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The Best Fire Pit Tongs

Last updated on December 12, 2022
Best Fire Pit Tongs

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Our Picks For The Top Fire Pit Tongs

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Hoziel Steel Log Grabber Fire Pit Tongs, 26-Inch

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Steel Log Grabber Fire Pit Tongs, 26-Inch

The 26-inch fire pit tongs — featuring a black, powder-coasted finish—allow you to grab and move burning logs with a sturdy scissors-like action.

Overall Take

Campfire ReadyUse the steel log grabber for campfires, fireplaces, wood stoves and more.

 Runner Up

Stanbroil Scissor Shaped Long-Lasting Fire Pit Tongs, 26-Inch


Scissor Shaped Long-Lasting Fire Pit Tongs, 26-Inch

You can't go wrong with these strong and sturdy fire pit tongs. They're made from a durable steel and have a scissor-style design that makes them a cinch to use. The 26-inch long tool makes it easy to safely add logs to a fire, or adjust a log that has moved out of place.

Overall Take

Two Finishes AvailableYou'll find these fire pit tongs come in a choice of black or stainless steel to match your existing tools.

 We Also Like

Epica Strong Grip Folding Fire Pit Tongs, 26-Inch


Strong Grip Folding Fire Pit Tongs, 26-Inch

These fire pit tongs, which can grip 7-inch-thick logs, are great for outdoor fire pits, wood-burning barbecues, indoor fireplaces, wood stoves and more.

Overall Take

Conveniently FoldableThe 26-inch fire pit tongs fold down to a much smaller size for easy storage, making them ideal for camping or homes with limited space.

 Strong Contender

Rocky Mountain Radar Wrought Iron Fire Pit Tongs, 26-Inch

Rocky Mountain Radar

Wrought Iron Fire Pit Tongs, 26-Inch

The 26-inch fire pit tongs can grab logs up to 12-inches thick and can grip the heaviest of woods, as well as small, lightweight twigs.

Overall Take

Heavy-Duty ConstructionThe fire pit tongs are made with extra-durable, rust-resistant reinforced wrought iron.

Buying Guide

A pair of log tongs, tweezers or grabbers is a necessity for any indoor fireplace, fire pit, wood stove or smoker — anywhere you need to pick up and maneuver burning wooden logs or coals safely. These accessories, which can be 26- to 42-inches long, must be made with a heavy-duty heat-proof material such as carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron or wrought iron.

Fireplace tongs can feature a scissors- or pincer-style design; the former means the tongs bend inward to dig into logs to provide a secure hold on the wood, while the latter has a simpler design with fewer hinges and a thicker build. Both are equally effective, but the pincer variety often requires less maintenance.

Since you want to ensure you can get a secure grip on the tongs, be sure to check the product’s weight before purchasing. They can weigh 1 to 6 pounds, so consider purchasing a lighter one if you don’t think you’ll be able to lift the combined load of the tongs, in addition to a log, using both hands.

What to Look For

  • The longer your tongs are, the farther away you can hold burning logs. But if they’re too long, you may have trouble grabbing and moving logs. If you’re on the shorter side height-wise, consider purchasing a smaller set of tongs for better control.
  • Accessories to consider purchasing with your fireplace tongs include a fire poker, which helps shift logs and coals into a desired position, and a pair of heat-proof gloves, which provide excellent protection from sparks. There are affordable sets available that include all three.
  • Look for tongs that fold into a smaller size, making them easier to store and transport.
  • Only place your hot fireplace tongs on a heat-safe surface, like brick or gravel; do not set them down on just any floor.
  • Fireplace tongs require two hands for safe maneuvering.
  • To clean your fireplace tools, remove the soot and grime with a dry cloth or brush (wear gloves so you don’t stain your hands). Then, rub them gently with fine-grade steel wool dipped in vegetable oil. You can also apply a polish to shine them.

More to Explore

Indoor fireplaces date back to medieval times, when homes and castles were built with chimneys to carry smoke away. Over time, developments included the more efficient rectangular form, a grate for better draft control and splayed sides for increased reflection of heat. Fire tools — including tongs, the log fork and long-handled brush for sweeping the hearth — haven’t changed much since the 15th century, but the poker wasn’t a common addition until the 18th century.

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