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The Best High School Homeschool Supplies

Last updated on August 5, 2023
Best High School Homeschool Supplies

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Our Picks For The Top High School Homeschool Supplies

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Cardinal Reinforced Binders High School Homeschool Supplies, 4-Pack

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Reinforced Binders High School Homeschool Supplies, 4-Pack

With this high school homeschool supplies set, you'll receive a total of four 3-ring binders. Each has a cover that can be personalized, allowing students to label the binder with different subjects. There are also two interior pockets to accommodate any loose papers, writing utensils or sticker packs.

Overall Take

Keeps Students OrganizedThe binders in this high school homeschool supply set can hold up to 350 sheets of paper.

 Runner Up

Mr. Pen Metal Protractor Set High School Homeschool Supplies, 15-Piece

Mr. Pen

Metal Protractor Set High School Homeschool Supplies, 15-Piece

This 15-piece high school homeschool supplies set has everything you’ll need for your geometry projects, including a study compass and a graphic compass, two protractors and two squares. The compasses are easy to handle and use, with pencils and replacement lead included.

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All-Inclusive OptionYou’ll get everything you need for all your math projects in this 15-piece set, including compasses in a variety of sizes.

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Oxford Perforated Notebook High School Homeschool Supplies, 6-Pack


Perforated Notebook High School Homeschool Supplies, 6-Pack

One of the first high school homeschool supplies you'll want to purchase is a set of notebooks. This set uses college ruled spacing and has pages that are easy to tear and remove. Each of the notebooks comes in a different color, so you can assign a specific color to every one of your courses.

Overall Take

Micro Perforated SheetsThese high school homeschool supplies include six colored notebooks with micro perforated sheets.

 Strong Contender

Smead 92060 Hanging Organizer High School Homeschool Supplies


Hanging Organizer High School Homeschool Supplies

If you need to save space on your work desk, go with this high school homeschool supply. The wall organizer comes with six pockets that hold a folder for each of your courses, as well as a clear pocket for placing your monthly calendar page. Since the calendar is made from a durable poly material, it's both waterproof and tear resistant.

Overall Take

Handy Wall KitUse these high school homeschool supplies to keep your assignments neat and tidy.

Buying Guide

When opting to homeschool your high schooler, you want to make sure you have all the supplies he or she will need to thrive. Since many of these items go on sale right before school starts, you may want to stock up.

Start your shopping list with essential supplies first, such as writing utensils. Some students may prefer to take notes using a pen, so it’s a good idea to have a pack on hand; however, you’ll still need a set of pencils for standardized tests, including SATs and CAT tests. Keep in mind that if you go with the traditional no. 2 pencils, you’ll need to also purchase a pencil sharpener. Mechanical pencils eliminate the need for a sharper. They also provides sharp precise lines that are smooth and easy to read.

A quality set of highlighters is next, as your student will want to illuminate important points within the text he or she is reading. Highlighters are also excellent tools when studying one’s notes before an exam. Look for a set that has a thin build that is easy to hold and control, so students can alternate between underlining and highlighting text. One that is equipped with Smear Guard to prevent ink from smearing and becoming illegible is also a plus.

Purchase at least one notebook to go with each of your high schooler’s subjects. The Oxford TOPS College Rule 1-Subject Notebooks comes with six colored notebooks, which means students will be able to assign a color with each subject. So, the red notebook can be used for English, while the green notebook is strictly for math problems. When selecting a notebook, look for one with micro-perforated sheets, so you can tear and remove pages as needed.

Consider organization when shopping for high school homeschool supplies. The more organized the school space, the better the student will be able to concentrate. If desk space is an issue, go with a cascading wall organizer that hangs vertically and contains six pockets for storing tests and homework assignments, as well as a clear bottom pocket for your monthly school schedule.

What to Look For

  • Although your homeschool student won’t need a lunch box, a bookbag is still a good buy. There may be days your high schooler wants to do some research at the library. He or she may also wish to meet up with another homeschooler to work on a few assignments.
  • Whiteboards aren’t a must when it comes to high school homeschool supplies; however, they have multiple uses that make them worth a look. Parents can list their high schooler’s assignments for the day on the whiteboard, as well as any extra-curricular activities. Students can use the whiteboard to work out math problems or to give a presentation when working on public speaking.
  • Determine whether the electives your teen is taking require any special supplies. You may need a specific type of camera for a photography elective or a pair of binoculars for a conservation/nature studies elective.
  • When homeschooling high school students, it’s a good idea to research the teen’s preferred colleges and ensure that he or she is taking the required classes to gain entrance into those colleges. For example, your state may only require one year of a foreign language to graduate high school, however, the college of choice may require two.
  • Parents need to purchase a few high school homeschool supplies as well. A curriculum planner is a must, as it allows you to break down each subject into daily assignments. A set of red pens is also ideal for grading assignments and research papers.
  • The cost of high school homeschool supplies varies by item and the number of pieces in each set. Generally, you’ll pay less for pens, pencils, highlighters and traditional notebooks and more for organizers, planners and backpacks.

More to Explore

Each state has its own laws and regulations when it comes to homeschooling, so it’s important that you do research on your state before you begin homeschooling your high school student. The Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) is an excellent resource, as they have compiled a list of homeschool laws by state.

You’ll find that states like New Jersey, Alaska, Idaho and Texas are among the most relaxed states where homeschooling is concerned, while Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont and Massachusetts are the most strict.

In addition to state reporting, monitoring and testing requirements, parents must also ensure they are meeting their state’s high school graduation requirements. For example, New Jersey only requires three years of mathematics, while Ohio requires four.

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