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Our Favorite Sunflower Décor

Last updated on August 25, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Sunflower Décor

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 Best Wall Art

decalmile Removable Wall Stickers Sunflower Decor

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval


Removable Wall Stickers Sunflower Decor

This peel-and-stick sunflower décor goes on clean, dry walls. It looks great in bedrooms, kitchens and other spaces. The décor is removable and waterproof.

Overall Take

Peel and StickThis sunflower décor is easy to put on clean, dry walls.

 Best Artificial Sunflowers

Ageomet Faux Silk Sunflower Heads, 32-Piece


Faux Silk Sunflower Heads, 32-Piece

This sunflower décor is highly versatile. It contains 32 pieces of artificial sunflower heads without the stems. The flowers can be used to decorate tables, cakes, walls and much more.

Overall Take

Versatile OptionThere are many ways to use this sunflower décor.

 Best for Sunroom

YEAHOME Hanging 3D Painted Metal Sunflower


Hanging 3D Painted Metal Sunflower

This cheerful sunflower décor brightens up any space. It is a wall hanging that is made from metal and comes ready to hang. The décor is three-dimensional and looks unique.

Overall Take

Cheerful ChoiceThis sunflower décor brightens up any space.

  The Best Value

WZFashion Quick Drying Fabric Sunflower Shower Curtain


Quick Drying Fabric Sunflower Shower Curtain

Brighten your space with this sunflower shower curtain for the bathroom. The curtain works well with both rustic and gardening themes and is constructed using a fabric that is quick to dry. It's also machine washable and sold with hooks, so no need to purchase them separately.

Overall Take

Affordable Price TagGo with this sunflower shower curtain for the bathroom when sticking to a decorating budget.

Buying Guide

Is there anything more cheerful than a sunflower? While beautiful out in nature, the image of these big and bright flowers is often used in all types of home décor, from wall art to cushion covers and beyond. Sunflowers have many symbolic meanings across the world. In China, sunflowers symbolize vitality, a long life and good luck. In Native American cultures, sunflowers symbolize harvest and provision. In many other places around the world, sunflowers symbolize happiness and joy.

MORE:  Farmer planted 2 million sunflowers to lift people’s spirits

In addition to their symbolic meaning, sunflowers also have spiritual significance to many people. Because they look similar to the sun and are always facing towards sunlight, sunflowers are considered to be spiritual. The symbolism is that they always trying to face their spiritual guide, which is the sun.

What to Look For

  • When it comes to home décor with any particular theme, the key is to not overdo it. It takes a lot of thought to find the right balance. After all, you don’t want the décor theme to be so subtle that no one can spot it. But you also don’t want to be so in your face that it overwhelms the entire room. Sunflower décor is typically bright yellow, which is a color that can be overpowering when it’s used in large quantities.
  • Be sure to think about how you’re going to incorporate the sunflower décor into your space. For example, are you just going to have one main sunflower piece and use it as a focal point for the entire room, such as a light fixture that looks like a sunflower, and bring in small pops of other yellow across the room? Or are you thinking about using many small sunflower décor pieces and spreading them over the room so there is a little bit of color everywhere but not enough to overwhelm the space? Either strategy will work well.
  • Wall art is one of the most common sunflower décor pieces and one of the easiest ways to incorporate this item into your home. If you’re unsure about a large sunflower wall art, consider removable sunflower wall stickers. These are a great way to incorporate sunflowers into your home in a temporary way. The stickers are easy to remove, so if you want a change you can take them off without damaging your walls.
  • And of course growing sunflowers in your garden is one of the best ways to decorate your yard. There are so many varietals to choose from including coconut ice and chocolate sunflowers.

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