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The Best Standing Vanity Mirror

Last updated on April 5, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Standing Vanity Mirrors

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YEAKE Double Sided Swivel Standing Vanity Mirror

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Double Sided Swivel Standing Vanity Mirror

Go from one- to three-times the magnification with this double-sided mirror, ideal for setting on any tabletop. The mirror measures 1.7 by 7 by 8.2 inches and has a natural bamboo stand for an attractive but durable build. The mirror arrives fully assembled, but you can adjust the screws using a screwdriver.

Overall Take

Sturdy and ReliableA natural bamboo stand and a matte plastic frame with extra protection give this mirror a durable build.

 Runner Up

FENCHILIN Touch Control LED Lights Standing Vanity Mirror


Touch Control LED Lights Standing Vanity Mirror

Measuring 13.97 by 18.9 inches, this mirror can turn any table into a vanity. You’ll get 12 LED bulbs that offer three color modes to help you customize your look. A panel near the bottom of the mirror lets you control the lights by just tapping on the mirror’s surface.

Overall Take

Super LuxuriousFeaturing 12 LED bulbs that you can control by just touching the panel near the bottom, this mirror offers glitz and glamour in your home.

 We Also Like

Miusco Beveled Edges Frameless Standing Vanity Mirror


Beveled Edges Frameless Standing Vanity Mirror

This two-sided mirror measures 10.2 by 8.2 inches to maximize your view. It features beveled edges and a stand with chrome finish, making it an attractive but versatile option for your bathroom or vanity table. The mirror is designed to keep distortion to a minimum.

Overall Take

Supportive BuildAlthough this mirror features a 360-degree swivel, it locks in place to ensure it doesn’t move around while you’re using it.

 Strong Contender

AMZTOLIFE Cordless Rechargeable Lighted Standing Vanity Mirror


Cordless Rechargeable Lighted Standing Vanity Mirror

This double-sided mirror features both one- and 10-time magnification with a 360-degree rotation. The lights offer three dimming levels with USB charging. The mirror’s built-in memory feature ensures it remembers the brightness you used last to keep things extra convenient.

Overall Take

Lightweight but DurableMove this mirror around easily, thanks to a design that’s both lightweight and sturdy.

Buying Guide

For centuries, cosmetics have been used to boost attractiveness. But different levels of makeup application can sometimes impact how someone looks. The good news is, one study found little difference between light makeup and heavy makeup in whether someone was viewed as attractive. But even with that, attractiveness can be subjective.

One problem is that it can be tough to reach the right level of “heavy” or “light” makeup because the way you look varies in different lighting. If you’re going straight from work to a night out, for instance, your daytime makeup might not come across the same way in the artificial lighting and dark conditions you’ll experience in the evening. By the same token, the lighting in your bathroom or other living spaces might differ dramatically from what you experience when you step out of the house.

That’s where the right lighting can help. Some of today’s vanity mirrors let you easily switch between different lighting temperatures to find the right one for your skin tone. However, experts say natural sunlight at noon is the best light for getting everything right for your skin tone. This makes a bright white LED light the best second choice.

Ring lights have become popular for selfies and social media reels for a reason. The design evenly distributes the light across the face. But a vanity mirror with lighting all around it can provide this same effect. With this type of mirror, you won’t get the shadows and blind spots that you’ll see if you just have one direct light source.

When choosing a vanity mirror, pay attention to where you’ll be using it. You’ll need to be able to set it on a flat surface, with it being close enough to you to get a good view of your face while also having room for all your makeup. Some vanity mirrors offer magnification on one side, with a standard reflection on the other. This allows you to zoom in on certain areas of your face for a close-up look, making them better for tasks like tweezing and applying eye makeup.

What to Look For

  • Stability is important in a vanity mirror. You’ll want to make sure it remains upright once placed, even if the table is bumped. With vanity mirrors that tilt, you’ll want one that will maintain its position while you’re applying makeup.
  • Durability is an important feature in a vanity mirror, particularly if you’re keeping it in a moisture-prone environment like a bathroom. Make sure the base is made from water-resistant materials to ensure you get a long lifespan.
  • Some mirrors have beveled edges. This doesn’t serve a function, but it does work well for ornamentation. It’s a great design option if you’re opting for a vanity mirror that comes without a frame.
  • If you plan to move the mirror around the house or take it on the road with you, look for one that’s small and lightweight enough to make it portable.
  • Check that no assembly is required once you get the mirror home. Most should come assembled, but you need to know in advance if you should have tools on hand to put your new mirror together.
  • If your vanity mirror has lights, pay attention to the controls. How will you turn the lights on and off? Is it the same process to adjust the brightness and tone of the lights if that feature is offered?
  • Distortion can be an issue with any mirror. Some mirrors are advertised to take extra measures to ensure the entire mirror is distortion-free. This doesn’t mean there won’t be a little distortion, though, just that it’s minimized.
  • If you choose a lighted vanity mirror for portability, note how the lights are powered. You might have to find a plug anywhere you go. Also note whether the lightbulbs can be changed. Some have LEDs that can’t be replaced.

More to Explore

Vanity tables date all the way back to the 17th century, when wealthy Europeans began commissioning furniture specifically designed for beautification. These earliest vanities were inspired by several existing pieces of furniture, including the shaving table. Originally, these pieces of furniture went by the name dressing table and included both a mirror and storage for cosmetics and hairstyling implements.

The dressing table concept made its way over to the U.S. in the early 20th century, where they soon began appearing in movies. This gave dressing tables a glamorous reputation, broadening their appeal. As a result, the term “vanity table” emerged in the U.S., combining the term dressing table with the word for admiring one’s own appearance.

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