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The Best Hair Nets

Last updated on November 3, 2023
Best Hair Net Women

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Deoot Invisible Elastic Edge Women’s Hair Net

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Invisible Elastic Edge Women's Hair Net

This women’s hairnet is designed to keep your bun in place while you perform or work. It can be used by dancers, skaters, nurses and more. The stretched length is 20 inches.

Overall Take

Keeps Bun in PlaceIdeal for dance, skating, nurses and other professionals.

 Best Overall

MapofBeauty Elastic Mesh Hair Net, 3-Pack


Elastic Mesh Hair Net, 3-Pack

The hair nets in this set are created to fit most. They are soft and lightweight, which means you'll find them quite comfortable to wear, even if you're working an 8 hour shift. Shoppers can choose between black, light brown, light coffee and neutral beige.

Overall Take

High-Quality Elastic MaterialAlthough this hair net set only includes three hair nets, the nets are washable for repeated wear.

 Most Versatile

Yes!Fresh Non-Woven Clip Women’s Hair Net


Non-Woven Clip Women's Hair Net

These hairnets are comfortable to wear. They are lightweight and breathable, and they stretch to fit your head. They can be used in food services, salons, manufacturing and more.

Overall Take

Comfortable and BreathableThese lightweight hairnets never make the head feel muggy.

 Best Kit

Zonon Mesh Women’s Hair Net & U Shaped Pins Set


Mesh Women's Hair Net & U Shaped Pins Set

You can ensure your bun stays in place with this women’s hairnet. It is ideal for dancers, skaters, nurses, flight attendants and more. Each hairnet comes in an individual package.

Overall Take

Important Styling ToolThis women’s hairnet keeps your bun secure.

Buying Guide

A hairnet is designed to keep the hair in place on one’s head. In many industries, such as food service, manufacturing and healthcare, hair falling from the head into products can be harmful and unsanitary. This is why hairnets are mandatory in many workplaces. Not only do they hold hair securely within the net, they also reduce the need to brush your hair off your face and neck. These kinds of hairnets are typically made from a fine nylon netting or mesh, and are elasticized to provide a secure fit around the head.

While hairnets help to create a sanitary environment in many workplaces, they also work in other industries where the goal is to create a polished and professional look. These types of hairnets are usually smaller than the ones that go around the whole head. These are designed to just cover a bun at the top of your head and keep all of the hair in the bun in place. Flight attendants, hotel clerks, ballet dancers, skaters, nurses and other similar professionals use this kind of hairnet. Some of these kinds of smaller hairnets also come with pins that you can use to attach the hairnet to your hair and keep it in place.

What to Look For

  • If you need to wear a full-coverage hairnet for work and have short hair, it’s best to secure it in place before putting on the hairnet, even if your hair is too short to put in a ponytail. Use a pomade product on your hair and slick it back. Secure any pieces of unruly hair with pins. Open the hairnet and start putting it on from the top of your head, working down to the nape of your neck. If there are any stray hairs, tuck them in with your fingers.
  • For longer hair, make a medium-height ponytail and use a styling cream to slick back any hair. Twist your ponytail around itself to make a bun and secure it in place using U-shaped pins. You can then place a full-coverage hairnet over your whole head, starting with the front of your head and working downwards to the nape of your neck.
  • If you want to wear a small hairnet just over the bun, you’ll need to make a high ponytail and then twist your hair over itself to make a tight bun. Add in several pins to keep the bun in place, then place the small hairnet over the bun and secure with U-shaped pins.

More to Explore

Carefully check the size measurements of the hairnets to see whether they will fit your head. Full-coverage hairnets can vary between 21 inches to 28 inches. It’s best to measure your head to make sure you don’t get a hairnet that is too large, otherwise it may be too loose. This means that it may slip off or your hair may come through, defeating the purpose of the hairnet.

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