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The Best Pee Pads For Dogs

Last updated on October 7, 2022

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Our Picks For The Top Pee Pads For Dogs

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BV Leak-Proof Layered Pee Pads For Dogs, 100-Count

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Leak-Proof Layered Pee Pads For Dogs, 100-Count

If you're searching for highly-absorbent pee pads for dogs, this set is your best bet. Each of the 100 included pads is able to hold 2 cups of liquid. In fact, each pad is constructed using a total of six layers, with one of the layers attracting the pup to the pad and another to block strong odors.

Overall Take

Affordable OptionGrab this economical set of pee pads for dogs when following a strict budget.

 Runner Up

Best Pet Supplies Absorbent Quick-Dry Pee Pads For Dogs, 50-Count

Best Pet Supplies

Absorbent Quick-Dry Pee Pads For Dogs, 50-Count

With this pee pads for dogs, you'll be able to cover a larger area. Each of the 100 pads measures 36 by 27.5 inches and features five layers of protection. When your puppy pees, the urine is turned into a gel, making the entire pad mess-free and easy to dispose of in a trash bin.

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Most VersatileIn addition to protecting your floor from accidents, these pee pads for dogs can be used under food bowls to prevent messes or in kennels as a lining.

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Amazon Basics Absorbent Quilted Pee Pads For Dogs, 50-Count

Amazon Basics

Absorbent Quilted Pee Pads For Dogs, 50-Count

These five-layer pee pads for dogs come in regular, odor-control and heavy-duty versions and each pad has a coil that turns liquid to gel right away. These feature a leakproof plastic lining and an attractant. Choose from different sizes.

Overall Take

Heavy Duty OptionsCustomize your pads to your own needs by choosing regular, odor control or heavy-duty.

 Strong Contender

American Kennel Club Quick-Dry Odor-Control Pee Pads For Dogs, 100-Count

American Kennel Club

Odor-Control Pee Pads For Dogs, 100-Count

Available in a variety of sizes and scent options, these pee pads are designed to fit your pet's crate or other area. You'll get 17 layers with a quick-drying gel that immediately absorbs liquid and a nonskid plastic backing to prevent tracking.

Overall Take

Built-In Odor ControlThese odor-control pee pads for dogs come in four scents: fresh, citrus, eucalyptus or lavender.

Buying Guide

You’ll hear mixed opinions from experts on the use of pee pads during the training period. But as important as it can be to teach your dog to go outside, these pads can be useful to have around.

There might be times, for instance, that your furry friend can’t make it outside. That could happen if you’re gone for long hours during those early years when puppies can’t hold it as long, for instance, or if your pet is older and incontinent.

Used the wrong way, though, a pee pad can teach bad habits. If you’re going this route during training, it’s important to make sure you’re setting yourself up to move the dog outside soon. You can start by moving the pee pad to the door, then reward your dog, gradually moving the pee pad outside. Eventually, your dog will start to go in the yard even without the pad there.

For fully-trained animals, though, pee pads can be a great way to solve problems. You may have an older dog who can’t  move around well anymore due to hip dysplasia or arthritis issues. Or you may have a dog who refuses to exit the house on rainy days. In these cases, you may need to train your pet to use the potty pad indoors in addition to reliably going outside.

Today’s pads use innovative design technology to absorb pet odors. Some are scented and can even make your place smell better, but most at least neutralize bad odors so they can’t even be detected.

Another feature of today’s pee pads is leak prevention. In some, liquid is immediately transformed into gel upon contact, and the underside may be designed with numerous, multi-functional waterproof layers to protect your floors. Some pee pads also include an attractant to engage dogs or a built-in color indicator so you know when the pad is wet.

As you’re shopping for pee pads, consider these innovations and understand that if one option is priced higher than another, they may incorporate these newer advantages. In that case, they might be well worth the price.

What to Look For

  • Dogs tend to go to the bathroom after either sleeping, eating, drinking or playing. Make sure you’re prepared to facilitate a bathroom break following all those activities.
  • Training takes time and patience. But if you can get your pet on a regular schedule, you’ll have part of the work done for you.
  • Pee pads are typically multilayered, with each layer doing a specific job. But just because a pee pad claims to have more layers than others, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s superior. More important are the tools packed into those layers to absorb urine, neutralize odors and prevent leaks.
  • Some pee pads use activated carbon to neutralize odors. This is better than simply covering them up.
  • Many pee pads are built with non-skid pads on the underside. This will hold the pad in place when your pet steps on it. These nonskid pads can also help with leak prevention.
  • If you have multiple dogs, consider a larger pee pad that will allow multiple uses before you discard it.
  • Most pee pads will need to be replaced after two or three uses. At first, this may seem like it gets in the way of training, but waiting too long can have your pet stepping in his own waste.
  • Some pee pads come in regular and heavy-duty versions. If you have multiple pets or need to go longer between changes, the heavy-duty pad might be a better option.
  • Scented pee pads will help mask smells until the odor-neutralizing properties of the pad kick in. But they have the added benefit of making your home smell nicer.
  • You can find quilted pee pads with an outer layer that makes them look like a blanket. This can be a better decorating option for when you have guests over.

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When you come home to find your pet has had an accident, your first instinct might be to issue a reprimand. But dogs can’t connect that negative reinforcement to something they’re not currently doing. You might think that guilty look is a sign he remembers all too well, but experts can’t come to a consensus on whether dogs actually experience the emotion of guilt.

Some experts point out that the body language that humans attribute to guilt is actually fear or anxiety and may manifest as a response to human actions. The physical marks are the same, including a tucked tail, a hunched posture and those irresistibly sad eyes. It’s best to find a way to prevent the activity in the first place rather than to try to correct the dog after the fact. That comes from thorough training.

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