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The Best Sunscreen For Men’s Faces

Last updated on October 13, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Sunscreen for Men's Faces

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EltaMD Dermatologist Recommended Sunscreen For Men’s Faces, SPF 46

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval


Dermatologist Recommended Sunscreen For Men's Faces, SPF 46

This clear sunscreen for men's faces avoids irritants and fragrances and is great for skin sensitivity. It also doesn't have oils, so it's good if you tend to get acne. This SPF 46 sunscreen suits men who don't need water-resistant sunscreen.

Overall Take

Good for IssuesMade for people who prefer a clear, fragrance-free sunscreen, this option is based on minerals and avoids irritating the skin.

 Strong Contender

La Roche-Posay Cell-Ox Shield Sunscreen For Men’s Faces, SPF 60

La Roche-Posay

Cell-Ox Shield Sunscreen For Men's Faces, SPF 60

If you're looking for strong protection from the sun, go with this sunscreen for men's faces. It's SPF 60 and remains waterproof for up to 80 minutes. The sunscreen is nice and lightweight, safe for all skin types and formulated with antioxidants.

Overall Take

Great for All TypesYou can get this sunscreen for men's faces in either a 3 or 5-ounce bottle.

 Also Great

Jack Black UV Protection Cleansing Sunscreen For Men’s Faces, SPF 20

Jack Black

UV Protection Cleansing Sunscreen For Men's Faces, SPF 20

Not only does this sunscreen for men's faces protect against sun damage, but it also moisturizes to leave skin soft and smooth. It's formulated using ingredients like blue algae extract and sea parsley to provide extra vitamins and antioxidants that improve skin health. The sunscreen is also cruelty-free, so you can feel good about your purchase.

Overall Take

Loaded With AntioxidantsThis sunscreen for men's faces works to protect against both UVA and UVB rays.

  The Best Value

Every Man Jack Sport Sunscreen For Men’s Faces, SPF 50

Every Man Jack

Sport Sunscreen For Men's Faces, SPF 50

This SPF 50 sunscreen for men's faces offers protection even if you're swimming or sweating. It has a lightweight formula without a scent or irritating ingredients. It also doesn't contain dyes.

Overall Take

Gentle and Water-ResistantIf you need a higher SPF sunscreen that is water-resistant, this men's face sunscreen performs well.

Buying Guide

Whether you’re playing sports or plan to have a long day relaxing on the beach, you’ll want to protect your face from exposure to the sun. Along with using accessories like hats and sunglasses for sun protection, applying a daily face sunscreen for men can help reduce the harmful effects of the sun’s radiation and lower the chances of getting an uncomfortable sunburn.

You’ll find the sun protection factor (SPF) of the men’s face sunscreen especially important since the number will reflect the degree of protection offered. Most face sunscreens will have an SPF rating of at least 30, while the products with the most protection can offer an SPF of 100.  While the SPF 30 option would block close to 97% of the sun’s rays, that would jump to 99% with SPF 100 sunscreen.

Along with considering the level of protection the face sunscreen offers, you’ll want to consider the formula since it can vary in terms of heaviness and visibility as well as the potential for skin irritation. Some face sunscreens for men contain minerals and offer gentle protection that doesn’t cause your skin to feel greasy, itchy or irritated.

Face sunscreens commonly have a lightweight formula that is either clear or otherwise blends into your skin to avoid being noticeable. You’ll want to keep any allergies and preferences in mind to choose the best formula.

Men’s sunscreen for the face can come with or without a fragrance. If you’re sensitive to scents or just want a sunscreen that you and others won’t notice, then you’ll find plenty of scent-free options that tend to have other gentle qualities as well. Other face sunscreen options might have a light but pleasant scent.

Keep in mind that not all men’s face sunscreens will be suitable for use when you plan to sweat or get your face wet. Water- and sweat-resistant formulas are common and offer the most flexibility for active wear. Special sunscreens — such as those made to moisturize the skin — might not have this feature but are excellent for daily use.

What to Look For

  • Especially if you plan to spend time outside during the day, expect to need to reapply your sunscreen periodically for it to work best. Reapplying every few hours you’re outside is a good rule of thumb, but you may need to reapply even more often if you’re swimming or exercising heavily where you sweat. Your sunscreen’s label should provide instructions on reapplication.
  • For sufficient protection, go with a face sunscreen that has at least an SPF of 30.
  • If you plan to use the sunscreen for a trip to the beach, check the label to make sure it mentions the sunscreen is resistant to water. If you like using a certain brand without this feature, you can consider purchasing another option for those days you plan to get in the water.
  • While you might think you don’t need to use face sunscreen when it looks cloudy outside, the sun’s rays still get through and can cause damage to your skin. So, apply it anyway.
  • If you have sensitive skin or allergies, try to find a face sunscreen made from minerals since these tend to be more gentle on the skin.
  • Since face sunscreen isn’t meant to go on your lips, you can get a sunscreen lip balm to protect this part of your face from the sun.

More to Explore

Check out some interesting facts about sun protection:

  • Did you know that sun damage is responsible for most of your skin’s aging? All the sun exposure, whether you take a quick walk outside or swim all day, from childhood and adulthood will add up.
  • An Austrian man named Franz Greiter gets the credit for making the first sunscreen in 1938. He named his product Piz Buin, and he later came up with the SPF rating system.
  • The popular Coppertone sunscreen brand originated in 1944 when the American pharmacist named Benjamin Green created the initial formula. He used a type of petroleum jelly, coconut oil and cocoa butter to make the sunscreen.

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