Mind Reader Metal & Wood 3-Tier Rolling Cart

Last updated date: September 11, 2021

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Mind Reader Metal & Wood 3-Tier Rolling Cart

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We looked at the top Carts & Stands and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Cart & Stand you should buy.

Update as September 11, 2021:
Checkout The Best Carts & Stands for a detailed review of all the top carts & stands.

Overall Take

Whether you're looking for something to enhance your kitchen, bedroom or other area of your home, this utility cart will do the trick. You'll get three shelves that you can use for storing food items, accessories or whatever else you need to store. The four wheels are omnidirectional and smooth gliding to make it easy to move your items around as needed.

In our analysis, the Mind Reader Mind Reader Metal & Wood 3-Tier Rolling Cart placed 4th when we looked at the top 8 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

The MIND READER Rolling Bar Cart is a vintage-looking multi-functional designed rolling cart that's a must-have for the living room, home office or kitchen. More than just a simple utility cart with wheels, it's built to add a rustic atmosphere to your home when used as a rolling mini bar for parties. And for more productive uses, it can also provide efficient and accessible mobile workspace. Everything from storing documents, folders, to printers and laptops, The MIND READER Rolling Bar Cart offers maneuverable versatility for any room in your home. With 3 handy shelves, you're able to conveniently make use of ample multipurpose storage. And when you need to change it up on the fly, the 4 omnidirectional gliding wheels provide easy and gentle handleability. Nothing will tip over as you effortlessly drift from kitchen to dining room, to backyard patio in a breeze. The 2 built-in wheel locks provide stable peace of mind for when you're ready to lock in and start the fun. This rolling island can also be assembled in minutes, as it comes with detailed instructions requiring zero tools! And unlike other rolling storage carts that demand a complicated assembly process, this utility cart makes it simple and worry-free. The MIND READER Rolling Bar Cart is your go-to universal multi-tiered island on wheels that'll give you safe, stable, and smooth storage every time.

An Overview On Carts & Stands

When you purchase a new TV, you then need to find a way to set it up. This typically means either mounting it to the wall or buying an entertainment center to hold it. But you don’t need a cabinet for the latter option. A cart or stand can take up less room while also giving you flexibility.

If you plan to never move your TV once it’s set up, wheels likely won’t help much. Otherwise, wheels can make it far easier to move your TV around as your needs change. Some have wheels that can move in multiple directions to give you even more flexibility.

TV stands also need storage for your components. You’ll probably have at least a DVR or gaming system, and shelves will give you a handy place to store those items. You’ll also need to check for somewhere to keep all those pesky cables. Some TV carts have cable management built in so everything will be nice and tidy.

But carts and stands aren’t just for TVs. Sometimes called utility carts, you can find carts that will work for a wide variety of uses. These can come in handy if you have items you’re moving around for a party or you simply need some extra storage while you’re working in the kitchen. Having wheels on it means you can easily roll it around from one place to another.

There are also carts that can hold items like grills and other equipment. In many cases, these stands will be built to work with a very specific make and model of grill, so you’ll need to check before you buy. Having wheels means you can roll them out to improve accessibility while you’re cooking, but it also makes it easy to roll it away for storage between uses.

An adjustable computer stand can also come in handy if you have trouble finding the comfort level you want while you’re working. Some are adjustable, letting you sit or stand throughout the day to ensure you stay comfortable. Since they roll, you can also move around the office or your home to find the perfect place to work.

No matter what type of cart you need, keep safety in mind. You’ll want to find a cart that’s sturdy and check any weight maximums. This is especially important if your cart will be holding pricey electronics like big-screen TVs. Exceeding that capacity could mean your sensitive items suffer damage when the cart doesn’t hold up. Even the most durable materials can be stretched beyond the breaking point if you ignore capacity restrictions.

The Cart & Stand Buying Guide

  • Many TV stands are designed to be somewhat universal, but there’s still a limit. They’ll be rated to hold TVs between a minimum and maximum dimension, but this is typically a fairly large range. Also make sure you check the maximum weight capacity.
  • If you choose a stand with wheels, make sure they can be locked when you’re ready for them to stay in a specific spot. This allows you to move the cart around when you need to without having to worry about it scooting around when you don’t.
  • Cables can be a problem if you’re using a cart for electronics. Some carts have cable management built in to help you keep things organized and looking good.
  • Shelving is essential in a TV stand if you have electronic components. You can find stands that build in one or two shelves for storing your receiver or gaming console. Some even have shelves that you can adjust to the height you prefer.
  • If you want to be able to shift the height of your TV, look for one that builds this feature in. There will be a range that it can be adjusted, and you’ll probably have increments you’ll need to heed.
  • Pay close attention to the weight capacity of any stand. If you exceed the capacity, you could find the stand doesn’t hold up, potentially damaging your electronics
  • Some stands have wheels that can move in multiple directions. This gives you more flexibility since you can go sideways, diagonally, forward, or backward. The quality of the wheels also influences how well it rolls, although this likely won’t be as important if you’re only rolling it around occasionally.
  • You can maximize your floor space by choosing a cart that has a slimmer build. This type of cart will rest closely against the wall and keep the rest of the room clear.
  • Carts aren’t just for TVs. You can also buy carts for items like your outdoor grill, allowing you to move it to a corner when it isn’t in use. These stands have very specific compatibility requirements, though, since each grill is shaped differently.
  • There are also stands that can hold computer equipment. If you need a standing desk, this can be a great way to achieve that. Look for one with wheels if you want to move it around from one area to another as needed.
  • A utility cart can be handy for a variety of uses around your house. You can use it for serving during gatherings or to simply hold your extra ingredients while you’re cooking. It can also be great as a permanent fixture to store your drinkware or alcohol bottles.
  • You’ll likely need to set your stand up. Check the installation instructions to make sure it won’t require extra tools or more than one person to do the job.