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The Best Manicure Set

Last updated on October 10, 2023

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 Top Pick

Yougai Professional Stainless Steel Manicure Set With Travel Case, 18 Piece

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval


Professional Stainless Steel Manicure Set With Travel Case, 18 Piece

Including 18 pieces, this kit is great for taking care of your face, feet and hands. You get clippers, a file and cuticle tools among other items such as callus removers, ear-cleaning tools, tweezers and a blackhead remover.

Overall Take

Multifunctional ChoiceYou get much more than just nail care tools with this large and diverse kit.

 Runner Up

Aceoce Stainless Steel Professional Manicure Set With Travel Case, 8 Piece


Stainless Steel Professional Manicure Set With Travel Case, 8 Piece

Available in six colors, this basic kit includes seven tools for nail and facial care. The two pairs of nail clippers are larger for easier handling, and you get extras for grooming your eyebrows and cleaning your ears.

Overall Take

Good for the EssentialsIf you want a small kit with just the essential tools, consider this option.

 We Also Like

Keiby Citom Mini Stainless Steel Travel Manicure Set, 10 Piece


Citom Mini Stainless Steel Travel Manicure Set, 10 Piece

Coming with 10 tools made of stainless steel, this kit is designed to last and cut tough nails. You get three pairs of clippers alongside nail care items such as a file and cleaner. You also get eyebrow, acne and ear tools. Choose from two colors.

Overall Take

Made to LastThe tools in this multifunctional nail and face care kit are strong and made to last.

 Strong Contender

TSEOA Professional Manicure Set With Travel Case, 12 Piece


Professional Manicure Set With Travel Case, 12 Piece

Ideal for travel, this kit gives you 12 tools for trimming and shaping your nails and cuticles as well as dealing with your eyebrows and acne. The tools have a grip that helps prevent slippage while in use.

Overall Take

Easy to UseYou'll find this kit very portable and user-friendly. Some tools have non-slip grips.

Buying Guide

Home manicures and pedicures are convenient and often more affordable than going to a spa or salon. To make the job easier, though, you’ll need to pick the right manicure kit that has all the tools needed to trim and shape your nails and cuticles as well as address other concerns like removing dead skin. You have plenty of options for these sets, and they come with a handy case you can even bring along while traveling.

There are some basic items to look for in any kit. First, you’ll want at least one pair of nail clippers and ideally get multiple sizes designed for fingernails and toenails. The kit should also have a nail file to shape your nails’ edges and a nail cleaner to remove dirt from underneath. Nail scissors come in handy for trimming your nails from the side, and they can serve other purposes such as trimming your eyebrows too. 

The kit should also have some items for dealing with the skin on your feet and hands. These include cuticle trimmers and pushers for maintaining this skin at the bottom of your nails. In addition, you may want a kit with callus remover tools or a pedicure knife to deal with the rough skin on your feet. 

Despite being labeled as manicure kits, many options include tools unrelated to feet and hand care. These can include scissors and tweezers for facial hair, acne-related tools such as blackhead removers, and picks and spoons for dealing with earwax. You can expect a wider selection of these with bigger kits.

When picking any kit, make sure the material of the tools can hold up over time to minimize buying replacements. Most kits have stainless-steel tools that are durable and made to last. However, items like nail files can be made of glass or come as less durable emery boards. You’ll also want to make sure the cutting tools provided are sharp.

It also helps to consider the quality and type of case that comes with your tools. Many kits come with a zippered case that may be made of leather or fabric and can hold up to use. Others feature harder plastic cases that could crack or have the latch break off if you don’t choose a durable option.

What to Look For

  • Consider giving yourself a manicure or pedicure right after you come out of the bath or shower. You’ll have an easier time trimming your softened nails, shaping your cuticles and removing calluses that way.
  • Corrosion can become a problem with metal manicure tools. To prevent it, make sure you avoid getting the tools wet whenever possible and dry them immediately if they do. 
  • Your hands and feet have bacteria on them, so sterilizing your manicure set is important to prevent issues. For a simple cleaning, you can use antibacterial soap and hot water to scrub down each tool. A more thorough disinfection would involve putting the tools in a bowl of rubbing alcohol for around half an hour.
  • Since nail clippers are such an essential part of a manicure kit, pay particular attention to the types you get. Often, you’ll get two pairs where one has a curved edge ideal for fingernails and the other has a straight edge ideal for toenails. You might also get a small pair that’s designed for travel or a larger pair for people with thick nails. 
  • When trimming and shaping your nails, you should stick to a straight-across cut to prevent issues such as ingrown nails. You can use your file to smooth things out safely. You should also consider moisturizing your nails afterward. 
  • When using a metal nail file, be aware there’s a risk they can cause your nails to split since the metal is considered very abrasive. If you’re concerned about this and have fragile nails, look for a kit with a glass file or buy one separately.
  • Take special care when working on your cuticles with the tools. You’ll want to first soften them with some warm water beforehand. Since using a cuticle remover can be risky, consider pushing them back instead.
  • To remove a callus, you can often rub an appropriate tool against the area, but you should avoid using something sharp to cut the callus.
  • If you’re a senior or otherwise have issues with dexterity, look for kits with tools that have larger handles or non-slip surfaces that make them easier to use.

More to Explore

  • Pedicures and manicures are very popular services in the United States. Over 20 million Americans have even gotten at least four manicures within a six-month period, while almost 19 million have gotten the same number of pedicures over that same time period.
  • While earlier versions of nail clippers were patented, the most familiar form with a clamp dates back to just 1881 and is credited to Oelestin Matz and Eugene Heim. Before people could get a pair of nail clippers, they simply trimmed their nails with knives or scissors.
  • If you notice that your fingernails grow faster than your toenails, know that the difference in growth speed is almost double. Plus, individual fingernails can grow at different speeds. 

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