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The Best Scratch-Off World Map Poster

Last updated on August 7, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Scratch-Off World Map Posters

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W WANDERLUST MAPS USA Map & Scratch-Off World Map Posters, 2-Pack

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USA Map & Scratch-Off World Map Posters, 2-Pack

This gorgeous and glossy premium-quality world map poster uses a special coating for protection. It comes with a guitar pick to scratch off the gold foil, plus memory stickers and a gift box. It's extra-large at 32 by 23 inches in size.

Overall Take

Premium QualityThis extra-large scratch-off world map poster is beautiful glossy and detail-oriented.

 Runner Up

InnovativeMap Mini USA Map & Scratch-Off World Map Posters, 2-Pack


Mini USA Map & Scratch-Off World Map Posters, 2-Pack

This complete set includes a 17-by-24-inch scratch-off world map poster and a map of the United States in black and gold. You also get two scratch tools, memory stickers, a soft cloth and a magnifying strip. It is made from high-quality materials.

Overall Take

Complete SetGet a black and gold world map and a U.S. map, plus all the accessories you need.

 We Also Like

EARTHABITATS Matte Finish Scratch-Off World Map Poster


Matte Finish Scratch-Off World Map Poster

You'll love the details that come with this scratchable 17-by-24-inch world map, including flags and landmarks and marked state lines. It comes with a scratching tool and magnifying strip and has a laminated finish for protection.

Overall Take

Memory MakerRecord your memories on this map poster, which includes flags and landmarks.

 Strong Contender

Maps International Silk Art Paper Scratch-Off World Map Posters, 2-Pack

Maps International

Silk Art Paper Scratch-Off World Map Posters, 2-Pack

Featuring countries, cities, hill shading and state outlines, this is a well-drawn map with plenty of thought behind its details. Get it in different sizes; it arrives in a tube, ready to display, complete with high-quality finishes and beautiful design.

Overall Take

Colorful and DetailedThis scratch-off world map poster is printed on silk art paper with a glossy coating.

Buying Guide

Traveling the world is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Whether you’re taking a train, plane, boat or car, going away from home can be exhilarating and nerve-wracking all at once. Learning about other cultures, understanding different customs, trying foods that are new to you and seeing both natural and man-made wonders make for memorable experiences.

For many people, sharing their travel memories with their friends and family is another exciting part of the adventure. One of the most creative ways to do this is with a scratch-off world map poster.

A scratch-off world map poster is a large image of a world map in which each country or region is covered by an easily removable material. When you scrafch the poster in a specific area, new information is revealed underneath, such as a different color or a flag of the country. Scratching off parts of the map allows people a quick visual reference showcasing where they’ve been to and where they still need to go.

A scratch-off world map poster can also be used for learning purposes. For example, kids can use the map to learn about world geography while adults can use it to learn which flags belong to which countries. The map makes a great wall décor item and conversation piece all in one.

What to Look For

  • Scratch-off world map posters come in a selection of sizes. Consider whether you want a larger or smaller size for your space.
  • The scratch-off world map poster is a great décor piece for your office, rec room or living room. You’ll want to make sure its aesthetic works best for your area. For example, if you have a more modern style, go with a map that uses simple colors and lots of black and white shades. However, if you prefer more traditional décor, then a map with natural colors like brown, green and blue may look best on your wall.
  • Many people like to frame and hang their scratch-off world map poster. If you want to still be able to scratch it, don’t insert the glass in the front of the frame. This way, you can continue to use the poster as you travel to more destinations.
  • Do you want the scratch-off world map poster to be a focal point in your space? if so, consider hanging it above a desk or couch or having it centered on the wall. If you want it to blend in with other décor pieces, consider adding photos of your travels around the world map poster for a thematic tie-in.
  • Quality is important when it comes to the scratch-off coating. Look for high-quality brands with good reviews so you don’t end up with a map with bits that flake off unnecessarily, causing a mess in your space. The coating should be easy to scratch off but should not peel off on its own.

More to Explore

The map of the world didn’t always look like it does today. In fact, it has changed throughout the centuries and also looks different depending on where the map was created, since European, Islamic and Asian perspectives all result in fascinating variations.

One of the oldest known maps is from 150 A. D. in Egypt. This map was created by astronomer and geographer Ptolemy and was the first to use positions of latitude and longitude. His work was lost for centuries, and when it was rediscovered around the 15th century, it was used as the basis for world maps in the Middle Ages.

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