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The Best Dog Nail Clippers for a Clean Cut

Last updated on May 28, 2024
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  The Best Overall

Boshel Easy-Grip Safety-Stop Dog Nail Clippers

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Easy-Grip Safety-Stop Dog Nail Clippers

These dog nail clippers have 3.5-millimeter-thick stainless steel blades that are sharp and accurate. The blades are durable and will stay sharp for many years. There is a safety stop blade to reduce injuries.

Overall Take

Sharp BladesGet clean cuts every time with these dog nail clippers that have high-quality blades.

 Runner Up

Epica Stainless Steel Semi-Circular Blade Dog Nail Clippers


Stainless Steel Semi-Circular Blade Dog Nail Clippers

Get exact cuts with the semi-circular blades on these dog nail clippers. They have a sharp edge and don’t require any effort when cutting. The clippers have a safety lock on the handle for when they are not in use.

Overall Take

Precise CutsThese dog nail clippers have semi-circular blades.

 We Also Like

Fur Goodness Sake Precise-Cut Safety-Shield Dog Nail Clippers

Fur Goodness Sake

Precise-Cut Safety-Shield Dog Nail Clippers

Avoid cutting the quick with the safety guard on these nail clippers. They are made with heavy duty materials and will last for many years. The clippers provide straight, clean cuts without any effort.

Overall Take

Painless SnipsThese dog nail clippers have a safety guard so you don’t cut the quick.

  The Best Value

Dudi Ergonomic Safety-Lock Dog Nail Clippers


Ergonomic Safety-Lock Dog Nail Clippers

These dog nail clippers are created by experienced veterinarians. They have ergonomic handles with a rubber coating for non-slip comfort. The clippers work on small and large breeds.

Overall Take

Created by VetsThese dog nail clippers are designed by veterinarians with decades of experience.

Buying Guide

For many people, dogs are truly man’s best friend. They are a part of the family, always there to greet them after a long day of work or snuggle up with them on a relaxing Sunday morning. Just like you would take care of yourself or your kids, it’s equally important to take care of your furry friend. One important task dog owners need to do on a regular basis is to trim the pup’s nails using dog nail clippers.

Dogs’ nails grow on a continuous basis, just like human nails. If they lived in the wild, their nails would naturally wear down while they travelled or hunted. However, in their domestic lives, dogs’ nails need to be trimmed or grinded down manually.

If you don’t trim your pup’s nails on a regular basis, there can be some complications. Long nails can chip, break or splinter, which can be painful for your pup. If you have carpeting at home, you will notice that their nails snag on the carpeting. With wooden floors, you’ll begin to hear a clicking noise from their nails touching the ground with every step. Nails that are too long can be painful, especially if they get caught on something or break while pups are playing. They can even grow and twist around the pads on their feet, which is unpleasant and uncomfortable.

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There are two main types of tools you can use to trim dogs’ nails: clippers and grinders. Clippers are similar to scissors, and are designed to cut nail length quickly and evenly. The drawback is that clippers can sometimes leave sharp edges on the nails. The other option are nail grinders, which sand down the dog’s nail and buff the edges for a smooth finish.

What to Look For

  • Safety is key when it comes to sharp objects. Check to make sure the dog nail clippers have a locking mechanism so you can store them away safely. You don’t want any young children or your pets to get the clippers and accidentally hurt themselves.
  • Control and ease of use is important when you’re handling anything sharp around your pup. It’s important for the dog nail clippers to feel secure in your hands. They should also be easy to squeeze closed and open up. When you’re trimming your dog’s nails, you don’t want to have to struggle with the tool.
  • The size of your dog will determine the size of nail clippers you need to buy. If you have a large breed, opt for an appropriately sized trimmer. If you go too small, you have difficulty in cutting their nails. However, if the clippers are too big, they may be dangerous to use on your small breed dog.
  • The sharpness of the blade is critical to the performance of the dog nail clippers. A dull blade can result in the nail shattering or splintering, which would be very painful for your pup. Opt for nail clippers that have sharp blades for a swift and exact cut.
  • Not sure how often to trim your dog’s nails? It will depend on their level of activity. If your dog runs around a lot on different kinds of terrain, it may grind down its nails naturally. However, if your dog spends a lot of time at home, it’s likely its nails will need to be trimmed on a biweekly basis.

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