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The Best Dog Accessories

Last updated on October 12, 2023

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Key Takeaway
 Best Poop Scooper

Arm & Hammer Rake & Pivoting Bin Dog Poop Scooper

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval

Arm & Hammer

Rake & Pivoting Bin Dog Poop Scooper

Make cleanup even easier with this dog poop scooper. It has hooks on both sides of the scoop for bags. The tool is durable and ideal for those who have large dogs.

Overall Take

Easy CleanupThe scoop has hooks on both sides to secure bags.

 Best for Potty Training

Luckyiren Adjustable Door Knob Bells Dog Accessory


Adjustable Door Knob Bells Dog Accessory

This unique tool for toilet training hangs on a hook or doorknob and has bells on it. Your dog can shake it to indicate they need you to take them outdoors. It's adjustable, and you can choose from four colors.

Overall Take

Unique ToolIf you're about to train your pup to use the potty outside, this teaching tool will come in handy.

 Best for Muddy Paws

Dexas MudBuster Silicone Paw Cleaner Dog Accessory


MudBuster Silicone Paw Cleaner Dog Accessory

Available in small to large sizes, this plastic tool makes it easy to clean your dog's paws with water. It's especially handy to use after outings. It comes in eight colors, and you can get an optional lid too.

Overall Take

For Easy GroomingThis accessory is great for getting mud off your dog's paws after it plays outside or goes on outings with you.

 Best Slow Feeder

DR CATCH Puzzle Treat Feeder Toy Dog Accessory


Puzzle Treat Feeder Toy Dog Accessory

Designed for dogs that tend to eat too quickly, this dish comes in two sizes and a few color options. It has a puzzle layout that challenges and entertains your dog. The difficulty level is appropriate for beginners.

Overall Take

For Fast EatersYou'll find this specially designed dish suitable if you need to encourage your dog to eat more slowly.

Buying Guide

Whether you just got a dog or want new items for your long-time furry friend, you won’t find any shortage of dog accessories to buy. Possible items range from those that make sleeping, feeding and traveling easier, to accessories that provide enjoyment or help with grooming.

You may want a way to carry your pet to other destinations or keep them contained at home. If you have a puppy, for example, a training crate can help. Plus, kennels and pens come in handy even for larger dogs. When buying any of these, make sure you get something sized appropriately for your dog and durable enough to not break down.

Your dog will also need somewhere comfortable to sleep, so a dog bed is a must-have item. Dog beds come in different shapes and styles designed for different sizes of dogs, comfort levels and any special needs such as orthopedic issues. Be sure to choose a bed that’s large enough and made of a material that is comfortable but not too warm, scratchy or flimsy.

Buying some feeding accessories will help make meals easier and more enjoyable. Along with simple dog bowls, there are larger feeders with room for both water and food as well as options with lids for convenience. You can also find more sophisticated accessories such as water fountains and food dispensers. A placemat comes in handy for preventing messes.

Your dog can also wear many types of accessories. Harnesses and collars are the most important for use with a leash when you take your dog for walks, while identification tags come in handy in case your dog gets lost. You’ll want to get an appropriate leash that is sturdy and easy to handle. Your dog may also benefit from clothing items such as raincoats, holiday costumes, bandanas and warm sweaters.

Dog toys are great to buy not only for your dog’s enjoyment but also for mental stimulation and exercise. Consider your dog’s breed, personality and size to determine which toys are suitable. Some popular options include toys that make noises, ropes and chew toys that give your dog something to bite on, and stuffed animals they can play with. You can consider other items such as balls to play catch with and intricate puzzles your dog can solve.

You’ll also likely want grooming accessories to care for your dog. Some examples include a brush for their fur, trimming tools for their nails, paw cleaning gadgets and pet shampoo. You’ll also want tooth care products such as some dog-safe toothpaste and a toothbrush that you might wear on your finger, hold in your hand or simply give to your dog to chew on.

What to Look For

  • Many other accessories help protect items in your home, or monitor whether your pet goes somewhere they shouldn’t. For example, you can use motion sensors for restricted areas, latches for cabinets, a wireless pet gate and even a security camera. Floor protection and furniture covers can reduce damage from your dog, while odor removers and cleaning products will help when mishaps do occur.
  • Make sure your dog doesn’t have an allergy to any material or ingredient a specific product has. If you notice any symptoms such as itchiness, swelling, sneezing or redness, stop using the product and see your vet.
  • Know your dog’s measurements so that any wearables will fit them comfortably. This includes measuring your dog’s neck if you’re buying a dog collar and adding a few inches so that there’s extra room. For clothing items, the manufacturer should have a size chart, and you’ll need to know your dog’s back length and chest measurements.
  • Clean your dog’s accessories regularly and avoid using any detergents that are unsafe for your pet or the accessory’s material. Take special care if the accessory has anything electronic on it since you should avoid getting those components wet.
  • Durability is important for accessories that your dog will play with, sleep on, eat from or use often. Stainless steel is a good material for dog bowls, for example, while cloth toys will wear out quickly.
  • If your dog tends to eat too quickly, consider a special bowl or feeder tray. These accessories often feature puzzle patterns so that your dog gets mentally stimulated and avoids simply eating up their food right away.
  • When it comes to grooming, gently and thoroughly brush your dog at least a few times weekly and bathe them at least every few months. How often you’ll need to trim their nails depends on their walking habits and can range from every one to four weeks. Also, plan on cleaning your dog’s teeth twice a day just like dentists recommend for humans.

More to Explore

Here are some fun facts about dog accessories:

  • Back in 2016 in the United Kingdom, a giant dog bowl appeared in a park as part of a campaign on proper pet hydration during the summer. This huge dog accessory broke a world record, measuring over 3 feet high with a diameter of nearly 15 feet. 
  • If you’re like the average American, caring for your dog would cost you nearly $1,500 annually. Although this figure includes pet accessories, much of the money likely goes toward feeding and housing your dog and getting it medical care.
  • If you have a larger budget and want to provide your dog with luxuries, know that high-tech dog accessories are a cool option. For example, you can get an electric dog bed that warms up or an electronic collar that keeps your dog cool. Other handy gadgets include a GPS-enabled collar that lets you locate your furry friend, and electronic pet toys that launch balls or allow for interaction.

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