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The Best Powerful Hair Dryer

Last updated on March 8, 2024

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Our Picks For The Top Powerful Hair Dryers

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Xpoliman Nylon Ceramic Powerful Hair Dryer, 2000-Watt

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Nylon Ceramic Powerful Hair Dryer, 2000-Watt

A host of accessories come with this top-notch powerful hair dryer. You'll receive a diffuser, concentrator and styling comb to tackle frizz and tangles. The dryer itself features three heat settings, two speed settings a cool blast button.

Overall Take

Tames FrizzThis powerful hair dryer has a 2,000-watt motor for quick drying when you're in a hurry to get out the door.

 Runner Up

SHRATE Ultra Quiet Overheat Protection Powerful Hair Dryer, 1800-Watt


Ultra Quiet Overheat Protection Powerful Hair Dryer, 1800-Watt

Although this hair dryer has a powerful motor, it's able to run quietly. It's been upgraded to provide a more consistent temperature, so you don't have to worry about accidental burns. Frizz and static electricity are also a thing of the past, as this model uses negative ion technology.

Overall Take

Choice of ColorsThis powerful hair dryer comes in a choice of black or white.

 Runner Up

REVLON Ceramic Infrared Heat Powerful Hair Dryer, 1875-Watt


Ceramic Infrared Heat Powerful Hair Dryer, 1875-Watt

With this hair dryer, you'll get a concentrator attachment, diffuser attachment and three hair sectioning clips. The hair dryer is constructed using tourmaline ionic technology, which means you can say goodbye to frizz. It also offers two heat settings, two speed settings and a cool shot button.

Overall Take

Fast DryingThe Infrared heat technology on this hair dryer leaves hair shiny and smooth.

 We Also Like

Conair InfinitiPRO Ceramic Powerful Hair Dryer, 1875-Watt


InfinitiPRO Ceramic Powerful Hair Dryer, 1875-Watt

This powerful hair dryer comes in a handful of fun colors, which is an added bonus to its three heat and two speed options. This model promises 75 percent less frizz and the ability to dry your hair 50 percent more quickly. We like how sturdy it felt in our hands during testing, and we especially loved the color.

Overall Take

Colorful DryerA sturdy design, several heat and speed options and fun colors make this powerful hair dryer the perfect choice for all hair types.

Buying Guide

Hair dryers have become an essential grooming tool in many household bathrooms across the country. When you’re in the market for a new hair dryer, you’ll want to look for one with a powerful motor.

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Start off searching for a powerful hair dryer that can dry your hair quickly. For example, some dryers produce a super-strong wind to significantly reduce drying time. They may also comes with three heat settings and two speed settings, so you can customize the hair dryer to meet your specific needs.

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Next, make sure the hair dryer is designed to leave your hair feeling soft and looking smooth. Models with nano titanium ionic technology are able to accomplish this. This technology is also responsible for reducing frizz and eliminating static electricity.

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Consider how often you travel. A powerful hair dryer that is also lightweight is best. It won’t weigh down your suitcase, yet you still get all the perks of a powerful motor with ultra-fast drying capabilities. Many models even come equipped with heat shield technology, so none of the dryer’s surfaces become hot to the touch. You may even find a company that provides a complimentary carry bag with their hair dryer.

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When trying to decide between two models, go with the one that offers a few extra features. For example, the TREZORO Professional 2200-Watt Tourmaline Hair Dryer comes with two attachments. It also runs quietly and has a detachable rear filter for easy cleaning.

What to Look For

  • It’s important to properly maintain your hair dryer to extend its life. Before you begin cleaning the hair dryer, make sure it is unplugged and powered off. If there’s a filter, you either need to clean it under running water or replace it with a new one. A rag moistened with a little dish soap and water is all you need to wipe down the outside of the hair dryer.
  • Always follow the warning labels on your hair dryer to prevent electric shock. You’ll also want to examine the hair dryer’s cord before each use. If the cord is frayed or damaged in any way, do not use the dryer. Replace it immediately with a new one.
  • Opt for a ceramic or tourmaline powerful hair dryer if you have thin hair or hair that is more fragile. You don’t want your hair to overheat and become damaged.
  • Did you know that your hair dryer comes in handy for tasks other than simply drying your hair? It can help you remove stickers, inflate an air mattress, frost a cake and thaw ice cream.
  • You’ll find the cost for a powerful hair dryer covers a wide price range. The design, incorporated technology and number of settings and attachments plays a big role in the product’s overall price. You’ll pay the least for the TREZORO Professional 2200-Watt Tourmaline Hair Dryer. The more expensive models on the market have a unique design and added heat shield technology.

More to Explore

Hair dryers have greatly evolved over the years. The first model was invented by Frenchman Alexander Godefroy in 1890. His version used heat to dry hair, but it didn’t blow air like today’s models. You may be surprised to learn that it actually took 30 years before Godefroy’s hair dryer was actually sold commercially.

In between the time that Godefroy created and sold his hair dryer, another inventor made his way on the scene. American Gabriel Kanzajian designed the first portable hair dryer that added the element of air. It was his hair dryer that was improved upon by other inventors over the years. Today, we have powerful hair dryers available for purchase with up to 2,000 watts of heat and quick drying times.

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