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Cutest Pool Floats

Last updated on July 6, 2024
pool floats

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Our Picks For The Top Cute Pool Floats

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Key Takeaway
 Best for Barbie Fans

Malibu Barbie™ Golf Cart Pool Float

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval


Malibu Barbie™ Golf Cart Pool Float

The oversized design from Funboy has enough room for two adults and includes a fringe-lined removable mesh shade, dual cup holders 3 handles and a tether point.

Overall Take

Make it the best day everThe Funboy Barbie pool floats are limited edition and have been selling out so we recommend buying sooner than later

 Best for Groups

Intex Alligator Multi-Person Floatie


Alligator Multi-Person Floatie

Strong enough to hold two or three children at once it has two air chambers and four handles for extra safety. Durable, 12-gauge vinyl ensures it will hold up throughout the summer, but it also includes a repair patch kit in case you need it.

Overall Take

Ride-On AlligatorThis colorful and durable alligator float is designed to give rides for up to three children at a time.

 Best for Babies

LAYCOL Infant Covered Floatie


Infant Covered Floatie

This pool floatie is made to keep infants comfortable — it includes an elevated front to prevent overturning, wide sides, double air chambers and a shoulder strap. The float itself is made from durable, leak-proof PVC material. The removable canopy is breathable and has SPF 50+ sun protection built in.

Overall Take

Fun PickYour infant will love floating around in this ring, which has a sun canopy for extra protection.

 Best Seller

Swimline Giant Peacock Pool Float


Giant Peacock Pool Float

While kids will obviously love it, this big bird (60 by 50 by 52 inches) is plenty roomy for an adult. You can lean back into this peacock’s soft, inflatable feathers or sit up and hold onto the handles on its neck. And the super-durable PVC vinyl should hold up in the pool or lake throughout the summer season.

Overall Take

A lot to blow upOne valid issue reviewers had with this pool float was the long process of blowing the thing up, though most admitted it was worth it in the end.

Buying Guide

Can you think of anything more relaxing then riding on a cute pool float in the cool water, with the warm sun on your skin? Whether you have a drink or a book in your hands, it’s one of the best ways to let it all go while you rest and recharge. Plus, it’s also a great way to have a leisurely snooze — just throw on your shades and relax.

However, while any old pool floatie might do, the experience is even more enjoyable when you’re riding on a float that look great, matches your personality and captures others’ attention. For example, while a plain white floatie will work just as well, a bright pink unicorn or pirate ship just seems more fun.

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What to Look For

  • When it comes to materials for cute pool floats, you have two main options: vinyl or foam. Vinyl is more malleable as compared to foam, so you will find floats made out of this material in every shape and style. Keep in mind that vinyl floats require an air pump to inflate. Foam floats, on the other hand, don’t need to be inflated. This material is limited in shape, so it is typically found in cylinders or tubes when it comes to pool floaties.
  • If you have an inflatable pool float, it’s important to have a patch repair kit handy. You never know when you will sprout a leak, as even high quality vinyl can be punctured by something sharp like the back of an earring. When using the repair kit, be sure to follow instructions correctly so that you don’t cause any further damage to the floatie.
  • If you’re looking for an air pump, you’ve got two options: manual or electric. Manual pumps will require quite a bit of energy, so you may want to have a friend help you if you’re working on a big inflatable float. Electric air pumps are more costly, but they work faster and are more effective than their manual counterparts.

More to Explore

If kids will be using the cute pool floats, then safety is your biggest consideration. Opt for a pool float that has a low center of gravity so it won’t easily topple over in the water. Getting one with safety valves and dual air chambers will also ensure it floats well. Keep in mind that a sun canopy is a good idea to avoid heat stroke and sunburns. Always remember to supervise kids in the pool and do not consider a pool float a lifesaving device as it cannot replace a lifejacket.

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