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The Best Linen Closet Organizer

Last updated on July 14, 2022
Best Linen Closet Organizer

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Our Picks For The Top Linen Closet Organizers

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SGHUO Zip Closure Waterproof Linen Closet Organizer, 4-Pack

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Zip Closure Waterproof Linen Closet Organizer, 4-Pack

This quality linen closet organizer set includes a total of four bags in a choice of black, gray or clear. The bags are outfitted with side handles for carrying and feature a front window, so you can quickly identify the contents. Amazingly, each bag is able to fit up to 16 clothing items or six regular-size blankets.

Overall Take

Budget-Friendly OptionSpend less and save more with this affordably-priced linen closet organizer.

 Runner Up

Lynk Vela Non-Woven Stylish Linen Closet Organizer, 2-Pack


Vela Non-Woven Stylish Linen Closet Organizer, 2-Pack

You'll find this linen closet organizer set includes two dividers that help you maximize the space on your shelf. Each is designed to quickly slide into place, so long as your shelf is 7/8-inch thick or less. The 12-inch tall dividers are constructed using a polymer fabric that is both durable and stylish.

Overall Take

Installation is a BreezeThis linen closet organizer is available in a choice of platinum or bronze.

 We Also Like

DECOMOMO Foldable Fabric Linen Closet Organizer, 3-Pack


Foldable Fabric Linen Closet Organizer, 3-Pack

These linen closet organizers are both functional and attractive, with a polyester fabric and faux leather handles. The colors are neutral, making it easy to blend with any decor. Each box has a strong upper metal frame and a rigid fiberboard bottom to provide plenty of durability even when filled with heavier items.

Overall Take

Easy to StoreThese attractive storage bins fold flat for easy storage when you aren't using them.

 Strong Contender

Anyoneer Zippered Linen Closet Organizer, 4-pack


Zippered Linen Closet Organizer, 4-pack

While you can store these linen closet organizers on a shelf, they also fit neatly under a bed. The organizers are constructed using non-woven fabric and PVC, and feature stainless steel zippers. The clear front panels are a nice touch as well, as they allow users to quickly see inside the bins without having to open them.

Overall Take

Quality ConstructionThe handles on this linen closet organizer are reinforced for added strength.

Buying Guide

A linen closet can easily get out of control as you add to your towel and sheet collection over the years. Even if you fold and stack everything neatly, there are some smaller items you’ll need to squeeze onto those shelves.

Consumers have discovered the value of modern organizers to give them a little help with their clutter. Whether in the form of baskets, extra shelving or canisters, these handy tools can keep your smaller items contained. As a bonus, your organizers are easily moved if you need your items elsewhere around the house.

The key to success with organizers is to plan out how you’ll store everything. Baskets can hold toiletries, washcloths or other small items, but they can also keep your hand towels contained. Some people even use baskets for storing larger towels or extra pillows.

Once you’ve mapped everything out, it’s time to find the right organizer. You’ll quickly discover there’s a solution for just about every item you have. You don’t even have to limit yourself to organizers specifically for linen closets. There are plenty of versatile options that will work, too. Just measure the space and make sure your chosen organizer will fit.

What to Look For

  • Many organizers come in plastic. There’s a big benefit to that type of material. You can easily wipe it off as it gets soiled over the years. Some plastic containers are clear, which means you can see the items stored inside.
  • Cloth-based organizers have benefits, as well. They’re attractive and lightweight, so if you need to remove them to transport the items inside, you’ll have an easier time.
  • Carefully measure the space and make sure the storage item you’re choosing will fit. Some organizers collapse down when not in use, which can come in handy if you’re looking for a basket to only use occasionally.
  • Many home organization products are built to be used in a variety of areas. You can buy organizers to go under your bathroom sink or in your closets. You can also find ones that hang from your door or slide into your pantry.
  • You can buy organizers that are sold singly or in sets. If you opt for a set, you don’t have to use the items in the same closet. You could find that you use one or two for your linen closet and save the rest for other areas of your home.
  • If your organizer includes metals, make sure they’re rustproof if you’ll be storing them in a moisture-prone area like a bathroom.

More to Explore

People pay top dollar for professional organizers to come in and clear up the clutter in their homes. But you don’t need a professional to get your linen closet in shape. Experts first advise removing everything in the closet, clearing the shelves of all belongings. You’ll then need to group everything. This will help you decide the best way to put things back. Larger items like bath towels can be stacked and shelved, but smaller items might be better off in containers. Once you’ve decided what needs containers, you can start to choose between baskets, shelves and canisters. If your storage containers aren’t transparent, you may want to label them to make it easy to find the items you need later.

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