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The Best Puppy Playpen

Last updated on March 16, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Puppy Playpens

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Ruff ‘n Ruffus Removable Shade Top Portable Puppy Playpen

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval

Ruff 'n Ruffus

Removable Shade Top Portable Puppy Playpen

This easy-to-fold puppy playpen is highly portable. It comes with a removable shade-proof and outdoor water bowl. The playpen is made from durable and water-resistant materials.

Overall Take

Easy to FoldThis puppy playpen is highly portable.

 Runner Up

BODISEINT Mesh & Oxford Cloth Foldable Puppy Playpen


Mesh & Oxford Cloth Foldable Puppy Playpen

This highly versatile playpen also works for cats and bunnies. It is made from a thick mesh and scratch-resistant Oxford cloth. The playpen has a zippered entrance and is well ventilated.

Overall Take

Highly VersatileThis puppy playpen also works for cats and bunnies.

 We Also Like

New World Pet Products Foldable Metal Wire Puppy Playpen

New World Pet Products

Foldable Metal Wire Puppy Playpen

This indoor and outdoor puppy playpen is a versatile choice. It comes with four ground stakes for more stability outdoors. The playpen has locking thumb snaps and can also be used with a metal dog crate.

Overall Take

Indoor and OutdoorThis puppy playpen is a great versatile choice.

 Also Great

Parkland Pet Lightweight Collapsible Travel Puppy Playpen

Parkland Pet

Lightweight Collapsible Travel Puppy Playpen

This puppy playpen is lightweight and strong, making traveling easy with your dog. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. The playpen has a zippered front door for easy access.

Overall Take

Lightweight and StrongThis puppy playpen makes traveling easy.

Buying Guide

Many people say that getting a new puppy is akin to taking care of a newborn baby. The sleepless nights, the constant snuggling and cuddling and the need for keeping your eye on them 24/7. Puppies are inherently curious, ready to get themselves into trouble in just about anything. When you’re not able to carefully watch over your puppy, such as when you’re making dinner, and want to keep them safe and contained, a puppy playpen is a great idea.

A small gated area, a puppy playpen ensures that your puppy stays where you need it to. While some people choose to put their puppy in a crate instead, it doesn’t provide the same spacious home for the puppy and can make them feel cooped up and bored. In a playpen, however, puppies have room to walk, run and jump around – all while ensuring they are safe and away from harm.

One of the most important factors to consider when looking for a puppy playpen is the height, weight and activity level of your dog. Large puppies who are heavy will require a sturdier and taller puppy playpen then small, light dogs. Similarly, if your puppy is overly boisterous and loves jumping around, they may require a puppy playpen with taller sides than a pup that is relaxed and loves lying around. Keep in mind that the weight of the playpen may make it difficult for you to move it around, so you’ll have to strike a balance between something that is hefty enough to withstand your pup and something that is light enough for you to move.

What to Look For

  • When it comes to materials for puppy playpens, you typically are limited to two options: metal wiring and plastic sheeting. Metal playpens are sturdy but typically light enough for you to maneuver with ease. Plastic sheeting playpens are usually quite hefty. However, they offer a lot of stability and a clear view of your pup, which is why many prefer these types instead.
  • If you’re looking for an easily portable playpen to take with you when you go to someone else’s house or out camping, for example, opt for one that is made from a heavy-duty cloth and mesh. These playpens are easy to fold up and take with you. However, they are considerably less sturdy than their less-portable counterparts, and typically only work with very small dogs. Larger puppies are able to easily knock them over.
  • Some puppy playpens have doors for you and your pup while others don’t. What you need will depend on your ability to easily climb in and out of the pen and lift your dog in and out of it. For some people, this isn’t and issue while for others it can feel cumbersome so a door is a welcome feature.
  • If you have a big outdoor space and want to keep your puppy out there with you while you garden or spend time outside, it’s best to keep them in an outdoor puppy playpen. They ensure your puppy doesn’t run off or eat anything they shouldn’t. An outdoor puppy playpen is similar to an indoor one. The key difference is that it comes with stakes which you can place into the ground for more stability.

More to Explore

While many puppies are content to just hang out in the puppy playpen, playing, sleeping or sitting, others are more energetic and don’t like to be cooped up. These escape artist puppies will spend all of their playpen time trying to find a way out, which may include jumping over the sides, pawing open the latch or gnawing their way through material like mesh. If your puppy is prone to escaping, it’s important to get a sturdy playpen that can hold them in. You’ll also want to train them to entertain themselves while in the pen with interesting toys or food-based activities so they enjoy being in there.

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