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The Best Baby Food Maker

Last updated on August 17, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Baby Food Makers

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NutriBullet NBY-50100 Dishwasher Safe Containers Baby Food Maker

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NBY-50100 Dishwasher Safe Containers Baby Food Maker

This baby food maker helps you puree and freeze the food. It comes with six storage cups with ring date lids. The gadget is made from BPA-free and durable plastic.

Overall Take

Make and FreezeThis baby food maker also comes with storage cups.

 Runner Up

homia Dansa Multifunctional Steamer Baby Food Maker


Dansa Multifunctional Steamer Baby Food Maker

This baby food maker does it all from steaming to defrosting. It can be used to cook, warm, puree, chop and more. The gadget is easy to use and has an intuitive control panel.

Overall Take

Does It AllThis baby food maker has eight different functions.

 We Also Like

GROWNSY Sterilize Function Baby Food Maker


Sterilize Function Baby Food Maker

This baby food maker has many functions, including steaming, blending and chopping food. It can also self sterilize. The gadget helps you make less dirty dishes.

Overall Take

Many FunctionsThis baby food maker steams, blends, sterilizes and more.

 Strong Contender

EVLA’S Reusable Food Pouches & Baby Food Maker


Reusable Food Pouches & Baby Food Maker

This handy device is ideal for busy new parents who want to make their own baby food at home.

Overall Take

Easy to UseThis baby food maker does everything from cooking to cleaning.

Buying Guide

There are so many reasons to make your own baby food. Not only is it more cost effective than buying the ready-made jars and pouches of baby food, but it’s also more nutritious. You can customize the food based on the likes and dislikes of your baby, and even puree foods that the rest of the family eats. Plus, if you have the right baby food maker, you can save time by having it do all the hard work for you, such as steaming, cooking or blending the food.

When choosing your baby food maker, first consider what you want it to do. There are many varieties with different types of functions. For example, you can get one that blends the food into a puree and some of those varieties have different settings for different textures. If you’re looking for more of an all-in-one gadget, then opt for a baby food maker that can also steam the food in addition to pureeing it.

You’ll also want to consider capacity. Most baby food makers can process about two cups of baby food at a time. This works for many people; however, if you have multiple babies or want to batch cook, you may need something that has a larger capacity so that you can make a big batch of food at a time.

For most parents, having gadgets that are easy to clean is key. After all, you don’t want to spend hours doing the dishes. Opt for a baby food maker which has parts that can go into the dishwasher. This will save you a lot of time and will ensure that the parts are properly clean and sanitized.

What to Look For

  • If you also bottle feed your baby, some baby food makers actually have a bottle warming section as well. This saves counter space so you don’t have to have two separate gadgets for two separate functions.
  • Safety is a major concern when you’re buying any baby products. Many baby food makers contain some kind of plastic parts, which contain BPA, a chemical that is used to harden plastics. Low levels of BPA are approved by the FDA. However, if you’re able to find baby food makers which contain BPA-free parts, this is the better option.
  • For those who prefer having multi-functional gadgets, keep in mind that baby food makers don’t just have to be for baby food. They can also be used for grown-up food as well. If you need to steam or puree any of your food, you can do so with the baby food maker. Just make sure to clean it well afterwards so there is no cross contamination.
  • Many people like to make baby food in bulk so they have multiple meals from just one cooking session. Be sure to practice food safety when storing the baby food. Let it cool down completely before placing it into the fridge or freezer. Keep in mind that you should only keep baby food in the fridge for a few days. It can be kept in the freezer for weeks or months, but it’s best to label the food with the date it was made so you know when you should use it by.

More to Explore

Baby boof doesn’t need to be boring. Feel free to combine different types of foods together to make a new kind of puree. You can also puree the types of meals you serve the rest of your family so that your baby can be introduced to new flavors. Keep in mind that babies shouldn’t have any added salt or sugar, so leave those out of the foods. However, you can introduce different types of spices, as long as they aren’t going to be too hot. If the baby food looks too thick once it’s made, you can loosen it with some fresh breast milk or formula before serving.

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