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The Best Carts & Stands

Last updated on November 1, 2021
Best Carts & Stands

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Techni Mobili Adjustable Computer Stand-To-Sit Cart

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval

Techni Mobili

Adjustable Computer Stand-To-Sit Cart

If you work in the medical profession and need to move from room to room, this cart and stand is a must-have. It it is fully adjustable, so it can be set at your height during the day shift and a colleague's height for the night shift. The main panel also tilts, should you prefer to work on your laptop at an angle.

Overall Take

Great for HospitalsWhen it comes to carts and stands, this one offers both functionality and extra storage.

 Choose Your Color

Simple Houseware Wheeled Steel Cart

Simple Houseware

Wheeled Steel Cart

Versatile is the best word to describe this cart and stand. It features three tiers that can hold everything from tools to cleaning supplies. It's constructed from a heavy-duty alloy steel and features built-in wheels to make moving the device a breeze.

Overall Take

Cute and ConvenientYou'll find this brand of carts and stands comes in five different colors - white, black, silver, red and turquoise.

 Handy Tool Hooks

Weber Portable Grill Stand


Portable Grill Stand

If you have a Weber Grill from the Q 1000 or Q 2000 series, this cart with a front-loading design and built-in wire transport handle can help make your grill portable not just on your patio but anywhere you go. Tool hooks provide a handy place to store accessories. The wheels are durable in every kind of weather.

Overall Take

Handy For GrillingDesigned to hold Weber Q 1000-series and Weber Q 2000-series grills, this cart and stand will give you plenty of flexibility.

 We Also Like

TAVR Rolling Swivel Television Stand Mount


Rolling Swivel Television Stand Mount

A heavy-duty front side wheel gives this cart and stand maneuverability for TVs up to 55 inches and 110 pounds. The slim build minimizes the space your electronics will take up, and two shelves give you a place to store all your equipment. Easy installation ensures you can set everything up in less than 30 minutes.

Overall Take

Improves ManeuverabilityEasily move your TV around your living room with this stand, which has a side wheel to allow rolling in any direction.

Buying Guide

As you probably know, you can use different-sized carts and stands for a variety of tasks around your home. Use one to prop your TV up at a convenient viewing angle for the entire family, or find the perfect kitchen storage cart to clear up counter space. You can use them to move items around for a party or roll cleaning supplies out of sight when you’re not using them.

In some cases, a stand without wheels will work better because it offers stability for heavy items. On the other hand, a utility cart that rolls anywhere can offer flexibility — especially if it has wheels that allow it to move easily in different directions.

You can find all-purpose stands and carts that work for different tasks, but you can also find ones that are designed for specific uses. These often have features that make your life easier.

For example, a dedicated TV stand may offer a place to mount your television and have shelves specifically for electronic components such as a cable box, DVD player or gaming system. Other carts or stands may be made for barbecue grills. Sometimes, these stands will be built to work with a very specific make and model, so you’ll need to check that it’s compatible with your equipment before you buy.

A computer stand can also come in handy to hold your work materials. If you have trouble finding the comfort level you want while you’re working, you can get an adjustable one that lets you sit or stand anytime. Versions with wheels can also move around the office or your home so you can always find the perfect place to be most productive.

No matter what type of cart or stand you need, keep safety in mind. You’ll want to find one that’s sturdy and can hold the amount of weight you are planning to place on it. This is especially important if your cart will be holding pricey electronics like large-screen TVs. Exceeding that capacity could mean your sensitive items suffer damage when the cart doesn’t hold up. Even the most durable materials can be stretched beyond the breaking point if you ignore capacity restrictions.

What to Look For

  • Many TV stands are designed to be somewhat universal, but there’s still a limit. They’ll be rated to hold TVs between a minimum and maximum dimension, but this is typically a fairly large range.
  • If you choose a stand with wheels, make sure they can be locked when you’re ready for them to stay in a specific spot. This allows you to move the cart around when you need to without having to worry about it scooting around when you don’t.
  • Cables can be a problem if you’re using a cart for electronics. Some carts have cable management built in to help you keep things organized and looking good, so you may wish to consider a unit that has this.
  • Shelving is essential in a TV stand if you have electronic components. You can find stands that build in one or two shelves for storing your receiver or gaming console. Some may offer adjustable shelves.
  • You can also find stands that allow you to shift the height of your TV. These will allow a range of heights, usually in increments.
  • Make sure to check the weight capacity of any stand or cart, to make sure it’ll stand up to the use you need it for.
  • Some stands have wheels that can move in multiple directions. This gives you more flexibility since you can go sideways, diagonally, forward, or backward. The quality of the wheels also influences how well it rolls, although this likely won’t be as important if you’re only rolling it around occasionally.
  • Maximize your floor space by choosing a cart that has a slimmer build. This type of cart will rest closely against the wall and keep the rest of the room clear.
  • You’ll likely need to set your stand up. Check the assembly instructions to make sure you’ll be able to put it together yourself with the skills and tools you have at hand.

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