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The Best Styptic Pencils

Last updated on July 31, 2023
Best Styptic Pencils

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Our Picks For The Top Styptic Pencils

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Woltra Styptic Pencils, 2-Pack

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Styptic Pencils, 2-Pack

If you get a small cut or nick, use these styptic pencils to stop the bleeding. Two pencils are included in this package. They are 0.25 ounces each.

Overall Take

Stops BleedingThese styptic pencils are perfect for minor cuts and nicks.

 Best Value

Clubman Pinaud Styptic Pencil Travel Size, 3-Pack

Clubman Pinaud

Styptic Pencil Travel Size, 3-Pack

These styptic pencils are ideal for stopping bleeding fast. They work well on small cuts and nicks from shaving. These are three pencils included in this package.

Overall Take

Works QuicklyYou can stop bleeding fast with these styptic pencils.

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Taylor Of Old Bond Street Styptic Pencil, 10g Stick

Taylor Of Old Bond Street

Styptic Pencil, 10g Stick

You can use this styptic stick anywhere thanks to the small size. It has antistringent and antiseptic properties. The skin feels cool and refreshed after using.

Overall Take

Ideal for TravelThe small size of this styptic stick makes it easy to take anywhere.

 We Also Like

BarberUpp Green Stix + Styptic Pencil Set


Green Stix + Styptic Pencil Set

This styptic value pack comes with three pencils and 20 sticks. Each item is packed properly so it is sanitary and ready for use. The styptic doesn’t stain clothes.

Overall Take

Great ValueThis set comes with three pencils and 20 sticks.

Buying Guide

If you’ve ever nicked yourself while shaving and wanted a quick solution other than a Band-Aid, what you really need is a styptic pencil. This is a medicated stick which contains powdered crystal from an alum block, which is bound together using wax. This useful compound is then shaped into a small stick that is about the size of a lipstick.

A styptic pencil is perfect from small cuts to the surface of the skin, such as those you get while wet shaving. Not only do they stop the bleeding from the cut, but they also help to kill any bacteria which can cause infections.

Styptic pencils can actually come in both solid and liquid forms, so decide what works best for you. Solid styptic pencils are typically of the roll-on variety, similar to a deodorant or lipstick. A liquid styptic is used by dropping the liquid right onto the cut. Both forms are highly effective in stopping bleeding, but the liquid variety can be difficult to use, while the solid kind if easy to apply. Most styptic sticks available on the market come in about the same potency and have the same efficacy.

What to Look For

  • If you get a nick or cut, the first thing you should do is rinse the area under cold water, and wipe off any blood that is coming out. Next, run the tip of the styptic pencil under running water. Be sure not to get the whole pencil wet, just the part that you’re going to use.
  • Take the wet tip of the styptic pencil and apply it to the cut. You can dab the pencil on the cut or color it in as if you’re using a marker. You can also roll the pencil onto the cut. Each way is as effective as the other as long as you cover the surface of the cut.
  • When the styptic pencil touches the cut, it’s going to cause a bit of pain and stinging. However, the pain will only last for a few seconds as the blood coagulates.
  • Once the cut is closed, wait a few minutes. Then rinse off the area with cold water gently. You just want to rinse off the white residue but don’t want to open up the cut again.
  • Be sure to wipe down the styptic pencil and dry it with a paper towel after each use. Getting it wet makes it easier to use, but it also makes it degrade faster. That’s why you should only wet the part you’re going to apply.

More to Explore

Styptic pencils are no longer as common as they used to be, but at one time they were an essential part of every shaving kit. This is because the razors didn’t have as many safety precautions, and people were more likely to cut themselves while shaving. These days, razors keep safety in mind, so people are less likely to cut themselves while shaving. However, accidents do happen, so it’s important to keep a styptic pencil with you while you shave just in case.

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