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Best Clothes Racks

Last updated on October 8, 2023
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Our Picks For The Top Clothes Racks

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 Top Pick

Simple Houseware Heavy Duty Collapsible Rolling Clothes Rack

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Simple Houseware

Heavy Duty Collapsible Rolling Clothes Rack

Available in black and chrome colors, this commercial-grade rack can hold up to 150 pounds of clothing on its single top rod. It is made of durable steel and has wheels so it moves easily. It is also collapsible.

Overall Take

Made to LastIf you need a rack that can support heavy clothing items, this well-made option may suit you.

 Runner Up

JIUYOTREE Industrial Clothing Rack With Storage Shelf


Industrial Clothing Rack With Storage Shelf

Made of durable iron and painted to resist rust, this easy-to-install single-rod rack can support 150 pounds. It also has a bottom shelf perfect for holding shoeboxes and keeping the unit stable. Get it in several different colors.

Overall Take

For Stationary UseConsider a spacious and handy rack that offers stability, durability and a bottom shelf.

 We Also Like

SONGMICS Wheeled Clothes Rack With Mesh Storage Shelf


Wheeled Clothes Rack With Mesh Storage Shelf

Suitable for both home and travel, this clothes rack has a single rod along with a mesh bottom shelf. The rod can support 88 pounds, while the shelf handles 22 pounds. It offers a small footprint but with plenty of space.

Overall Take

Versatile DesignThis transportable rack has a convenient and spacious shelf on the bottom for versatility.

 Strong Contender

Sagler Portable Foldable Clothes Rack


Portable Foldable Clothes Rack

Made for efficiency in smaller spaces, this light and easy-to-assemble rack of aluminum and plastic supports 36 clothes hangers. It's ideal for drying clothes and folds up easily when not in use.

Overall Take

Simple and ConvenientYou'll find this foldable option handy if you lack space but need around 30 items hung up.

Buying Guide

If you run low on closet space or you just want a way to conveniently access certain outfits, a clothes rack is a great option for storing and displaying your items. It can also double as a drying rack. This versatile item can be helpful at home or when you need to transport clothes for a special event.

Most clothes racks resemble metal stands with one or two rods on the top to hang items. These rods may be extended to provide additional space. They may have a shelf on the bottom for shoes, purses and accessories as well.

A clothes rack can come with wheels or stationary feet. For the most versatility, a wheeled option is best, since you may use it without the wheels if you want.

You can find clothes racks in multiple sizes to fit your space and meet your needs. The smallest options are designed for traveling or drying clothes, and these are good when you lack floor space or only need to hang a few items. The most popular clothes racks are several feet in length to accommodate dozens of items. These larger clothes racks may even fold up so you can store them more easily or take them places when needed.

The rack’s sturdiness is very important, so keep in mind what types of clothing you’ll use it with and how many garments you want it to hold. A basic stainless steel rack may support close to 100 pounds of hanging clothes, while heavy-duty and commercial options can support 250 pounds. If you expect to hang many heavy items such as coats, it’s worth getting an option with a high weight limit. You’ll also want to note the weight limit for the rack’s bottom shelf since it’s often much less than for the rod.

What to Look For

  • Choose a clothes rack that goes with your room decor. This is usually easy to do since racks often come in different metal finishes and other colors to blend in. If you want something especially subtle, however, you could get a white clothes rack to place against a white wall.
  • Make sure you have plenty of hangers to use with your clothes rack. If you’re deciding between types of hangers, you’ll probably find that plastic ones offer many color options and come at a low cost, but they may fail if you put something heavy on them. Wire hangers offer durability, but they come at a higher cost and can rust. Wooden hangers are durable and environmentally friendly and offer a nice look, but water can damage them.
  • It’s worth choosing a clothes rack that’s easy to assemble. Some models simply unfold so you can snap the pieces together and put the wheels on easily. Others require more steps and following manufacturers’ instructions more closely.
  • If your clothes rack has wheels, make sure they’re sturdy and easy to move around. Choose an option with omnidirectional wheels that glide smoothly and have locks to stop movement when desired. And as you’re setting up the rack, make sure you securely screw the casters in first.
  • For safety, avoid overloading the clothes rack beyond its weight limit; this could make it tip over or collapse and cause an injury. Make sure that it’s stable once you’ve assembled it.
  • If your clothes rack is foldable, it may fit into a piece of luggage for easy transport, but you’ll want to check the dimensions. Some options come with a storage bag for convenience.
  • Clothes racks usually have stoppers at the end of the rod to keep hangers from sliding off. The position and type can vary, though, and some are more effective than others.
  • Heavy clothes racks can scratch up your floor, especially if you don’t have carpet. You might consider putting a rug under the clothes rack or using furniture pads for protection.
  • Use your rack creatively. For example, display an entire outfit with accessories such as a purse, scarf and shoes. You could set up a whole week of outfits this way. Another technique is to organize clothes of a certain color combination or patterns that represent a season.
  • Keep things neat. You don’t want to clutter the rack or place clothes too closely together. It’s also important to reassess your clothing collection from time to time so you can add and remove items.

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