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The Best Heat-Resistant Hair Case and Mat

Last updated on January 3, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Heat-Resistant Hair Cases and Mats

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Lessmon Eco-Friendly Silicone Heat-Resistant Hair Case & Mat

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Eco-Friendly Silicone Heat-Resistant Hair Case & Mat

This heat-resistant pouch is sized perfectly for your styling tools at 11.5 inches tall by 6 inches wide. You can use it as a pouch when you need to take your tools on the go, or rest a hair straightener or curling iron on top of it while you work.

Overall Take

Brilliant Countertop SaverIf you need a clever way to keep your tools stowed and protect surfaces from burns, this silicone pouch is for you.

 Runner Up

ZAXOP Non-Slip Wave Texture Heat-Resistant Hair Case & Mat, 2-Piece


Non-Slip Wave Texture Heat-Resistant Hair Case & Mat, 2-Piece

If you have a large collection of styling tools and want a way to store each one, this set of two is perfect for you. The non-slip, heat-resistant pouches feature a fun wave texture that keeps things in place while you work, too.

Overall Take

More for Your MoneyYou'll be ready for anything with this two-pack of hair tool heat cases.

 We Also Like

OXO Good Grips Easy Clean Heat-Resistant Hair Case & Mat


Good Grips Easy Clean Heat-Resistant Hair Case & Mat

This heat-resistant hair case and mat is made by customer favorite OXO, known for their kitchen tools. The pouch comes in pink or gray and easily accommodates curling irons or straighteners.

Overall Take

Trusted BrandKeep your tools and fingers safe with this heat-resistant silicone travel case.

 Strong Contender

Milaya Beauty Non-Slip Surface Heat-Resistant Hair Case & Mat

Milaya Beauty

Non-Slip Surface Heat-Resistant Hair Case & Mat

This hair case and mat is bigger than most on the market at 7.5 inches wide by 11 inches long, so it can fit a large-barrel curling iron with ease. It can wrap around your tools if you need to transport them, or you can lay it flat on your work surface to keep things free of burns.

Overall Take

Larger Size for ConvenienceIf you need more space for your tools, this bigger mat is an obvious contender.

Buying Guide

Using a heat-resistant case to store your styling tools is beneficial for a few reasons. Heat from the tools can damage other items, and it protects you from having to grab hold of a still-hot tool. It also helps keep the tools in one place so they are not forgotten at home when traveling or planning to style your hair after the gym.

When using styling tools, you must be aware of their temperature and the recommended safety measures from the manufacturer. As a general rule of thumb, use hot tools on the lowest possible heat setting to reduce the risk of damage to your hair and scalp. Allow the tool to cool before packing it away in its case.

Never touch a tool that is hot until it has thoroughly cooled. Many styling devices have a red light (or similar) that will turn off when it is cool enough to touch. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions before using your styling tool and learn when it is safe to handle.

A heatproof or heat-resistant mat for hair tools is typically made of ceramic material or silicone to help protect surfaces from the heat of styling tools. They are also great for traveling and are available in various colors and textures to suit your needs and preferences.

When using styling tools, keep the following safety tips in mind: always use the tool with its protective guard, never touch hot surfaces, keep the tool away from water at all times and always unplug it when not in use.

What to Look For

  • A heat-resistant mat for your hair tools is not necessarily heatproof at any temperature. Certain mats may have an upper-temperature limit, so check the instructions before putting very hot tools on them.
  • You may be able to use the same heat-resistant mat for several tools. However, keep in mind that a mat may be able to touch a very hot tool and another room-temperature tool may not. Don’t set your hot tools directly next to cold ones.
  • Keep all styling tools away from children and pets, and be sure they are stable on the counter or another flat surface so they won’t fall on the floor (or worse, your foot).

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Curling irons are a great way to add shape and volume to your hair. Did you know that Sir Hiram Maxim dreamed up the idea for the curling iron in 1866? That year, he was awarded the first patent for the tool.

If you are interested in the history of styling tools, you’ll often hear Frenchman Marcel Grateau identified as the person who invented the curling iron. He supposedly did so in 1890 but didn’t patent the design until 1905.

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