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Last updated on March 16, 2023
Best Broom Holder

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reliahom Strong Grip Stainless Steel Broom Holder

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Strong Grip Stainless Steel Broom Holder

The metal body that makes up this broom holder is both strong and durable. Within the strip are four clips and five hooks, which provide a grip that just won't let go. Use the device to organize everything from cleaning supplies to gardening tools. You can get the strip in either silver, black or gray.

Overall Take

Keep Tools Neat and TidyThis broom holder is completely customizable, so you can rearrange or even remove some of the hooks and clips.

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Command Multi-Use Broom Holder


Multi-Use Broom Holder

These broom holder strips not only make installation as easy as peeling and sticking, but they also resist leaving a mark when you eventually remove it. You'll get two broom grippers, each with a weight capacity of up to 4 pounds and a handle diameter capacity of 0.8-1 inch. Each holder has a white design with gray trim, allowing it to easily blend...

Overall Take

Easy to RemoveIf you want a damage-free storage option, these hooks are easy to stick on and remove.

 Strong Contender

HYRIXDIRECT 6-Hook Wall Mounted Broom Holder


6-Hook Wall Mounted Broom Holder

With this broom holder, you'll never have to worry about a messy closet again. The unit features five spring-loaded slots and six hooks that fit your brooms, gardening rakes and garage tools. You can even get this holder in black, beige, gray and multicolor.

Overall Take

Indoor and Outdoor UseThis broom holder works well for home, garden, garage and commercial use.

 Also Great

CHARMOUNT Stainless Steel Non-Slip Broom Holder


Stainless Steel Non-Slip Broom Holder

In addition to saving space in your closet or utility room, this broom holder also keeps your cleaning supplies neat and organized. It's constructed from a durable stainless steel that is easily mounted to any wall. It measures 16 inches and can hold up to seven different cleaning tools.

Overall Take

Space SaverThe clamps on this broom holder are designed with non-slip silicone rollers to firmly hold your tools in place until you need to use them.

Buying Guide

Brooms and mops are essential to keeping your living spaces clean. But when you aren’t cleaning your floors, you’ll need a place to store them. You can tuck them away in a closet or pantry, but if your mop heads touch the floor, you could cause damage over time, particularly if you put them away wet.

Many households choose to store their floor-cleaning products in a garage or basement, but the same issues with having mop heads on the floor persist. Wherever you store your brooms and mops, having a way to attach them to the wall is the perfect solution. Not only will you keep your items elevated above the floor, but you’ll also have everything neatly tucked away, saving floor space.

If you’re looking for broom storage, though, it’s important to pay close attention to weight capacity. Even damp mops can weigh down a broom holder. You can find broom storage with a capacity as high as 50 pounds, but check the capacity of each storage slot to make sure it can handle the weight of individual items. You’ll also need to check the diameter of each slot to ensure it will hold the handles of your floor-cleaning implements.

What to Look For

  • Many broom holders combine slots with hooks to let you store both your brooms and mops, as well as items like dustpans.
  • The effectiveness of a broom holder rests not only with how well it grips your handles, but also how easy it is to remove them. Check the mechanism that grips the handle. You should be able to dislodge it by just lifting it.
  • Installation can vary in difficulty. If you choose a broom holder that requires hardware to install, check that it’s included in the packaging or make sure you have it on hand when you’re ready to set it up. Also make sure your storage option includes step-by-step installation instructions.
  • If you just need a place to store one or two floor-cleaning tools, look into a single hook that hangs on the wall. You can find hooks with strips that leave no mark on the wall when it’s removed. This can be a good option if you’re renting your property and can’t put holes in the walls.
  • Choose a place to store your brooms and mops that’s both easy to access and out of the way. You’ll want to be able to easily get to them when it’s time to clean, but you also won’t want them to become an eyesore when you aren’t using them.

More to Explore

Early brooms were homemade, with households combining tree branches and brush to clear dust and dirt from floors. Some households even put together makeshift brooms by attaching items like hay or corn husks to either a stick or a handle. Unfortunately, these products didn’t last very long before falling apart.

The broom concept changed dramatically in 1797 when a farmer named Levi Dickenson made a broom for his wife using sorghum tassels. As word spread throughout the community of the cleaning implement Levi had made, demand grew, and eventually, he came up with the idea for a machine that could make sturdier versions of his homemade concept.

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