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The Best Travel Systems

Last updated on July 3, 2023
Best Travel Systems

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Graco FastAction Crossover Folding Stroller & Jogger Travel System

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FastAction Crossover Folding Stroller & Jogger Travel System

When it comes to ease of use, this system gets high marks all around. It's possible to bring the stroller from its folded position to "ready to roll" with one hand, and the seat clicks in smoothly. The locking front wheel is a big help for joggers who want a little stability.

Overall Take

Easy, Quick AssemblyThe intuitive design makes things easy on busy parents.

 Strong Contender

Graco SnugRide Car Seat & Quick-Fold Stroller Travel System


SnugRide Car Seat & Quick-Fold Stroller Travel System

This stroller is on the lightweight side, but it doesn't skimp on durability. Parents will find that they can hang plenty of gear from the handles without fear of tipping, and the wheels handle well on asphalt or grass. The fold-up process is relatively quick, too.

Overall Take

Handles Tough TerrainThis durable unit can handle plenty of gear and off-road excursions too.

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Graco 3-In-1 Infant & Toddler Car Seat & Stroller Travel System


3-In-1 Infant & Toddler Car Seat & Stroller Travel System

Not only does the stroller in this system fold up easily, it can stand on its wheels once the brakes are applied. That's not the only perk: The storage area under the seat is very spacious. There are also plenty of seat placement options including a bassinet mode.

Overall Take

Easy Handling & StorageBabies and parents alike will love the storage capabilities.

  The Best Value

Baby Trend Infant Car Seat & EZ Ride Stroller Travel System

Baby Trend

Infant Car Seat & EZ Ride Stroller Travel System

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Buying Guide

In those first months of life for a new baby, there are few things that parents will be more thankful for than a quality stroller. Newborns need to be held, but moms and dads need some time off too. It can be great to let that little one recline while you drive somewhere and take a relaxing walk. And you know what can make it even more relaxing? The ability to simply take that car seat out of the vehicle and put it onto the stroller.

That’s the main appeal of a travel system, the most convenient way to let your baby travel in style. Travel systems combine three main parts: A stroller, car seat and a base. While setting it up, you secure the base to your back seat. After that, you can transfer the car seat from the base to stroller and back again without having to unharness your child.

There are a ton of advantages to this type of stroller and very few drawbacks. Yes, they’ll tend to be pricier and weigh more. But the best ones will feature a modular design that allows you to use it even after your little one grows out of the car seat.

So how do you find the system that’s best for your lifestyle? First of all, do a little measurement. The most expensive stroller and seat won’t be worth it unless it actually fits in the trunk of your car.

Obviously, you’ll also want to make sure all parts of the travel system are safe for your child. Remember that most state laws require that kids are secured in a rear-facing seat until they are 1 year old. This can be a challenge for some compact cars, so make sure that you’re picking a car seat that fits. The child should tuck snugly into the seat with ample support for the head and secure straps. The best harness is a five-point restraint system that keeps the baby locked in at the hips and shoulders. This type does come standard on most car seats for newborns, but watch out for cheaper models that don’t.

Once you’ve got all the boxes checked on safety, consider convenience. Is that stroller easy to assemble from a folded position? Does the car seat pop out easily from the base and into the stroller? If the brakes are engaged, can you stand the folded stroller on its wheels? All these features can make a world of difference when you’re in a rush or in a tight parking spot.

Then there’s versatility. It’s nice to have your baby in a slight recline when they’re awake and ready to see the world, but what about when they’re ready for a nap? It can be extremely helpful to have a seat that reclines to multiple positions, including a fully horizontal “bassinet” mode. You’ll also get more bang for your buck with a modular seat — one that can change to fit your growing baby by adjusting the straps and taking out padding.

Of course, it’s not all about your baby’s needs. A stroller with a little extra storage space under the seat can be a godsend, especially on longer hikes. Cup holders are a great perk whether they’re up by the handles for you or down in the seat for your child. If baby likes to eat on the go, look for a system that has a removable food tray.

Finally, don’t forget about the wheels. Simple plastic tires may be just fine if you’re only taking walks on well-paved streets. Anything other than that, and some air or foam-filled wheels will definitely be worth the extra money. Three wheeled strollers can be great for jogging, but they tend to lose something in terms of maneuverability. Some configurations features two wheels on each axle for added stability, but they can get stuck easily in rocky terrain. Again, it’s all about where you plan to use it.

What to Look For

No matter how cozy that stroller is, every baby will get antsy sometimes. Many parents choose to keep them entertained by putting toys in the seat, and the best way to do that is with a “bumper bar” that you can hang various playthings from. Just make sure the fasteners aren’t so long that they get tangled on baby’s arms or stroller parts.

More to Explore

Want to really test out your new travel system? Try beating the world record for the longest distance traveled while pushing a baby stroller in 24 hours. It’s currently held by a ten-man team from Kent, U.K., who strolled over 270 miles from November 22 to 23 in 1990.

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