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Last updated on February 6, 2023

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AISI HAIR Heat-Resistant Synthetic Fiber Wig

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval


Heat-Resistant Synthetic Fiber Wig

Even though these are synthetic locks, the look and even the feel hold up under scrutiny. This wig is heat resistant, so you can adjust the style if you need to change things up. It comes in a range of colors so you can even match your hair to a certain outfit.

Overall Take

Natural Wavy LookThe silky texture is a highlight.

 Runner Up

ENTRANCED STYLES Heat-Friendly Synthetic Fiber Wig


Heat-Friendly Synthetic Fiber Wig

If you want natural looking bangs, this wig has you covered (literally). The length is plenty long without needing to be trimmed out of your eyes, and the color is appealing. The cap has a nice snug fit that won't shift on active days.

Overall Take

Cute, Comfortable BangsThese locks stay put thanks to a fitted cap.

 We Also Like

VCKOVCKO Tangle-Free Double Weft Wig


Tangle-Free Double Weft Wig

This wig works best on larger heads, but it can stay on most any size thanks to cushions built into the cap. The feel and the waves are very natural-looking thanks to meticulous layering. It even comes with fake eyelashes to help you complete your look.

Overall Take

Sassy But StylishMake a statement with this colored wig.

 Strong Contender

EmaxDesign Japanese Kanekalon Fiber Wig


Japanese Kanekalon Fiber Wig

These long, flowing locks are ideal for a costume party. The synthetic Japanese fibers stay light and breathable, which is a must with a wig this long. It comes pre-styled but with clips and a wig cap if you need to make adjustments.

Overall Take

Big and BoldComplement your Halloween getup with this costume piece.

Buying Guide

Adults can wear wigs for many different reasons. Maybe you’re transforming your look for a costume party, dealing with hair loss or just want to change your hair color without the commitment. No matter what brought you there, it feels just like you’re a kid playing dress-up again when you find the right wig.

So how exactly do you find it? The first thing to know is that there’s a big difference between wigs that you might find at the Halloween costume store and wigs that are meant for everyday use. Material matters, but craftsmanship can make a bigger difference than whether the hair you’re wearing is “real” or not.

That said, you’ll have two main choices when it comes to hair type: Human or synthetic.

Yes, human hair wigs are repurposed from hair that’s donated or sold. As such, it acts much like your normal hair would. The feel is going to be indistinguishable from your actual locks and you can even style it to a certain extent. The downside is that it’s almost certainly going to be more expensive, and will require more care. The more your keep it away from heat the better, and it will require oils to keep it from drying out since it doesn’t have pores in a natural scalp to draw from.

That said, don’t dismiss synthetic hair as the “bargain bin” option. Synthetic fibers have come a long way, and many modern wigs are even treated with a heat-resistant coating so you can style them. In general, though, this is the choice if you want a wig that you can put on and look great in without a lot of effort or maintenance.

What’s under that hair can matter even more. All those fibers have to be knitted onto something, and that something is called the cap. The most affordable option are capless or “wefted” wigs. With this type, the hairs are layered in fixed rows, which means you can’t really change where the part will be. What this type of wig lacks in versatility it makes up for in affordability, but it also tends to be cooler on the scalp.

Monofilament wigs tend to be a lot more comfortable due to the thinner foundation. That foundation is usually made from nylon or polyester, and you might find that coverage on the full cap or just a certain section like the crown. Expect to pay a little more for this kind of cap, but the look will be worth it for day-to-day wear.

For true luxury wigs, look for hand tied caps. With these, the hairs are sewn individually into fine mesh, the way they would sprout naturally from your scalp. These will have all the versatility you’d expect from your natural hair, and yes, all the upkeep too.

What to Look For

If you plan on keeping your wig for awhile, one of the first questions you might ask is, “Can I wash it?” The answer is yes, whether it’s human or synthetic hair. You do want to take care, though. Cheap shampoo and conditioner can do more harm than good to a wig, especially if it’s synthetic. Invest in special wig conditioner and your human hair wig and it can easily last for years. You can even take it to a stylist, who may be able to give you other upkeep tips.

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The golden age for wigs? Probably the 1600’s, though not for the best of reasons. Syphilis was rampant in Europe during much of that decade, and it definitely did not spare the upper class, including the King of France. Louis XIV was only 17 when he began to lose his hair, and he hired nearly 50 wigmakers to help him disguise the fact. It started a trend in the court which spread to any nobleman who had even a spare franc to spend. By the end of the decade, powdered wigs were the norm.

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