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The Best Candle Holders

Last updated on September 12, 2023

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Whether you use small tea light candles or large pillars, the right candle holder is important both for functionality and style. While you could put some types of candles on another heat-safe object like a plate, a candle holder serves as a better base to protect the surface and helps support candles that can’t stand on their own. In addition, the variety of candle holder styles available can help make your home’s decor look more elegant or set a certain mood.

Consider several factors to find the best candle holder for your needs. First, the candle’s type and size matter for finding the right design and fit. Next, determine how many candles you’ll use at once so you can buy enough holders or get one that holds several. Lastly, think about the holder’s purpose, whether you need a beautiful wedding centerpiece, something romantic for a dinner or a basic holder to safely use candles during a power outage.

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You can then start exploring candle holders designed for your particular needs. For instance, you might get candlestick-style holders for narrow taper candles for a dinner or votive holders for small candles you use as accent pieces. Tea light holders suit the smallest candles, while lanterns and hurricane holders are ideal for protecting the flame for indoor and outdoor use. If you’d like to display several candles, consider a candelabra, while a wall sconce is great for hanging candles up.

With any of these candle holder types, make sure that your candle will properly fit in it. You also don’t want to choose a holder that looks way too big for the candle, such as buying a very tall vessel for a tiny tea light candle. Additionally, the candle holder should be sturdy enough to provide enough support for the candle and not create a safety hazard.

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There are many candle holder materials such as glass, metal, ceramic, wood and stone, so think about the look you’re going for and some pros and cons. Glass holders are great for a warm, romantic look but are very fragile, while metal holders are fancy and sturdy. Ceramic holders are attractive and versatile for indoor and outdoor use, while wooden holders provide a rustic look but have safety considerations. While less popular, stone holders look unique and are designed for stability and durability.

Our Picks For The Top Candle Holders

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 Top Pick

Creative Scents Dublin Decorative Candle Holder Set of 2

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval

Creative Scents

Dublin Decorative Candle Holder Set of 2

You'll find these candle holders come inside an attractive gift box that makes them perfect as a housewarming present. They are quite stunning and have the most exquisite detailing. All you need to do is add your own candles and you're all set.

Overall Take

Attractive PackagingThese candle holders also look good on living room end tables, bedroom shelves or on a dining room table as a centerpiece.

 Best for Tea Lights

Kate Aspen Rustic Farmhouse Metal Lantern Candle Holder

Kate Aspen

Rustic Farmhouse Metal Lantern Candle Holder

Measuring 5 inches and coming in a lantern style, this cute white holder is ideal for a tea light and protects the flame. Its rustic look provides versatility. The design makes it convenient to carry and get the candle in and out.

Overall Take

Cute and ConvenientIf you'd like a rustic centerpiece for your home or a special event, this cute and convenient lantern is a great choice.

 Best for Pillars

Hosley Decorative Ceramic Pillar Candle Holder, 3 Piece


Decorative Ceramic Pillar Candle Holder, 3 Piece

You get three candles in a mix of two sizes with this set. They are white and can accomodate pillar candles with up to a 3-inch diameter. The white resin material makes them stylish and versatile for many settings.

Overall Take

Stylish and VersatileYou'll find this stylish set useful if you use pillar candles and prefer versatility for both formal and informal settings.

 Best on a Budget

SUJUN Decorative Footed Iron Plate Candle Holder, 2 Piece


Decorative Footed Iron Plate Candle Holder, 2 Piece

Having a plate design with small legs, these two holders provide a base for votive, tea light and pillar candles. They're sturdy since they're made of iron. They come in black and have a diameter of slightly over 4 inches.

Overall Take

Made to LastThis set is a good option when you want sturdy holders for candles that can stand on their own.

What to Look For

  • Make sure your candle holder suits the location where you’ll put it. For example, a large candelabra likely suits a fireplace mantle better than a small table. On the other hand, if you’ll put the candles on the floor, you’ll need a holder that is tall enough, won’t tip over and doesn’t create a major safety issue.
  • If you’re crafty, consider buying simple candle holders you can decorate for different occasions. This might include getting a basic jar or vessel that you decorate with confetti or stickers with a certain holiday theme. You can also carve wooden holders or dress up a simple lantern with some paint or stickers with a special message.
  • When using a holder that requires sticking the candle into a base, make sure it’s secure so the candle won’t fall over. Metal candlestick inserts can come in handy for candle sticks that need extra support.
  • Be careful where you place your candles and holders. Avoid places where the flame could come in contact with something flammable or get blown by air. Also, don’t put the candle where kids or animals could accidentally knock it over and catch something on fire.
  • Wooden candle holders require special care during use since they can catch on fire more easily than other materials. Make sure the candles don’t burn down too far and keep a close eye on them so you can respond promptly to an emergency.
  • If you’d like to create cool light effects, look for candle holders that have hollowed-out areas that create unique patterns from the light. You can also consider stained-glass candle holders for a colorful look.
  • Candle holders will get hot, so wait until they cool down before you remove the candle and clean out any residue.
  • Along with using traditional candles with your holders, consider the benefits of LED candles powered by cords or batteries. These offer improved safety since they don’t have a real flame, and you can reuse them often. Some LED candles have special features such as multiple flame styles or the ability to change the color with a remote.