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Best Unicorn Sleeping Bags

Last updated on October 17, 2023
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Our Picks For The Top Unicorn Sleeping Bags

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EVERYDAY KIDS Preschool Rollup Unicorn Sleeping Bag

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Preschool Rollup Unicorn Sleeping Bag

Grab this unicorn sleeping bag when searching for the perfect daycare, sleepover or travel blanket. It's not only soft and made with a built-in pillow, but it features a roll-up design that makes it a cinch to carry. Parents will love that the material is not only breathable and safe against sensitive skin, but also fade-resistant.

Overall Take

Most PortableThis unicorn sleeping bag is best for children ages 3 to 6.

 Runner Up

Happy Nappers Play Pillow Converting Unicorn Sleeping Bag

Happy Nappers

Play Pillow Converting Unicorn Sleeping Bag

This option stands out since it looks like a unicorn stuffed animal but expands to become a colorful, full sleeping bag. It's made of a soft, luxurious material and the unicorn head is extra plush to make a great pillow.

Overall Take

Creative and VersatileIf you're looking for a sleeping bag that can double as a pillow for go-anywhere use, try this one!

 We Also Like

Wildkin Cotton Flannel Lined Unicorn Sleeping Bag


Cotton Flannel Lined Unicorn Sleeping Bag

This super-soft purple unicorn sleeping bag with a built-in pillow measures 50 inches long for smaller children. It has a comfy attached cover that works for both indoor and outdoor use.

Overall Take

Comfortable and FlexibleWhether this sleeping bag is used for indoor lounging or outdoor camping, it'll keep your little unicorn fan cozy.

 Strong Contender

DreamsBe Glow-In-The-Dark Fleece Unicorn Sleeping Bag


Glow-In-The-Dark Fleece Unicorn Sleeping Bag

This fluffy, fleecy sleeping bag features a pink and white design with unicorns and fairies and measures a spacious 66 inches long. It glows in the dark after being exposed to a light source and has a secret pillow zipper pocket.

Overall Take

Very Thick and SpaciousThis glow-in-the-dark unicorn sleeping bag is a great choice for a child that loves extra space and additional padding for comfort.

Buying Guide

If your child loves unicorns, then a sleeping bag featuring this magical creature can make their next camping trip, nap or sleepover more fun.

When you start shopping for a unicorn sleeping bag, you might start with the design and consider factors such as where and when you plan to use them. These bags usually come in smaller, child-appropriate sizes and feature numerous styles from the basic to the creative.

Your child has plenty of choices for the sleeping bag’s design. Some options will just look like basic sleeping bags with a unicorn pattern on the outer covering. However, other bags are more extravagant. For example, you may find a sleeping bag with a stuffed unicorn head attached that doubles as a pillow and may even resemble a plush. As an alternative to a zippered sleeping bag, you can also find unicorn-themed sleeping mats. Some of these may have a removable pillow along with a blanket sewn onto just one side.

Along with finding a style the unicorn lover in your life will like, you’ll want to look at warmth and comfort. If the sleeping bag is only being used indoors, you can go with a softer, more lightweight option that may not have as much padding or insulation. On the other hand, you’ll want a thick, insulated sleeping bag for outdoor use in the cooler months. A sleeping bag with a unicorn hood attached might offer extra warmth in those situations. You may even want to look for weather-resistant qualities.

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There are other features you can keep in mind when looking for a unicorn sleeping bag. For example, you may wish for sleeping bags that have zippers on both sides, allowing easy adjustment, flexibility, and the ability to connect bags together. Some unicorn sleeping bags also have a special design to make rolling them up for storage much easier.

What to Look For

  • To make maintaining your sleeping bag easier, consider getting one labeled as machine-washable so you can avoid the extra work that comes with hand-washing it. However, make sure your washing machine is big enough — or go to the laundromat. Check the label for care instructions since you’ll usually need to go with a gentle setting and allow several hours for the drying process.
  • If your child will use her unicorn sleeping bag outside when it’s chilly, consider increasing warmth by adding an extra blanket inside. You can also look for a sleeping bag that’s extra thick or has a special type of insulation. Some bags will even have a temperature rating so that you can make a more informed choice.
  • Children might enjoy a unicorn sleeping bag that has a hidden pocket inside where they can put something like a phone or flashlight for safekeeping.
  • Even when a sleeping bag is labeled for use by children, the width and length will vary. So, you’ll want to make sure it’s big enough for your child’s height and offers room for growth, too.
  • Consider the sleeping bag’s weight so you can get something comfortable for your child to carry. Usually, bags with lots of padding will be heavier compared to thinner bags.
  • Consider your child’s age to decide if a sleeping bag is even appropriate. If she is younger than three years, she’s likely too young to use an enclosed bag safely, so you might opt for a sleeping mat instead. Additionally, children under six usually need shorter sleeping bags to avoid risks like suffocation.
  • Make sure that your child is comfortable with using zippers; this helps avoid frustration and prevents issues like damaged hardware. Some sleeping bags will have a special zipper design that is easy for little hands, works two ways or is made to prevent snagging on the fabric.
  • Sleeping bags can be useful for more than sleeping indoors or outdoors. They are portable, so they can be used at daycares or a friend’s house, for play, rest, or decoration

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