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The Best World Maps

Last updated on January 8, 2024
Best World Map

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PalaceLearning Tear Resistant Updated World Map, 18×29-Inch

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Tear Resistant Updated World Map, 18x29-Inch

Measuring 18 inches by 26 inches, this world map is easy to read and learn from. It's colorful and updated to have the latest information. In fact, the side that features the United States up close even shows all of the country's main roads.

Overall Take

Great Teacher AidSince this world map is laminated, it's an excellent option for classrooms.

 Runner Up

NewSpaceView Topographic Detailed World Map, 11.5×17.5-Inch


Topographic Detailed World Map, 11.5x17.5-Inch

Unlike other world maps, this option is centered on the United States. On one side, it puts the US front and center among the other countries. On the other side, it focuses solely on the United States of America. Both sides are laminated, so you can count on the map lasting many years.

Overall Take

Affordable OptionWhen shopping on a budget, you'll find this world map has an economical price tag.

 We Also Like

InnovativeMap Glossy Educational Scratch-Off World Map, 17×24-Inch


Glossy Educational Scratch-Off World Map, 17x24-Inch

Families that love to travel will thoroughly enjoy this world map. After returning from trips, family members can scratch off the areas on the map that they visited, revealing bright colors underneath. The map is glossy and makes for an excellent conversation starter when hung in a living room.

Overall Take

Unique PickWith this world map, you'll receive a scratch tool, memory stickers, a magnifying strip and a handy accessories bag.

 Strong Contender

Maps International Detailed World Map, 46×80-Inch

Maps International

Detailed World Map, 46x80-Inch

Since is world map is fully laminated, it can be written on with a whiteboard pen and wiped clean after. That makes it a great addition to any classroom or home of a family who enjoys world travel. The map is oversized, color-coated and easy to read.

Overall Take

Fully LaminatedIf you're searching for an extra large map to act as a focal point in your home or office, go with this world map.

Buying Guide

A world map is a great addition to any home or office. You can use the map as a reference tool, vacation planner or educational resource. As you shop for the best world map, you’ll need to keep in mind what you intend on doing with the map.

If you’re in search of a world map to be used for decorative purposes, you’ll want one that is more upscale in appearance. A map that comes with antique-style accents, color-matching relief and easily identifiable mountain ranges is an excellent choice.

Families with young children at home would do better with a map made for kids. Look for a set that comes with a United States map in addition to a world map. It should be made using bright colors that attract children and it should contain basic information, so kids can begin learning more about geography. When shopping for world maps for kids, you also want to make sure the maps are laminated. Otherwise, little fingers may tear or write on them.

Consider a scratch-off world map if you and your family enjoy traveling on a regular basis. You’ll find there are options that include a map, scraping tool and set of mini stickers. As you visit each landmass, you scrape the matching area on the map. Underneath you’ll discover a fun bright color. This type of map also makes for a great gift, as it comes in a unique box that is decorated with flags from around the world.

Think about what size world map would best fit the space in your home or office. If you want the map to be a focal point, go with an oversized map, like the Maps International World Map, 78×48-Inch. This map is laminated and can be written on with a whiteboard marker. Whiteboard markers wipe away clean with a moist paper towel, which means you can write on the map over and over again.

What to Look For

  • Be aware that maps that are not laminated are prone to tears. They are also fragile and can be ruined if scratched. If you opt for a map that isn’t laminated, you’ll want to consider securing it inside a glass frame.
  • Reviewers report that some maps contain spelling errors, as well as size discrepancies. You’ll also want to check the map for any missing data before you buy.
  • Oversized maps may require the help of a friend to hang on a wall. Keep in mind that it may be costly to purchase a frame for a map of unusual size.
  • If you have any old maps, don’t toss them. They can be used in a variety of craft projects. You can make luggage tags, bracelets, wreaths and gift bags from old maps. There’s also the option of using the old maps to line the drawers of your nightstand or the back of your bookshelf.
  • Many companies offer 100% satisfaction guarantees with the purchase of their maps. If you are unhappy with the map for any reason, you’ll have the ability to speak with a customer service representative, who will address your concerns and offer a solution.
  • Size and special features affect the overall price of world maps. Smaller maps are naturally more affordable. You’ll pay a bit more for sets that contain two maps. The Maps International World Map, 78×48-Inch commands the highest price, as it is oversized and laminated.

More to Explore

Cartography is the official term for mapmaking and it has been in existence for a long time. In fact, ancient cave paintings depicted maps that charted the constellations seen in the sky at night. Maps have changed a great deal over time. For example, the maps created during the Middle Ages put east at the top of the maps. Today we place north at the top.

The Archaeological Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic in Brno houses one of the oldest known maps. It’s actually carved into a mammoth tusk and it is believed to have been made in 25,000 BCE.

Of course, today, when you shop for a map, you want it to be up to date. One way to verify that the map is current is to look for the country of South Sudan, which got its independence in 2011. If it’s not there, the map is an older version.

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