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The Best Folders For School

Last updated on October 12, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Folders For School

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Youngever Tear Resistant Folders For School, 12-Pack

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Tear Resistant Folders For School, 12-Pack

You'll get 12 folders for school when you opt for this set. Since they are constructed using a heavy-duty plastic, you can count on them lasting the entire school year. Each folder offers two pockets for storing notes, assignments and important documents.

Overall Take

Stock UpEach of the folders for school in this set can hold up to 135 sheets of paper.

 Runner Up

Dunwell Long-Lasting Folders For School, 6-Pack


Long-Lasting Folders For School, 6-Pack

The first thing you'll notice about these folders for school is that they feature two pockets, one of which has space for a business card. The folders themselves are constructed from a plastic that is durable and easy to wipe clean. As an added bonus, shoppers are also provided with a set of adhesive labels.

Overall Take

Multiple Color OptionsYou'll find these folders for school come in a choice of red, blue, black and assorted colors.

 We Also Like

Five Star 4-Pocket Laminated Paper Folders For School, 6-Pack

Five Star

4-Pocket Laminated Paper Folders For School, 6-Pack

Made of laminated pressboard, these six folders offer a durable alternative to plastic. They have four pockets, come with pre-made binder holes and have educational details inside.

Overall Take

Durable and VersatileIf you want several pockets and folders for school that hold up to frequent use, these can handle the job.

 Strong Contender

SKYDUE 5-Pocket Tear Resistant Accordion File Folder For School


5-Pocket Tear Resistant Accordion File Folder For School

Available in five pattern options, this plastic flower-themed folder for school opens up to five compartments for your paper. You get tab stickers for labeling, and there's also a label for the front.

Overall Take

Good for Multiple ClassesThis expanding option provides a place for multiple classes worth of documents.

Buying Guide

Technology may have reduced the use of paper in schools, but it hasn’t completely gotten rid of the need for traditional folders. These school and office supplies make it easy to organize and protect paper documents such as class handouts, notes and homework assignments. They also come in different types, sizes, styles and materials to fit students’ needs.

The most classic option for school is the pocket folder that usually opens up to at least one pocket on each side. While often rectangular, the pockets can be other shapes too. These folders are at least big enough to fit traditional letter-sized paper, though you can find larger ones. You’ll also find many pocket folders that feature three prongs inside for inserting loose-leaf paper for writing.

Pocket folders may be made of paper that may or may not be laminated. When made of paper, they are more prone to wear and tear throughout the school year and may need to be replaced. However, they tend to be relatively inexpensive. Alternatively, you can choose school folders made of plastic. These are more durable and water-resistant, so they can last you for multiple school years. They usually cost more than paper folders, however.

Another popular type of school folder is the accordion or expanding folder. These are usually made of plastic and have a small latch on the outside that opens up to several compartments in an accordion style. This type is a good option for keeping documents for multiple classes in one place or organizing course materials by the week or theme. These high-capacity folders usually have tabs on each pocket where you can conveniently add a label.

You can also find special school organizers that look like a hybrid of the folders discussed and a notebook. For example, you’ll find a notebook inside with paper that you may be able to refill. These folders will have regular pockets inside the front and back like a pocket folder. However, you’ll also see dividers inside that are also pockets, though they don’t expand like an accordion folder. There might also be extras like an attached clipboard.

What to Look For

  • There’s a huge range of options for folder colors, patterns and designs. If you don’t want a plain color or simple pattern, you can look for folders featuring popular characters or themes like flowers, animals, rainbows or fun sayings.
  • If you plan to keep your pocket folder inside a three-ring binder, look for folder options that already have the three holes punched through the side. Otherwise, you should choose pocket folders that are easy to punch the holes through yourself. Alternatively, you could just keep the pocket folder in a pocket your three-ring binder has.
  • When picking folder colors, a lot of students like to use a color-coding system that makes it easy to tell which folder is for each class. For example, you might decide to get a red folder for math class, a yellow folder for English class and a blue folder for science class. You can also choose different patterns for each class if you want something fancier.
  • If you need a folder for a presentation or project, you might look for a pocket folder that has a transparent window on the front. That way, you can print out and insert a cover page visible from the outside. This type will often be marketed as a presentation or portfolio folder.
  • You can make even a plain school folder look interesting by customizing it with stickers, photos or drawings. You can even use materials like duct tape, fake flowers or wrapping paper for a cool creation.
  • Consider how many folders you think you’ll need since multipacks are available that might be convenient and save you some money. For example, you might decide on a five-pack of folders if you have five classes during the year. On the other hand, a larger pack of folders can get you through multiple years and leave some available for other uses around the home.
  • You should check your potential folder’s pocket capacity – and loose-leaf paper capacity if it has prongs – so you know what it can handle. Overstuffing paper folders can especially lead to excess wear, while plastic folders can hold up better. Consider an accordion-style folder if you need a lot of capacity.

More to Explore

Folders and paper used to not even be part of a student’s school supplies list. Back in the 1800s, students would write on chalkboard-like slates rather than on paper due to how much the material would cost. If students did use paper, it was for important examinations rather than everyday writing practice or homework.

Paper school folders would become popular in 1943 when the Pee-Chee folder came out. This product featured a basic pocket folder design and had interesting illustrations on the front.

The famous Trapper Keeper would arrive during the 1970s to offer a fancier way to organize papers at school. The product would remain especially popular through the 1990s but is still available now in many versions.

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