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The Best Inflatable Baby Pool

Last updated on December 2, 2022
Best Inflatable Baby Pool

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Our Picks For The Top Inflatable Baby Pools

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Jasonwell Vinyl BPA-Free Inflatable Baby Pool

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Vinyl BPA-Free Inflatable Baby Pool

This cute inflatable baby pool looks just like a donut! In addition to the sides, the bottom of this pool also has plenty of cushioning. That's an excellent feature, especially if the ground in your backyard is on the hard side. During the cooler winter months, parents can turn the pool into a ball pit.

Overall Take

Easy to Set UpThis inflatable baby pool has three air chambers that can be inflated by mouth or air pump.

 Runner Up

Ricoco Lightweight PVC Inflatable Baby Pool


Lightweight PVC Inflatable Baby Pool

Available in blue or pink, this inflatable baby pool is an excellent way to keep your little one cool during the warmer summer months. It has a diameter of 26 inches and is made of a durable PVC. The double seams in between each of the air chambers also adds to the strength of the pool.

Overall Take

Drains QuicklyIt takes just 5 minutes to fully drain this inflatable baby pool.

 We Also Like

Intex Sunset Glow Soft Bottom Inflatable Baby Pool


Sunset Glow Soft Bottom Inflatable Baby Pool

This inflatable baby pool has fun, bright colors. It has a soft, comfortable floor and comes with a repair patch kit. The pool holds 18 gallons of water and works well for children aged 1-3, with some parental supervision. Its small size makes it easily packable, too.

Overall Take

Bright and Cheerful ColorsYoung kids will love the eye-catching colors of this small but sturdy inflatable pool.

 Strong Contender

VIVI MAO Non-Toxic Easy Store Inflatable Baby Pool


Non-Toxic Easy Store Inflatable Baby Pool

Parents will love that this inflatable baby pool is made from a non-toxic and BPA-free plastic. It inflate in minutes and features a host of adorable sea creatures throughout. During the colder winter months, the pool can be brought inside and turned into a ball pit.

Overall Take

Most EconomicalThanks to the budget-friendly price tag on this inflatable pool, your kids can splash the afternoon away.

Buying Guide

Is there anything more fun than watching your little one splash in an inflatable baby pool? Babies love stomping around, playing with water toys and blowing bubbles on the surface. An inflatable baby pool is the perfect way to spend a few lovely hours.

When looking for an inflatable baby pool, one of the most important things to consider is durability. Opt for a pool that is made from a thick material that will not crack or puncture after a few uses. Be sure to check whether the inflatable baby pool comes with a repair patch kit. Those are handy to have so you can extend the life of the pool if you get a small leak.

The size of pool you need will depend on the age of your little one. Small babies who are just learning to sit up may need to have an adult close by, so you might wish to opt for a splash pad or baby pool. If you have multiple children, opt for a pool on the larger side so they have plenty of room to play.

What to Look For

  • For many parents, portability is important. If you want to be able to take the inflatable pool with you to the beach so you have your little one nearby with you on the sand, go with a smaller size that also has a sun canopy. That way, you can protect your little one from the harsh elements.
  • Sometimes, babies and toddlers may have a bathroom accident in the pool. Be sure to take them out right away, empty out the pool, and hose it down with clean water and soap. This ensures no harmful bacteria is left on the surface of the pool.
  • The CDC recommends not using bleach or pool disinfectant in small kiddie pools, because they do not have filters and they lose a lot of water to splashing, Instead, use soapy water, rinse completely, and let air dry completely.
  • If you leave the inflatable baby pool out overnight, you may notice that it is filled with bugs, grass, leaves and dirt. It’s best to empty the pool out after each use and let it dry in the sun. Avoid letting it sit with water while not in use.

More to Explore

While splashing around in an inflatable baby pool is fun all on its own, you can add to the enjoyment with a few fun objects. Bring out a few cups, ladles, watering cans, strainers and other kitchen items for your little one to play with. They will love scooping up the water and pouring it out. You can also add in a few plastic balls, which babies will love to throw and dunk. if you want to add another sensory element to the inflatable baby pool, grab some large pompom balls They are fun to squeeze when wet.

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