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The Best Straight Razors

Last updated on August 9, 2022
Best Straight Razors

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GRAVITY RAZORS Balanced Ergonomic Straight Razors, 10-Blades

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Balanced Ergonomic Straight Razors, 10-Blades

Available in eight fun colors, this straight razor weighs just over an ounce. It features an ergonomic handle for better control and added comfort. The blades are also of the highest quality, being constructed from a blend of tungsten, chromium and stainless steel.

Overall Take

Budget-Friendly OptionYou'll love the economical price tag on this set of straight razors.

 Runner Up

Zertone High Hardness Pre-Honed Straight Razor


High Hardness Pre-Honed Straight Razor

Constructed using a natural wood, this straight razor has a vintage feel. The blade comes pre-sharpened and since it's forged from a high hardness carbon alloy steel, it won't dull prematurely. Men will also appreciate how comfortable the handle feels in the palm of their hand.

Overall Take

Reminiscent of Times PastThe leather canvas strop belt and attractive packaging that accompany this straight razor make it an excellent option for gift giving.

 We Also Like

Utopia Care Premium Flip Straight Edge Razor, 100-Blades

Utopia Care

Premium Flip Straight Edge Razor, 100-Blades

This traditional barber's straight razor set has a rust-resistant stainless steel body, and a razor made with a chrome and brass finish. The ergonomic metal grip and flip-able blade cover make this one easy to use.

Overall Take

Tools of the TradeThis razor even comes with 100 extra blades, meaning you'll be set for a while.

 Strong Contender

Black Widow Grooming Anti-Rust Straight Edge Razor, 10-Blades

Black Widow

Grooming Anti-Rust Straight Edge Razor, 10-Blades

This straight razor is stylish, weighs just over 2 ounces and is designed with a thumb notch and ridges so it fits perfectly in your hand. It is made with 100% rust-resistant steel and boasts an armature swing-lock design.

Overall Take

Eye-Catching StyleThis precise razor offers just 1 1/2 millimeter exposure for perfectly detailed work with little chance of cuts.

Buying Guide

Barbershops use straight razors for two reasons: better control and closer shaves. Straight shaves may look intimidating but end up giving you cleaner results than what you get from electric razors and cartridges. This means that there is less chance for razor bumps, razor burns and painful ingrown hairs.

Many of the best straight razors are made with blades that fold back into their handles. They allow you to apply just the right amount of pressure and use different angles to remove unwanted hair from your face.

Straight razors are also less likely to become dull or rusted, so you won’t have to worry about bacteria growth and many come with disposable, stainless steel blades which can get tossed after a couple uses. Top-of-the-line straight razors come with high-quality blades than can be cleaned and used repeatedly until they need to be replaced.

These razors are also less expensive than modern-style choices in the long run; the cost of disposable razors and cartridges can add up, and they don’t give as close a shave. Additionally, since there is less waste, these razors can be better for the environment.

Besides that, straight razors have longer surfaces than disposable ones, so it may even take you less time to shave with one.

What to Look For

  • Before using a straight edge, watch a tutorial online to see how it is done. The edge is extremely sharp and you do not want to proceed without knowing what you are doing. Being unprepared could result in an injury.
  • If the straight razor you choose requires disposable blades, shop around because various brands can have wildly different costs.
  • Keep the blade locked when not in use and keep it far out of reach of any children.
  • To get the best results, apply the shaving cream with a shaving brush. This cleans and exfoliates the skin and lifts the hair up.

More to Explore

If you’ve ever been shaved with a straight razor at a barber shop, you have likely witnessed “stropping.” This is when a special piece of leather, called a “strop,” is used to shape up the blade. It’s recommended that strop your blade before each shave because bits of microscopic debris can collect on the blade between uses, making its edge duller.

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