. Freestanding gates, which are not mounted but held up by feet, are less sturdy than the other two options. However, they are perfect for blocking off portions of rooms because they don’t need walls or door frames to hold on to. Keep in mind that they can be easy to push over or nudge, so they don’t work well with big dogs.

More to Explore

Are baby gates and pet gates the same thing, and can they be used interchangeably? The short answer is maybe, but the longer answer is far more complicated. In some cases, baby gates and pet gates are marketed as the same product under the term safety gates, so they can be used for either purpose. However, if a product is specifically for pets, it’s best not to use it for babies as it may contain small parts which can be choking hazards. Keep in mind that baby gates have certain safety specifications while pet gates do not. However, you can likely use a baby gate as a pet gate, though it may not be strong enough to hold back big dogs.

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