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The Best Indoor Basketball Hoop

Last updated on October 13, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Indoor Basketball Hoops

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SKLZ Pro Spring-Action Rim Indoor Basketball Hoop

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Pro Spring-Action Rim Indoor Basketball Hoop

Featuring a clear backboard that won't shatter, this hoop is a good choice for durability and has a breakaway rim so you can safely dunk the ball. There's an inflatable ball along with padding to protect your door.

Overall Take

Sturdy DesignIf you want a compact and sturdy hoop to hang on your door, this simple option will suit your needs.

 Runner Up

AOKESI Shatter-Resistant Backboard Indoor Basketball Hoop


Shatter-Resistant Backboard Indoor Basketball Hoop

Including hardware for both mounting the hoop on a door or wall, this option provides versatility for your home. The hoop is sturdy, and the rim breaks away. You get four balls and a handy air pump included.

Overall Take

Versatile Placement OptionsThis hoop allows for versatile placement options and has several useful accessories for getting started.

 We Also Like

AND1 Balls & Pre-Assembled Indoor Basketball Hoop


Balls & Pre-Assembled Indoor Basketball Hoop

Made for hanging over your door, this hoop comes with eight backboard design options with colorful patterns that catch the eye. The two balls come in colors to complement the backboard, and you get a pump. It comes ready to use.

Overall Take

Cool Backboard DesignsConsider this hoop if you'd like a backboard that stands out and creative ball color options.

 Strong Contender

AugToy Adjustable Height Standing Indoor Basketball Hoop


Adjustable Height Standing Indoor Basketball Hoop

This plastic and metal hoop stands up so you can easily move it and use it in different places indoors and out. It can adjust from a 2.5-feet height for toddlers to a 5.1-feet height for older kids. It has a pump and two balls.

Overall Take

Good for PortabilityYou'll find this freestanding option useful if you'd like something that's portable and grows with your child.

Buying Guide

If you’d like to play basketball without installing pricey equipment outside or heading to a gym or park, an indoor basketball hoop is a great choice. It allows you to enjoy the sport whenever you want and regardless of the weather. Indoor hoops are versatile since you can use them in a bedroom, dorm, recreation room or even your home office. They also usually don’t take up much space since they use a small backboard and miniature ball made of rubber or foam.

One type of indoor basketball hoop is a freestanding one that looks like a smaller model of the outdoor version. Usually made for children, these come in small options suitable for preschoolers as well as larger or adjustable versions that can accommodate older kids. While some freestanding hoops are made of plastic and metal, others are made entirely of thick plastic to be durable enough for rough play and work for outdoor use too. These hoops are a good choice when you want a lot of versatility since you don’t have to mount them somewhere.

More compact than freestanding options, indoor basketball hoops that mount on a wall or door are popular for both children and adults. They’re usually easy to set up and install as long as you have a compatible place to put them. They also come in many sizes ranging from mini models for casual play to larger ones for competition. Some hoops will also have special features such as a glow-in-the-dark backboard, remote-controlled LED lights or an electronic scorekeeper. 

For both types of indoor basketball hoops, there are some considerations for the backboard and rim. You’ll likely want a backboard that is shatterproof to prevent damage, and a breakaway rim comes in handy if you or your children want to be able to grab on to it. If space is a concern, you might want a mounted indoor hoop with a rim that flips up when not in use. 

Plus, you’ll want to consider the indoor hoop’s appearance so that you get something that fits your tastes. You’ll find indoor hoops with backboards that are clear, a solid color and patterned for a lot of variety. While an orange rim is very popular, you can find more creative options too. The ball included can also vary where orange is common, but you’ll even find glow-in-the-dark and neon options.

What to Look For

  • Whenever you play basketball inside your house, there’s the risk that something could get hit and broken. It helps to place the hoop away from fragile items that might hang on a nearby wall or sit on furniture – such as picture frames and decorations – and move other items out of the way while you’re playing. You can also consider using a lightweight foam ball, as this is less likely to cause damage. 
  • Many mounted hoops will have some foam padding to help protect the surface. Since the backboard can knock against your wall or door and cause damage, you should add your own padding if your product doesn’t include it.
  • Your hoop should come with at least one ball, and the manufacturer may have extras for you to purchase if needed. You could use a ball from another brand, but make sure it’s the right size for the hoop.
  • Make sure to adjust the hoop to accommodate the height of the players.
  • If your indoor basketball hoop comes with a ball that needs inflating, make sure you get a hand pump if your set doesn’t come with one. Follow the instructions carefully so that you don’t over-inflate the ball and cause it to burst. 
  • You’ll need enough clearance between the indoor basketball hoop and your ceiling. Manufacturers usually specify a maximum and possibly a minimum height for wall- and door-mounted products.
  • Check your indoor hoop’s instruction manual to make sure you have all the appropriate mounting hardware and tools if required.
  • Don’t try to hang on to the rim if you don’t have an indoor hoop that breaks away. 
  • The work required to get your indoor basketball hoop ready to use depends on the specific design and manufacturer. Some over-the-door hoops come nearly fully assembled so that you just have to put the net over the rim, while others require at least attaching some mounting hardware for your wall or door as well. If you get a freestanding hoop for children, you can expect to do more work connecting the base, pole, backboard and rim together, and the difficulty will vary by design.

More to Explore

Here are some interesting facts about basketball and basketball hoops:

  • Did you know that basketball is so popular that around 450 million people worldwide play it? This includes around 27 million people in the U.S. and places basketball in the top 10 list of the world’s most popular sports. 
  • The backboard your indoor hoop has will be much smaller than the regulation size required by organizations such as the National Basketball Association. A professional backboard would measure 72 inches wide and 42 to 48 inches high.
  • Basketball has existed since 1891 when James Naismith created it at Springfield College. He was a professor and student who felt inspired to make a game people could play indoors, and he used a real peach basket for the game.

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