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The Best Dog Boots

Last updated on February 27, 2023

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QUMY Anti-Slip Sole Dog Boots

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Anti-Slip Sole Dog Boots

With sizes to fit a variety of paw pad types and adjustable leg straps, the perfect fit is easy to find. The soles of these dog boots are anti-slip, while the straps have reflective trim for safety. The shoes have wide split-seam openings for easy off-and-on.

Overall Take

Durable ConstructionA tough sole with built-in anti-slip properties offers protection against sharp objects and hot pavement.

 Runner Up

CovertSafe Adjustable Reflective Straps Dog Boots


Adjustable Reflective Straps Dog Boots

Choose from several different colors and multiple sizes with these dog boots. They have a cute paw-print design and the interior is lined with soft material. These water-resistant boots also have a rugged sole and a wide opening, plus high-quality fabric.

Overall Take

High-Quality FabricThe material of these shoes makes these dog boots great for wearing all year in every type of weather.

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Petbobi Breathable Stretch Fabric Dog Boots


Breathable Stretch Fabric Dog Boots

These fluorescent orange dog boots in breathable but waterproof fabric will provide plenty of visibility at all times. A large opening makes it easy to put the boots on your pet, and the Velcro-style fastener lets you customize the fit.

Overall Take

For Active PetsWith thick, rubber soles, these dog boots are great for the pet who regularly travels over rough terrain.

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YAODHAOD Fleece Lined Winter Dog Boots


Fleece Lined Winter Dog Boots

This set of dog boots has an attractive fur lining and comes in several stylish colors. A nonslip sole gives your pet extra traction in slippery conditions and protection against sharp objects. The booties come with an elastic buckle and reflective trim.

Overall Take

Vibrant ColorsShow off your pet’s sense of style with these dog boots, which come in vivid colors like pink and red.

Buying Guide

When the weather turns cold, you likely want to stay indoors as much as possible. The same goes for many pets, especially once snow and ice start coating the ground. But unfortunately, your furry family members have to go outside at least a few times a day for bathroom breaks, which means walking across treacherous ground on bare paws.

While a dog’s paws do provide more protection than your own bare feet, they have their limits. Ice and snow can dry out and crack your dog’s paws, and that’s only one of the hazards. Snow can become trapped between the paw pads, bringing dirt and debris with it. The paw pads can also come into contact with deicers and antifreeze, both of which can be deadly if ingested.

No matter how often it snows where you are, a good pair of dog boots can be just what you need to protect your pet. Not only do they keep paws comfortable, but they also put a layer of protection between the dog’s paw and the surface of the ground. You can even find dog boots with anti-slip protection to help prevent dangerous falls.

But dog boots aren’t just for wintry weather. During the warmer months of the year, the pavement heats up, creating a dangerous surface for your dog’s paws. Not only can this pavement burn the paw pad, it can increase the dog’s body temperature and cause heatstroke. Dog boots are great when you can’t keep your pet on the grass.

When you’re shopping, the main factor you’ll want to consider is size. While many dog boots have a tightening strap that can help keep them from slipping off paws, you’ll want to measure your dog’s foot before buying to get as close a fit as possible.

Look for slip protection on the sole of the boot in the form of texturing; this ensures the shoe will be able to easily grip the ground beneath, especially in slippery conditions.

Since your pet will probably be wearing the boots in rainy and/or snowy conditions, water resistance is important. Ideally, the boots will be waterproof to prevent water from getting through to the pet’s paws. However, if you’re primarily purchasing them for protection against hot pavement in the warm months, you don’t have to worry about this.

Also consider fluorescent strips or bright colors to boost visibility when your dog is outdoors in low-lighting conditions.

Chances are, your pet won’t be all too excited about wearing dog boots. It may take some time for a pet to get comfortable with them. It can help to have your dog wear them for short stints around the house before trying them out on icy or rainy terrain.

What to Look For

  • When choosing a pair of dog footwear, the size of the pad is the most crucial measurement. The leg strap is usually adjustable, but your dog won’t be able to comfortably walk if the sole of the dog boot is too wide or narrow.
  • To measure your dog’s paw, place it on a piece of paper, flattening as much as possible, and mark the widest part of the paw on each side, then measure the markings.
  • Most dog boots are hand-washable. Many use a Velcro-style hook-and-loop fastener to let you adjust the fit; machine washing will weaken the fasteners, making them less reliable over time.
  • For a little extra protection in cold weather, you can buy dog socks that your pet wears either alone or under the boots.
  • As tough as it might be to accomplish, you should try to put the boots on while the dog is standing. This will ensure you get the right fit.
  • Before tightening and fastening the shoe, make sure all fur is tucked in and out of the way.

More to Explore

Each of a dog’s paw pads has three layers of skin, including a tough epidermis built to withstand direct contact with the ground. Researchers believe that paw pads reduce the impact of the ground on canine feet while protecting the musculoskeletal system.

You may have noticed your dog has an extra toe higher up on his or her leg at the wrist; it serves an important purpose. Called the dewclaw, this extra toe is often thought of as the “thumb” or “big toe” of the dog world. When a dog runs fast, that part of the leg can come into contact with the ground, bringing a need for a little protection and extra traction. The dewclaw also helps dogs grip bones and toys to hold them steady while they’re playing. Dogs also use the dewclaw when they climb.

Some breeders remove the dewclaw for show purposes, but unless there’s a medical reason, experts advise they remain in place. Usually, if a dewclaw is removed, it’s done when a puppy is under five days old and only with anesthetic applied first.

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