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The Best Plastic Toddler Table And Chair Set

Last updated on October 12, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Plastic Toddler Table And Chair Sets

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 Top Pick

Humble Crew Lightweight Plastic Toddler Table & Chairs Set

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval

Humble Crew

Lightweight Plastic Toddler Table & Chairs Set

Including four chairs with a square table, this option comes in seven color combinations to give you variety. Each chair can hold up to 50 pounds.The assembly process is simple and hardware-free.

Overall Take

Several Color OptionsIf you need a set that can accommodate four kids and offers several colors, this option is a good choice.

 Runner Up

B. spaces by Battat Wooden Legs Plastic Toddler Table & Chairs Set

B. spaces by Battat

Wooden Legs Plastic Toddler Table & Chairs Set

This set features two plastic chairs and a table that all have wooden legs. It's designed to look more fashionable than typical plastic furniture, so it can blend in more easily. You can choose from three color options.

Overall Take

Suits Many EnvironmentsThe contemporary style makes this furniture versatile enough to place anywhere around your home.

 We Also Like

Simplay3 Tip-Resistant Plastic Toddler Table & Chairs Set


Tip-Resistant Plastic Toddler Table & Chairs Set

Featuring chairs designed to prevent tipping over, this set doesn't involve the hassles that come with putting parts together. The chairs and table are sturdy yet light enough to move around easily.

Overall Take

Useful Safety FeatureConsider this set if you want the peace of mind that comes from having chairs specially designed not to tip over.

 Strong Contender

Little Tikes Bright ‘n Bold Durable Plastic Toddler Table & Chairs Set

Little Tikes

Bright 'n Bold Durable Plastic Toddler Table & Chairs Set

You get a round table and two chairs made of thick plastic with this option. It takes up little floorspace and only weighs 13 pounds. You can also clean off the furniture easily.

Overall Take

Good for Small SpacesYou'll find this option helpful if you need something for a small space that seats up to two kids.

Buying Guide

If you’re looking for some furniture your toddler can use for various activities, a plastic table and chair set is a great choice. Whether you put it in your child’s bedroom or a shared space, the set will give them their own place to eat, work or play. This type of furniture is also sturdy enough to hold up to frequent use.

Before exploring toddler table and chair sets, think about how your child will use the table. If your child plans to use the set to play with other kids or make artwork, you’ll likely want a larger table than one they’d use just play alone or eat snacks. Also consider the size of the space where you want to place the set. If you plan to put the table and chairs in a shared room, you might want a smaller set than one for a dedicated playroom.

You should also consider the size, shape and type of table the set includes. Most sets for toddlers will have square or rectangular tables in varying sizes, and these are the most versatile and often offer room for up to four children. However, smaller round tables can be a more compact choice for one or two children.  In any case, look for a table with the appropriate height, which often ranges from 15 to 20 inches for toddlers.

The chairs included with these sets are often low to the ground to accommodate a toddler’s shorter height and fit the included table. While chair designs vary, they often have thick seats, backs and legs to offer durability, and some options have an anti-tip design for safety. You should make sure the set has enough chairs for the number of toddlers who will use it. 

Lastly, keep the set’s appearance in mind so you choose something that your child likes and fits with your decor, if necessary. It’s common to see sets with a bold table and chairs that don’t match, and these likely fit better in a playroom or kid’s bedroom than a living room where they may clash with other furniture. When buying something for a shared setting, you might prefer a set with more neutral colors or something fancier made of wood.

What to Look For

  • In addition to plain tables, there are options with built-in storage, a dry-erase surface or even special plates to build Lego creations.
  • A plastic table and chairs set is usually weatherproof so that your toddler can use it in the yard or on a patio. The sturdiest options should hold up to harsh weather such as heavy rain, hail and snow. However, it’s best to move the set indoors or somewhere else secure during high winds since it could blow away.
  • To ensure safe use, instruct your toddler on how to properly sit down and get off the plastic chairs. In addition, caution them against rocking back and forth or leaning on the back of the chair, as doing so could cause them to tip over and get hurt.
  • Most plastic table and chair sets either come assembled or just require snapping the pieces together without tools. Check the manual if you’re buying a more complex set to better understand the steps involved.
  • You can usually easily clean plastic table and chairs with soap and water when they get dirty. If your child spills paint on the table, try using rubbing alcohol to remove tough stains.
  • The plastic table and chairs will have weight limits (exceeding them could lead to injury). The table’s weight limit should be high enough not to be an issue for everyday use. However, consider the size and age of your child for the chairs. While some chairs might only support up to 50 pounds, others can accommodate the weight of an adult.
  • The chairs will take up room in addition to the table itself. The good news is you can simply keep the chairs pushed under the table when possible to save some space. 
  • If the set you buy doesn’t have enough chairs, you might have luck finding individual ones for sale through the same manufacturer. Otherwise, you can opt for generic chairs of a similar size. Just keep the table’s height in mind so you don’t accidentally buy chairs that are too tall.
  • Make sure that any toddler table and chair set you purchase has no toxic chemicals in the plastic.
  • Sets that feature wooden table or chair legs could present a splinter risk, so you should instruct your child not to rub their hands against those wooden parts.

More to Explore

Plastic furniture has remained a popular choice for children for many reasons. Not only is it durable and unlikely to break, but it’s also lightweight enough to move around the house or take outside with ease. Plastic furniture is also very easy to clean when your child makes a mess.

Plus, plastic furniture can be a safer option than wood alternatives since it’s less likely to have sharp edges and splinters aren’t usually an issue. It also helps that plastic furniture tends to be more budget friendly than wooden tables and chairs.

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