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The Best Pull Up Bar

Last updated on March 15, 2024
Best Pull Up Bar

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Perfect Fitness Padded Handles Pull Up Bar

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Perfect Fitness

Padded Handles Pull Up Bar

Designed to fit doorway frames of up to 33 inches in width and 6 inches in depth, this pull-up bar will help you meet your fitness goals. The device's solid construction keeps it durable, while the padded handles provide comfort and a better grip. The unit also works on the floor to aid with sit ups and push ups.

Overall Take

Large Weight CapacityThis pull-up bar has a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds.

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CEAYUN Wall Mounted Adjustable Pull Up Bar


Wall Mounted Adjustable Pull Up Bar

You won't have to worry about hand fatigue when you go with this pull-up bar. It's outfitted with unique comfort grips that prevent slipping and offer extra support. There are no screws, so assembly is a breeze. You can use this bar in doorways that measure between 24 and 32 inches.

Overall Take

Assembles With EaseThis pull-up bar features an attractive orange and black design that looks good in any home gym.

 Portable Pick

Sagler Door Mount Portable Pull Up Bar


Door Mount Portable Pull Up Bar

You won't need any tools to use this simple, yet heavy-duty pull-up bar. It's constructed to use leverage to hold the bar against the doorway while you complete your exercises. Since it can be installed and removed in minutes, it's an excellent choice for individuals who travel frequently.

Overall Take

Most VersatileThis pull-up bar is great for crunches, push-ups and dips in addition to pull-ups.

  The Best Value

I IBIFIC Stainless Steel Easy Install Pull Up Bar


Stainless Steel Easy Install Pull Up Bar

When it comes to upper body exercise equipment, this pull-up bar is a must-have. It can be used for everything from tricep dips to leg raises. The bar uses a telescoping system that allows users to adjust the bar from 72 centimeters to 92 centimeters, which means the bar is able to fit just about any doorway.

Overall Take

Adjustable WidthNot only are the non-slip hand grips on this pull-up bar washable, but they're also designed to absorb hand sweat without irritating skin.

Buying Guide

It can be a hassle to try and get to the gym on a regular basis, but putting together a home gym requires a fair amount of room for fitness equipment and gear. Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do with a pull-up bar and it barely takes up any space. You can install it right inside one of your inner doorways.

Simplemost Media

As you shop for the best pull-up bar, consider its weight capacity. Many bars have a 300-pound weight capacity; however, there are a few models that can handle as much as 400 pounds.

Check that the pull-up bar expands enough to fit inside your doorframe. The bars typically start out at 24 inches in length, but some only reach as far as 32 inches. Look for a model with a 36-inch reach if your doorways are on the wider side.

Simplemost Media

Take a close look at the pull-up bar’s handgrips. You want a model that offers foam grips that keep your hands from experiencing fatigue during the workout. It’s also important to note that some pull-up bars offer multiple hand grips, so you could opt for a model with just four handgrips or one with 12.

Simplemost Media

Consider going with a pull-up bar that can be used for more than just pull-ups and chin-ups. For example, some are designed to also rest on the floor for performing sit-ups, dips and crunches.

What to Look For

  • Always seek medical advice from your doctor before starting any exercise program, including one that uses a pull-up bar.
  • It’s good practice to use a disinfecting wipe to clean your pull-up bar after each use. This is especially important if other members of your home also use the bar to work out.
  • Should the pull-up bar not have as much grip as you’d like, you can pick up a pair of weightlifting gloves. These are made to protect your palms while also providing extra grip.
  • You’ll find plenty of workout sequences on YouTube for your pull-up bar if you find yourself needing a little inspiration.
  • Make sure you install and use the supplied mounts that come with your specific pull-up bar. Otherwise, it may not be secure and safe to use.
  • Design and construction materials cause the price of pull-up bars to vary. You’ll find simple bars that are quite affordable and higher-priced pull-up bars that are bigger and come with bonus suspension straps.

More to Explore

Did you know that pull-ups are able to engage multiple muscles at once? That’s what makes them a great addition to any exercise routine. Here are just a few of the muscles that benefit from pull-ups:

  • Latissimus dorsi: This large muscle shapes around your back in the form of a triangle.
  • Biceps brachii: The biceps are the muscles responsible for moving your elbows and shoulders.
  • Pectoralis major: You’ll find the pectoralis major in your upper chest. It’s large in size and covers the chest from the shoulder to the breastbone.
  • Teres major: Located on the underside of the arm, the teres major reaches from the armpit to the top of the humerus.

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