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The Best Kids’ Bath Bombs

Last updated on August 21, 2023
Best Kids' Bath Bombs

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Our Picks For The Top Kids' Bath Bombs

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LifeAround2Angels Handcrafted Kid’s Bath Bombs, 12-Count

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Handcrafted Kid's Bath Bombs, 12-Count

Each item in this 12-piece bath bomb set is uniquely handcrafted in a bright, eye-catching color. With a weight of about 3 ounces and a diameter of about 2 inches, some of these bath bombs have flower petals inside. The 12 scents in this set include black raspberry, vanilla, kiwi and strawberry, lavender, mango papaya and others.

Overall Take

Flower Petals InsideSome of these kids' bath bombs have flower petals inside for a fun bath time surprise.

 Runner Up

INTEYE Natural & Organic Kids’ Bath Bombs, 24-Count


Natural & Organic Kids' Bath Bombs, 24-Count

The 24 kids' bath bombs in this large set include six different colors divided into four small boxes. The bombs are formulated to ensure a satisfying bubbling and floating effect, offering an impressive visual once it lands in the water. The list of ingredients includes all-natural items like grape seed oil, shea and coconut butter, and coconut oi...

Overall Take

24-Piece SetYou'll get a larger box with four smaller boxes inside, each containing six bath bombs each.

 Strong Contender

Aofmee Cruelty-Free Vegan Bath Bombs For Girls


Cruelty-Free Vegan Bath Bombs For Girls

Each of the bath bombs for girls in this set are handcrafted. They're designed to look like a delicious dessert, which is especially appealing to younger girls. The bath bombs release multiple colors when placed in the tub, as well as one of six different scents.

Overall Take

Hydrates SkinVitamins A, E and F are just a few of the healthy ingredients found in each of these bath bombs for girls.

 Also Great

Two Sisters Hidden Squishy Toys Kids’ Bath Bombs, 6-Count

Two Sisters

Hidden Squishy Toys Kids' Bath Bombs, 6-Count

This colorful set includes six bath bombs, each with a surprise squishy toy inside. These will undoubtedly make bath time more fun and enjoyable for your kiddos.

Overall Take

Included ToyToss these into the water and wait for a fun toy to emerge.

Buying Guide

Bath time can be rough for parents of little ones. Just getting them in the bath may be a challenge, and once they’re there, you need them to stick around long enough to make sure they get clean. Toys and games can be a great way to motivate kids to hop into the tub and stay there.

Bath bombs are a unique way to entertain kids in the tub. For adults, a bath bomb is something you merely toss into your bathtub to moisturize your skin and make the experience more relaxing. For children, a bath bomb can be another way to make bath time fun. Formulated with a variety of oils and fragrances, a bath bomb fizzes and bubbles, making your little one’s bathwater colorful and interesting.

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Naturally, if you’re using a bath bomb in your child’s tub, you’ll want to make sure the ingredients are safe. Bath bombs for kids are often made with organic ingredients like natural essential oils for fragrance.

But ingredients aren’t the only way bath bombs for children are different than bath bombs meant for adults. They are often designed in a way that amuses and entertains little minds. Some are even designed with toys inside that only reveal themselves once the bath bomb has completely dissolved. It’s a great way to make your kids look forward to getting in the tub the next time.

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What to Look For

  • One of the best things about adult bath bombs is that they moisturize and hydrate the skin. You can find children’s bath bombs that have the same effect.
  • Even if a bath bomb promises to be all-natural, there’s no guarantee that it won’t irritate your child’s skin. If you’re concerned, consider doing a patch test before immersing your child fully in the water.
  • To be safe, make sure you fully rinse your child in clear water after being immersed in the tub with the dissolved bath bomb. This will ensure that residue doesn’t remain on the skin.
  • Not all bath bombs are created equal when it comes to how they break apart. Some are formulated to maximize the fizzing effect to keep things extra entertaining.
  • Once you know your bath bombs are a hit, feel free to combine multiple colors and see what happens. Chances are, your child will enjoy mixing colors and might even learn a little about chemistry.
  • Bath bombs are generally labeled safe for children ages 3 and up, but only you know if your child is ready for a bath bomb.
  • If your older kids are curious about how bath bombs are made, you can buy a kit that walks them through the steps of making their own.

More to Explore

If you’re concerned about skin sensitivities when you’re buying bath bombs, you may be comforted to know that they were originally invented as a gentler alternative to bubble baths. Mo Constantine, founder of Lush Cosmetics, was fascinated with the science of Alka Seltzer dissolving in a glass of water. She asked her local pharmacy how it worked, then conducted her own experiments until she came up with something called Aqua Sizzlers. Adding calming French lavender to the dissolving tablet she’d created, she discovered that her creation not only dissolved in the tub, but could also release skin-softening oils.

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