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The Best Trampolines for Endless Backyard Fun

Last updated on January 10, 2024

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Zupapa Long-Lasting Anti-UV Kid’s Trampoline

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Long-Lasting Anti-UV Kid’s Trampoline

This kid's trampoline has been upgraded and is now more safe and durable then ever before. The padding covering the springs no longer has a gap and the galvanized construction provides a higher weight capacity of 425 pounds. The net poles are also longer, so you won't have to worry about them breaking off.

Overall Take

Solid BuildThis kid's trampoline comes with a complimentary non-slip ladder.

 Top Pick

ORCC Waterproof UV-Resistant Kid’s Trampoline


Waterproof UV-Resistant Kid's Trampoline

You'll find this trampoline is best for teens and adults. It has a 440-pound weight capacity and is constructed using a heavy-duty steel frame. The netting is made from a high-quality polyethylene material that's not only extremely durable, but also offers UV protection.

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Upgrade PickThe enclosure poles on this kid's trampoline are padded with foam that is 10 millimeters thick.

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BCAN Personal Compact Exercise Trampoline, 40-Inch


Personal Compact Exercise Trampoline, 40-Inch

This trampoline is perfect for the entire family, as it can be used by both children and adults. There's an adjustable foam handle that can be moved up or down to match the individual's height, as well as anti-slid feet for safety. Whether you take the trampoline indoors or outdoors, you'll find the waterproof surface is a cinch to keep clean.

Overall Take

Easy to StoreThis trampoline is a space saver, as it fits perfectly under a bed once it's been folded up.

 Strong Contender

Clevr Safe Playtime Easy Setup Trampoline, 7-Feet


Safe Playtime Easy Setup Trampoline, 7-Feet

Overall Take

Buying Guide

For a family, a trampoline can be a great backyard addition. The kids will have hours of fun during the warm months of the year, and the physical activity will be good for them. If you have gymnasts in the family, you may see the trampoline as a useful practice tool. Some models even add on a basketball hoop for those who have future NBA stars in the family.

But choosing a trampoline goes beyond merely finding the model that will offer the most fun. In addition to prioritizing safety, durability is an important factor to consider as well. A frame of galvanized metal will ensure your trampoline withstands many years of active use. You should also consider the material of the jumping mat since it will endure plenty of use as well.

You should also consider the size of trampoline you’ll need. While a smaller trampoline is perfect if you have limited outdoor space, it’s also worth considering the inconvenience of a smaller jumping area. You may purchase a smaller model, for instance, only to upgrade soon after when you realize the first trampoline simply isn’t large enough.

Although you can pay for expert assembly on some trampolines, it’s an extra expense that some consumers may want to skip. If you plan to put it together yourself, you’ll want to look for a trampoline that’s easy to assemble. The Skywalker trampolines are the easiest to put together when compared to the others. However, if you’re leaning toward another trampoline, going for expert assembly may be worth it.

What to Look For

  • Even with all the other factors, there’s no denying that the jumping experience itself should be a top priority. Some trampolines have a highly responsive mat that makes it perfect for those who want to practice gymnastics. However, some models include a basketball hoop to give you something more to do than just jump.
  • No matter how enjoyable the jumping experience, you’ll want to make sure you have a trampoline that will last. Some trampolines have a galvanized steel construction to keep the entire unit sturdy through years of jumping.
  • Chances are, your children’s safety is a top priority. Be sure to consider all the safety elements of a trampoline before you invest.
  • Unless you pay extra for expert assembly, putting the trampoline together will fall on you. All of the trampolines have issues in this area. The assembly of the many trampolines is fairly straightforward, but the instructions can be confusing. Other models may be more complicated, with assembly requiring at least two people and clocking in at more than three hours.
  • Since these trampolines vary in size, that will likely be a determining factor. Some trampolines are 12 feet in size, while others are 15 feet in size.
  • Cost varies widely among trampolines as well. No matter which one you choose, you’re sure to find a trampoline to fit your budget.

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Trampolines were invented in 1936, inspired by trapeze artists and the safety nets that keep them safe. The first trampoline was made of scrap steel and inner tubes, and the inventors tried the trampoline out before taking it on the road with the Iowa Hawkeye Circus. Once the tour was complete, they decided to mass market their trampoline, and it quickly began to take off. The name came from the Spanish word trampolin, which means “diving board.” Today’s trampolines come in a variety of sizes, from the mini versions seen in many workout gyms to the large outdoor structures in many backyards. Many cities now offer trampoline parks, where kids can bounce for hours in large spaces.

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