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The Best Hair Brush

Last updated on January 21, 2024
Best Hair Brush

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 Best Overall

BESTOOL Wooden Anti-Dandruff Hair Brush

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Wooden Anti-Dandruff Hair Brush

Find comfort in an old school boar bristle brush with this unique hair brush. This classy-looking bamboo handle brush has 100% boar bristles with nylon tips, making it perfect for frizzy hair. This is also a comfortable brush to use when recovering from hair loss or itchy scalp.

Overall Take

Pretty PickA traditional boar bristle brush with a gorgeous bamboo handle.

 Comes with Teasing Comb

Sofmild Round-Tipped Rubber Hair Brush


Round-Tipped Rubber Hair Brush

If you're searching for an eco-friendly hair brush, this set is an excellent buy. It's constructed from a durable bamboo and features natural rubber bristles that are gentle on your scalp. The handle is beautifully polished, while also being made to resist slipping. That means you'll have more control when styling your hair.

Overall Take

Solid BuildIncluded with this hair brush is a tail comb, which can be used to part, tease or remove tangles from hair.

 For Wet/Damp Hair

Revlon One-Step Smoothing Dryer & Hair Brush


One-Step Smoothing Dryer & Hair Brush

Turn to this dual-purpose brush for the Best Overall hair brush. This revolutionary blow dryer and brush styles and dries simultaneously for a very smooth experience in hair styling. It will give you that fresh-from-the-salon feeling every time you use it. In our testing, we loved how the bristles felt on our heads, almost like a massage.

Overall Take

Beauty Game ChangerA blow dryer and brush in one useful tool.

 For Detangling

Crave Naturals Glide Thru Child-Friendly Hair Brush

Crave Naturals

Glide Thru Child-Friendly Hair Brush

This hair brush is bright pink and makes your girly hair time even more feminine feeling. This is a super versatile brush that can be used on several hair types, in both wet and dry conditions. The variegated bristles are cone-shaped for a gentle brushing experience. We found this brush to be a nice shape for our hands, which made it easy to hold.

Overall Take

Versatile ChoiceA versatile brush that can be used on both wet and dry hair.

Buying Guide

Although you may not think of it as having a significant impact on your styling, a good hair brush can greatly affect your daily hairstyle. Make your hair routine a bit more enjoyable and less aggravating with a top-notch hair brush. There are countless types of brushes to choose from and believe it or not, there is a brush for your hair type. Let the experts help make your purchase of the best hair brush easier with some consumer reviews and highlighted features of the best hair brushes available.

Kristin Forte/Simplemost Media

Let’s start with what will work best for those with long hair. The best product for keeping long hair well-maintained is definitely going to be a paddle brush. With a large surface area, this brush covers large sections of your hair at a time to give a uniform combing. Paddle brushes also spread your natural scalp oils evenly through your hair for that perfect sheen you seek.

When you have lovely locks that are tough to tame, the best brush for those curls is a Denman brush. Many people who have curly hair are told not to brush their curls, but when they really need to, this is the type of brush they’ll want to use. With soft bristles and a pillowy cushion, the curls respond with buoyance and detangle much easier than with a wire brush that will just frizz out the curls.

Do you prefer to brush your hair when it is fresh out of the shower? There’s a specific brush for that too, the vented brush. This brush allows for airflow and any excess water can escape out the brush rather than back into the hair. It also makes blow-drying much quicker with such excellent airflow.

The boar bristle round brush is what the professionals say is best for frizzy hair. The excellent grip of the bristles offers a sleeker finish to the hair. These types of brushes work to calm even the toughest of frizz. It’s best to brush in small sections with this type of brush for the best results.

For frequent blow-driers, the ceramic round brush is what you will want for your hair brush. Not only will this brush help give curl, but it also increases the volume in your hair, particularly at the roots. And for those who rock bangs, a smaller-barrel round brush is key to keeping them plump and voluminous. Find a two-in-one product with brushes that can dry and brush your hair simultaneously.

And for those who have particularly difficult hair, a detangling brush is the best to get. With bristles that consist of different lengths, you won’t have to experience the pain of brushing through tough knots and tangles. Particularly good for kids who hate to get their hair brushed is the vibrant and detangling hair brushes from Crave Naturals and ArtNaturals. These brushes will calm the fear of hair brushing and make it a more pleasurable experience for both adult and child.

Make your hair styling experiences as good as they can get with these outstanding hair brushes. Find one that works for your hair type and add it to your accessories.

What to Look For

  • Sometimes you will need multiple types of brushes and combs to style your mane the way you want.
  • Even the best hair brushes might need a little help from a detangler or leave-in conditioner, so try combining your new brush with some other products for easy styling.

More to Explore

Kent Brushes in Hertfordshire, England, was the first manufacturer of hair brushes in 1777. They were composed of wood and bristle, and it took 12 employees to make one brush. Not until 1885, when production of brushes increased rapidly, did the rubber-cushioned brush come on the market from Mason Pearson and revolutionized repeatedly until perfected in the 1920s. In 1898, synthetic bristles were implemented by Newman. Much later, in 1965, the invention of the round brush eliminated the need for hot rollers of the golden days.

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